Out with the old…and in with new year chic

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A very quick post from me to wrap up the old year and welcome in the new. Our social life has continued to be stymied by the flu bug that must surely now be an epidemic. We haven't had it yet but nearly all of our plans have been disrupted by phone call after phone call from people saying they're down with it, we feel like we're more-or-less the last family standing and we're living in isolation. It's made me [...]

The Christmas Diaries 3

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I hope you've all been having a lovely time. The others are out walking Gary so I've found a few moments to say hello. I've been enjoying having a little more time on my hands to play around with some old favourites in my wardrobe for a Midlifechic Christmas. Here are some outfits of the week with links attached for anything that is still in the shops: Book Club reunion chic! This was where I left off in my last post, [...]

The Christmas Diaries 2

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I'm back again with a quick update, it's been a busy weekend. When I left you on Friday we were off to Ambleside for a pizza and to see the long awaited last instalment of The Hobbit movies. If you ask me, it was just a lot of fighting but it was voted as excellent by the youngest who is a Tolkien buff so that's what matters. If you're a regular reader you'll remember Cinderellagate from a couple of weeks [...]

My top 15 clothing purchases 2014

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I was going to do this post in a couple of weeks but given that the sales are on and some of these items are heavily reduced I thought I'd give you a break from tinsel and do it now. As you know this was the year that I decided to have a major wardrobe overhaul and many of you have travelled the journey with me since I started this blog. I gave myself a budget (which has now completely, utterly [...]

My pick of the Boden Winter Sale 2014

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After weeks of discounts you need a clear head to navigate the Boden Winter sale this year. So here it is, my Boden Winter sale 2014 edit. I've tried to make sure that there is plenty of stock of everything that I have recommended and I've picked out the best bargains. They fall into one of two categories, either wardrobe workhorses that you'll wear again and again or wardrobe heroes that will lift ordinary outfits when you need them to. [...]

Winter outfits for cold days and nights

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I'm going to give you not one but two posts this weekend which means today's is going to be a bit shorter on words than usual. A few winter outfits of the day now and in time for the 9am start on Sunday, I will bring you my edit of the Boden sale. I'll be trawling through and and picking out the best buys that fall into two categories, firstly wardrobe workhorses to fill gaps and give new life to [...]

Statement skirts … and more Christmas interiors

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I now declare Christmas to be in full swing. As you will remember, on Friday I was going out with Mr MC's university karate team - it certainly wasn't the sort of student night out I remember! I think they were at the very end of their funds because apart from enthusiastically accepting all offers of drinks that were bought for them, they otherwise earnestly sipped tap water throughout the evening. It was interesting though, it's a long time since [...]

Casual Christmas party chic …and interiors

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And we're off - the first official Christmas 'going out' event. One of the karate clubs that Mr MC trains with is at Lancaster University so tonight we are going out with a group of students on their dojo's night out... now there's a wardrobe conundrum if ever there was one. I am absolutely old enough to be their mum and my one hope for the evening is that this isn't their first thought as I walk through the door. So, casual [...]

The best faux leather jeans for women over 40

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Hello dear friends I've missed you. I have been laid low. Having not had so much as a cold for years and years I can only assume that I picked up a brutal virus in London and can hear my grandmother muttering about keeping away from filthy cities. Anyway I'm back and will respond to all your comments and emails over the next few days. Now, the post that I did a couple of weeks ago about pleather leggings triggered such a big [...]

Back to my old life of London chic

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Well I'm back from my fab few days of London chic and I feel as though I've been time travelling. It's so strange to step back into your old life for a little while and see what's been happening there. Let me give you a little bit of context. As you know, the main reason for my trip was to go to a Selfridges reunion. In 1993, I was one of the first recruits into what they called the masterplan [...]

Party outfits for women over 40

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Surprise! I know I said there wouldn't be a post today but I was sent a request by somebody who has a jumpsuit but feels she has worn it too often recently so I've put together a couple of alternatives which of course, I now want to buy. In each set I've created an option for a more casual Christmas Day / Boxing Day drinks look along with a full on party look. In the same way that dressing for [...]

What to wear for an ‘at home’ party

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As you know, on Friday night we had a little party. An old friend from the playground has recently switched from running Pampered Chef parties to 'Virgin Wines At Mine' parties (which personally I think is a much better idea) and I'd promised her ages ago that I'd hold one at our house. The tricky thing is that you need to keep the numbers to a maximum of 18 so that she can talk about the wines and get everyone's feedback. [...]

Workwear chic for women over 40

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Another quick post from me today as I reach the end of a week that has been busier than most. I'm sure we're all in the same boat with Christmas shopping adding to the general workload that we all power on with. Anyway today we're looking at workwear chic for women over 40. As I mentioned in my last post, we had to deliver a pitch for a new account on Wednesday. Because we're going in as a creative branding [...]

Faux leather leggings over 40 – yes or no?

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A quick post from me today - everything's a bit chaotic, I'm juggling this week's party at home, next week's big Selfridges reunion in London, Christmas shopping and work along with the usual cans of worms that the boys unearth on an almost daily basis. And I know I said I wouldn't be doing any more clothes shopping for myself and I haven't but...the bloggers' favourite faux leather leggings that I ordered from Next back in September finally arrived. So [...]

A casual chic round up for Autumn half term

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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday As you know, the first few days of our half term were packed with our trip to Newcastle and then the Boden party which took up the whole of Monday and Tuesday. Fortunately the smallest boy was keen to help at the Boden event which meant I felt I'd at least spent some time with him. He also managed to win a £50 Boden voucher in the raffle but was most disappointed as he'd had his [...]

Trying on the new Boden Winter 2014 range

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It takes longer than it used to to recover from a late night of merriment and on Monday I was still feeling weary. However there was no getting round the fact that the Boden van was in its way and we had been told that we would be the first people to receive the new Boden Winter 2014 range. You will remember that we were holding our party in the village Church as all proceeds will be going towards the [...]

Midlife date night chic

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You may remember that last weekend's post was all about the joys of one of our normal, healthy weekends in the Lake District countryside. Well hold onto your seats because this one was completely different. As I mentioned on Friday events had conspired to enable Mr MC and I to combine a karate competition with taking the boys to see their lovely grandma thus giving us a night out on the 'toon' in Newcastle. And a night in Newcastle is never [...]

Creating a chic casual wardrobe from scratch

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A task driven post from me today. I love getting emails from readers who have found Midlifechic at the beginning of their journey and are just starting to feel excited about the idea of a period of transformation. The first question they ask is where to start and, in addition to urging them to begin by eating and drinking healthily and finding a form of exercise they love (which is the bit no-one ever wants to hear), I always suggest that [...]

A mindful Midlifechic weekend

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So after the electricity meltdown that was Friday, we had digital meltdown on Saturday and Sunday with absolutely no broadband. This is extremely rare in our house. Because I often like to work from home we have 2 lines, just in case, so if one goes down there's always a spare. But no, this weekend we had digital silence. So given that it was my first at home for 7 weeks, I decided to make it a mindful Midlifechic weekend [...]

Outfits for a working week

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Being your own boss is both a blessing and a curse. On days like today I hit Friday morning and wince at how little I've actually achieved because I've been maxing out my 'flexible working'. However I have at least been trying to dress the part. As we're moving fully towards an Autumn wardrobe now, I've been trying out a few items that are on the edge of the culling pile just to see if I still like them. Unless you're [...]

Chic days out with my boys

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Well hello world - oh I do like saying that. Welcome to my new followers, emailers and commenters this week from Holland, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and yes, finally, the USA. It's been really lovely to hear from you and I'm amazed by how many of you already shop at Clarks - there was me thinking it was a little British brand when it's obviously already global. For those of you who have asked for a facility to subscribe [...]

Perfect knee high boots for women over 40

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Actually I think they're pretty perfect for women of any age but I'm discovering that there are so many ladies out there adding 'women over 40' to their search phrases that this helps them find us. So, before I start, I just wanted to apologise for (and growl at) the gremlins that removed all my carefully worded replies to your comments on the last few posts. I can't understand what happened but I wasn't being lazy I promise - I do appreciate the [...]

Autumn outfits of the day

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Well that took us all by surprise didn't it - one day we were feeling complacent about the Indian summer and the next day the North wind blew in with Autumn. So as you can see from today's pictures, in the space of a few days I've gone from blazers and slingbacks to coats and boots. Suddenly in our house we're discussing what to do for Hallow'een and bonfire night and the subject of Christmas has been raised more than [...]

New British Brand – RachelWears

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You may remember me saying that last week got off to a lovely start (before it all went rather wrong) when I met up with a Midlifechic reader. Rachel Roberts was one of the very first people to contact me via Twitter - I was sending my blog live for the first time as she was also about to launch her new clothing brand so we were both feeling very nervous. We finally decided to get together and it made [...]

Geordie Chic – a weekend in Newcastle!

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First of all thank you for all your lovely comments and emails after Friday's post. Your collective display of empathy and united loathing of the trials that rugby inflicts on the mothers of Britain has cheered me up no end! As did a night in Newcastle. If you've ever been there you'll know it's never dull, although unfortunately we had to avoid the more crowded bars with the eldest and his Captain Caveman cast in case it was knocked. So, [...]

A week of woes at Midlifechic

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What a week it's been chez Midlifechic. As if the rugby injury with its ensuing disruption wasn't enough, the dark clouds of doom have remained over us. When I first started this blog, I never thought I'd be sharing my woes like this but here we are. There have been perpetual roadworks on the motorway in Cumbria and twice in the last year Mr MC has been flashed going at 48 in a 40mph zone accruing 3 points on his licence [...]

Autumn outfits for grey days

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How typical. It started to rain (for the first time in weeks) just as the youngest exited the changing rooms for his first appearance on the rugby pitch...and it stopped just as the match finished and we got back to the car. Haven't we been spoilt this summer with the fabulous sunny days that seem to have lasted pretty much since the end of June? Anyway grey skies, rugby matches, this will be my life on Saturdays until about Easter, [...]

High street cashmere review plus…are you posh?

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Hello, hope you're all well. I feel as though I've hit my 'wall' this week to borrow a runners' term. I think the initial new term energy burst has worn off in our house, especially as there seems to have been a school related meeting every night that I've had to go to which makes for long days. The eldest is mid-UCAS statement and application, still not having a clue what his 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th choices will be, [...]

Perfect leopard print courts

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I'm a latecomer to leopard print. For some reason, until I started blogging, it never occurred to me to wear it. As I've said many times, I'm not keen on any kind of pattern and I think I'd lumped leopard print in that category. However, back in March I dipped my toe into the water with a pair of leopard print shoes from M&S (figuratively speaking of course). They were only about £20 and a fabric print rather than ponyskin [...]

Chic core Autumn basics 2014

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As you know I've been culling my clothes with the aim of establishing a chic core wardrobe and, in fact, have been shamed by the number of you who have said you do it every 6 months. I vow to try this so that it won't be so painful next time. Anyway, I figured it was time for a reward by doing a bit of online shopping to find some chic core Autumn basics. I know you like a 'new items' [...]

I’ve found the perfect pea coat

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It's time to talk about Winter coats. Even though the sun is shining and we seem to be having a lovely Indian summer, it seems that if you haven't committed yourself by the end of September the best have gone. I think it's important to look at coats as investment purchases that will last a few years. Cheap fabric shows  and coats with a high proportion of man made fibre tend to look stiff and feel scratchy. Let's face it, [...]

New season…time for a midlife revamp?

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Well, I'm gradually getting back into the swing of term time routine. I have to say that although I miss the long lazy days, I quite like having uninterrupted batches of time to myself again. Some of you have mentioned that you love September and the feeling of new beginnings it brings and I do agree. I think however old you are you always have that feeling of starting afresh. So, with that in mind, I've decided it's time for [...]

Autumn Winter colours 2014

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Ok so I'm accepting that it's now September and, even though it's still feeling like late summer, we need to look ahead. One of the great things about working at Selfridges was the pre-season briefing on colour palettes that guided all our work. If you've developed a wardrobe of chic basics, it's easy to add accents of seasonal colour to stay on trend. So today I thought it would be helpful to kick off Autumn dressing by going to the [...]

Transitional chic – outfits of the day for Midlifechic

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I know I promised you a piece on the New Season colour palette but up North, at least, the weather has been too nice to think about Autumn so although it's nearly ready, I refuse to publish it until September (which is, after all, next week). So it's a quick round up of my week in 'transitional chic' outfits I'm afraid. It's been a 'half woman half biscuit' week - I've been  juggling the boys and work in a big messy muddle. [...]

Holiday chic part 2 … and how it all got better

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Well I hope you're all having a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. Mine is rather quiet because Mr MC has gone over to Newcastle for a karate course (we're well and truly back to normal) taking the 2 smalls to see their grandma. The 17 year old is packing in his restaurant shifts before he goes on rugby camp next week so it's just me and the cats - thank goodness for them! I thought I'd cover off the rest of the [...]

The first day of holiday – how it all went wrong!

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The reason I didn't blog on holiday. I don't know about you but I spend ages imagining the first day of our holiday throughout the winter months, planning it really carefully to make sure it's perfect. This year it wasn't. As you know our plane was delayed and so instead of a good night's sleep in a nice hotel, we had to force ourselves up after just 3 hours. I had barely nodded off because Mr MC, high worshipper of [...]

Holiday chic – what I wore for travelling to Spain

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Well hello, we're back...shivering...blimey! Holiday chic already feels far far away as I tell myself I can't possibly put the heating on in August! Thank you to those of you who kept in touch via Instagram, it was lovely to hear from you. As you've gathered I didn't blog while we were away - there's a story behind that and it involves a very unfortunate loss of equipment but I'll come to that in a later post. So, a quick one today [...]

Chic holiday packing – so long, farewell…

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At last it's holiday time in the midlifechic house. As usual my list of things to do is so long that I keep sitting down with a cup of tea and wishing we weren't going but I don't really mean it. Of course it hasn't helped that the younger boys have been floored with a stomach bug which means I'm running on very little sleep. I think it's been a karmic response to last week's wanting to feel needed again. [...]

The end of days – leaving primary school

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So here we are, it's all over. The celebrations, the tearful moments, the milling together with other mums in the same situation...all finished and I'm left feeling surprisingly flat. I worked out that of the 38 families, 25 of us were what the school calls 'farewell families' leaving primary after a sequential run of siblings so it was quite an intense week. There was less of the general joy that was there when my other two left - everything (even [...]

The end of term countdown begins

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So we're here, the last few days of our primary school years. There are so many leaving events that this is going to be a quick post but fear not, I'll be back with all the detail at the end of the week. Because he goes to a grammar school and they often have to go in on Saturdays, the eldest broke up ridiculously early 2 weeks ago. He has now established a firm routine of sleeping until midday when he [...]

School Disco Chic

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Wow this weather is crazy - Mediterranean weather last night (even here), mad wind, rain and thunder this morning. The forecast is so bad for the weekend that we've had to cancel our annual camping weekend with friends. We've braved it through so many years of flash floods, plagues of big black bugs, gales so strong that the tents have been flattened and even tents setting on fire that this year we've decided to do the sensible thing and just [...]

Midlifechic clothes, food, interiors and accessories – all in one post!!

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The plan was that this was going to be the epitome of a hot, sunny post but it's all gone a bit wrong again thanks to our bizarre weather. If you're a regular reader you'll remember the post when I was feeling sad about our friends (J&R) who are moving. These are the friends who, for 10 years, have lived just around the corner and, even though they're moving to a village nearby, it won't be quite the same. R [...]

Black Tie Chic – what I wore for last night’s awards do

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Well as you know, last night we went to the HEIST education marketing awards. They are held in a different city each year and, conveniently for us, last night they were in Manchester at the very splendid Palace Hotel. As you can imagine, I started thinking about black tie chic when I knew we'd got through the elimination rounds in April. Like everyone I have various cocktail dresses that I've only worn a handful of times but with the slender [...]

Vintage chic – a dress that means so much to me

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Today I'm going to show you the most beautiful piece of clothing I've ever worn and it's vintage chic. Our village school is a C of E school and each year the children have the choice to be confirmed. Along with lots of his school friends, the small one decided that he would take part and Sunday was his big day. It was a really lovely occasion and a good excuse to invite lots of great aunties and godparents, my [...]

Going out chic – what I wore for a relaxed night out

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I know there's a heatwave in the South and if you're one of those people that is complaining about the heat I'm sticking my fingers in my ears because for the last few days it's been raining here - and it's cold - I'm wearing socks for goodness sake! As you know I've been feeling a bit shaky about the little one leaving primary school, the big one heading off to university interviews and all the change that is looming. [...]

A Wimbledon tennis party…and other outfits

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It's very disconcerting but suddenly everything seems to be changing around us and I hate change. We are now on the final countdown to the smallest son leaving primary school which will be the end of 14 years of school runs, nativity plays, class assemblies, handmade mothers' day cards and things constructed from cereal boxes. I apologise in advance if you hear a lot about this transition over the next few weeks but have faith, there are 17 days and [...]

Breaking out from the jeans rut with another new trouser look

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Ok, so we all agreed that the culottes didn't work and they went back (the post is here in all its glory if you're a new reader). However I am still determined to diversify from jeans a bit more and so today I'm revealing a whole new trouser pleasure: loose cut, light fabric, elasticated waist(!) - what can you not love about these. Apart from the fact (for me anyway) that Mr MC definitely doesn't love them. He doesn't loathe [...]

Sunny weather outfits of the day round up!

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Well I think the mini heatwave has taken everyone by surprise over the last few days - we certainly aren't used to it in the North! The weather forecasters must too scared to tell us when it's coming in case it doesn't and they're then lambasted by the Daily Mail. Anyway when it comes from nowhere it certainly gives you a problem with sunny weather outfits. I was doing a bit of people-watching in town the other day whilst the [...]

Chic boyfriend jeans for women over 40…and shorts!

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Chic boyfriend jeans for women over 40 Ok so here it is - the chic boyfriend jeans post. As you'll know if you've been following the blog for a while, I love boyfriend jeans but have taken a stand against 'distressed'. I'm not saying that I don't think women over 40 shouldn't wear them, or indeed that they don't look fab in them - it's just that, as its name suggests, the whole purpose of midlifechic is to encapsulate 'chic' [...]

High School Transition Day Chic!

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Quick update today on what I've been doing. I can't believe it but my smallest boy is going to the local grammar school in September. Of course we're really proud of him for doing so well but I just can't believe that he's big enough! (He'll kill me if he reads this). Anyway, yesterday was his transition day. I quite liked the way the school organised it - he and the other members of his new form met up for [...]

After work drinks party chic

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Sorry - I know I said this post would be about the jeans quest but they are as elusive as the holy grail and it hasn't quite finished yet. So today I'm updating you on my 'after work drinks party chic'. A bit of background: Lancaster castle is renowned for its dark history of punishment and executions and it is still a Crown Court. Because of this there are a number of large law firms at its gates and every [...]

Where to find gorgeous Summer silver necklaces

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I've had a few emails recently from people telling me that I don't show my necklaces well enough in my photos as they just can't see it and I also often focus on the clothes and forget to credit it. Apologies for that, I probably need to go through the pain of having more pictures taken of each outfit so that you can see it better. Anyway I thought I'd do a round up on the pieces that I wear [...]

Styling culottes – a new look for midlife chic

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There seem to have been endless grey skies over most of the UK throughout May and I think everyone is sick of being stuck in a jeans rut. Given that summer dresses just haven't been an option I've been looking for something different to wear. At the festival we went to on Saturday there was a group of urban 30 somethings who stood out from the rest by virtue of their chic attire (they must have been tourists who had [...]

Midlife Family Festival Chic – what I wore

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So, last weekend was a big one for us. As I think I've mentioned, Mr MC has been training 5 days a week for a year (yes really) for a particular karate black belt grading on Sunday. So on Saturday to take his mind off it, we headed up to a family festival in the West Lakes.  Glastonbury it isn't, but it does have some great music, food, a mini Chelsea-type festival and lots of other stuff going on. I [...]

A not so chic caravan holiday outfit round up!

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Well I'm going to fail a bit in my attempt to bring you caravan chic because in all honesty it wasn't very chic. As we drove North on Friday we watched the temperature dropping by 1°C for just about every 10 miles that we travelled and when we finally got to the site it was spookily shrouded in a thick mist. It was late, it was cold, we were all tired and as anticipated there was no wi-fi. I have [...]

The Boden party to end all Boden parties

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I can imagine that in the South, Boden parties are ten a penny, a bit like Pampered Chef, but up here there only seems to be one a year - but boy is it a good one to go to. Last year my friend and I were unsuspecting, just putting the postcode into the satnav to see where it would take us and were quite alarmed when it took us down a mile-long sweeping drive bordered by trees until we [...]

Birthday chic round up

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Thank you for all your wishes yesterday, I was successful in my mission to celebrate all weekend and today I feel a bit more than one year older! When I left you on Friday, we were off to our primary school family fun night where we got together with a great group of friends for rounders and a barbecue. We're lucky because one of the playground dads is MD of a well known wine company and so donates fabulous wine [...]

Pre-birthday dinner chic – a new look for me!

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Well the weekend is here at last and it looks like it's shaping up to be rather a good one for me with a few little pre-birthday celebrations on the agenda. The actual day isn't until Monday and as there's nothing I can do about being another year older I intend to enjoy myself! Last night we met up with my brother, sister and their spouses in a burrito bar. Actually I think my brother had completely forgotten it's my [...]

A way to plan your wardrobe for women over 40

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It's exam week in our house so things are very quiet and serious. It somehow doesn't seem fair to be tripping about the house trying different outfits so I'm going to do a different type of post. As you know, up until now I've been focusing on reinventing my casual chic wardrobe and I feel it's finally starting to get somewhere. For a change last week I pulled out some of my older workwear to give it a whirl and [...]

Workwear chic- the week when jeans were banned!

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Whose idea was it to ban jeans for my working week - I'm glad it had a bank holiday in it. It showed me how lazy I've become recently relying on jeans for workwear chic as well as weekends. It's just so much easier now that I've sorted a casual midlife chic wardrobe, especially when you can dress it up with heels. It's also much simpler to wear jeans when the weather's grim, as I think it has been everywhere [...]

A weekend of wet bank holiday midlife chic – WIWT

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Midlife chic Friday When I left you, I was off to Manchester for another 100 mile midlife chic haircut. It wasn't quite as drastic this time (and the roots still need doing - I have to leave something for my faithful local hairdresser). I had a lovely day mooching around the shops although there wasn't really anything that I hadn't seen the week before in London. I did have an interesting time trying lots of things on though, learning more [...]

A week of casual midlife chic

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Well it's been back down to earth this week at midlife chic after my exciting time in London - no more Waldorf or Gant or first class travel, just work, washing, cooking and mopping the brows of the AS Level / SATS revisers in the house. Sunday was another big day in the village - we like our celebrations up here. This time it was the St George's Parade with brass band and marching cubs, scouts, brownies etc right through [...]

Let loose in London

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Happy Monday everybody. I'm comfortably back in the North after my hectic time last week. So, picking up where we left off, I arrived in London with just enough time to get to the hotel and change. I knew it was pretty close to Covent Garden tube but when I got above ground Google maps wouldn't work on my phone so there was nothing else for it but to take a cab...or...a rickshaw - made me smile! So which outfit [...]

Easter Wrap Up – a weekend in Newcastle

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Well here we are, back in the land of broadband - my mother-in-law doesn't see the point in the internet, not even dial-up, so we all literally switch off when we go to Newcastle. So, starting from where I left you last Wednesday night, you'll remember that we had to delay our trip because Mr MC still hadn't hit the deadline for the ad campaign he was working on. This meant that Thursday saw us at the cinema again trying [...]

Easter Part 2 – What I Wore This Week

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Well my last post seemed to go down well so here's part two of what I've been wearing during the Easter holidays. Just as well because my chances of going anywhere near any clothes shops during these two weeks are zero. Spring has finally arrived in the Lakes over the last few days and of course, with the daffodils out, we're all feeling very lucky and 'Wordsworthian.' Mr MC has been working like a dervish to hit lots of deadlines [...]

Easter outfits of the day round up

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No I haven't been dressing up as the Easter bunny but as you know, I have been without a phone for a few days after I inadvertently dropped it down the loo at the cinema. Amazingly, after being left to dry for a few days, it came back to life - pretty amazing! So here's a round up of the last few days and what I've been wearing. Tuesday: the sun appeared briefly and friends came for lunch so I [...]

Boden’s £15 voucher – what to buy!

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Today's post was going to be about this weekend's Boden delivery but infuriatingly I dropped my iPhone down the loo at the cinema this morning during a trip out with the boys and it had all the photos on it. Having recovered from the grim experience of having to put my hand down a toilet that looked as though it hadn't been cleaned for weeks, I'm now watching it dry in a bag of silica gel and just keeping my [...]

The new trouser shape 2014

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After the dominance of the skinny silhouette, there's a new trouser shape to try. I know it's been around at the Net A Porter level for a while, but when you start seeing it being merchandised on A-sites at places like Top Shop and Zara, you know it's time to try it out. The trouser intro at ASOS reads "this season's trousers are loosening up. Baggy is better as trouser legs get wider and slouchier." Variously called the peg, the [...]

Weekend round-up

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Thank you so much to everyone who tweeted, emailed and commented over the weekend. It's so exciting to know you're out there, it makes it all worthwhile. This weekend we went to our first 50th birthday party - I remember this happening in the run up to 40, first our older relatives, then friends, then us...it's coming!! So the honour of the first event went to my niece's husband who takes great pleasure in calling me "auntie" even though he's [...]

The Casual Edit – Chic Basics For Women Over 40

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Ok, so following on from yesterday's post about core chic, let's identify the chic basics you need as workhorses to form your casual weekend wardrobe. This little group should take you through Spring and early Autumn. Bear in mind we're looking at absolute essentials here - the fashionable pieces will be added in a later post. Here are some Pinterest pics to show you what we're aiming for - it's basically a European version of preppy. For more inspiration see [...]

New favourite for wardrobe staples 2014 – Gap!

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I had a really big surprise when I was down in London last week for meetings. Joy of joys we finished early and happened to be on Kensington High Street. Mr MC was with me and wanted to pop into Gap for some new jeans so I went in to have a look around the womenswear on the ground floor and boy is it back on form. Of course I'd read about their Spring/Summer 14 collection and new creative director Rebekka [...]

Rocking the 2014 metallic trend for women over 40

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The 2014 metallic trend is an absolute gift to women over 40, with a simple accessory from the high street you can raise any outfit from humdrum to chic. I've always loved metallics, I remember having a bright pink metallic bomber jacket in about 1982. Now they're back in a big way - the only thing about them is that they do shout "look at me" which was fine then when I was 15 but now I'd prefer to suggest [...]

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