I’m back again with a quick update, it’s been a busy weekend. When I left you on Friday we were off to Ambleside for a pizza and to see the long awaited last instalment of The Hobbit movies. If you ask me, it was just a lot of fighting but it was voted as excellent by the youngest who is a Tolkien buff so that’s what matters.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember Cinderellagate from a couple of weeks ago when Mr MC surprised us with theatre tickets and then surprised us again when we realised he hadn’t booked the seats. Well fortunately he managed to rearrange for this Saturday, less fortunately it was for the 11am showing! It was at a local arts theatre and so was a very different version of Cinderella.When we go to a panto my boys are always distressed by the Principal Boy being played by a girl in high heels. This time it was the little girls who were distressed; they’d all turned up in frilly dresses and tiaras only for Cinderella to appear as a punk dressed in Doc Marten boots! When she went to the ball she still wore Docs even though they were a red patent pair…there were tears in the audience. This is a very bad shot of what I was wearing, it was a bit too early for Mr MC or the boys to be taking my blog into account:

Christmas diaries

(Woolovers Jumper, Hobbs statement skirt past season, Boden boots, Accessorise necklace)

It was funny to see that the North/South divide is still going strong in the UK. The evil stepmother and the ugly sisters were cast as Southerners wearing pink faux fur and leopardskin and spent their time watching Strictly and the X Factor on TV (I was so glad I didn’t wear my Clarks leopard shoes)! They had come up North because they believed all farmers are rich and spent their time sending Cinderella’s dad back to London to exchange things in the shops because there aren’t any up here. Prince Charming was a hippy who gave up his wealth to live on the farm and there were lots of songs about people who spend their lives ‘wanting stuff’ being bad (or from the South – they didn’t really distinguish between the two)!

My evening was spent finishing the birthday cake for the eldest’s 18th. He loves foxes and so I’d found an idea for a fox cake online that I thought I’d try. Now I am not a fancy baker, I can happily throw together a chocolate cake but this was way out of my comfort zone. It took a long time but here it is for those of you who haven’t seen my joyful posting on Instagram, it’s a bit boss eyed but I think it still looks like a fox:

fox cake

So Sunday was the eldest’s big day. The night before he was working at the pub / restaurant where he has a part time job and they’d allowed him to pull his first pint at midnight. They’d then convinced him to drink a cocktail of the top row of the optics so we heard him come crashing through the door at 2am. Despite that he managed to get up bright and early because we’d fulfilled his wish of booking tickets to see Wasps, his favourite rugby team, who were playing their first match in their new stadium in Coventry. So we had a long drive, stopping off at a service station on the motorway where we let him order as much fast food as he wanted along with Crispy Creme doughnuts. The match was great, there was a brilliant atmosphere and of course he was able to have a cider with Mr MC as he watched.


(wearing Boden snood – if you haven’t got one of these they should be greatly reduced in the sale soon – and a navy Zara parka, Uniqlo grey jeans, Clarks knee high boots, Clarks bag).


When we got home, he opened his presents which, much to his delight, mostly consisted of cheques. Mr MC had adapted a case of his favourite local cider just for him:


And I’ve been busy making him a book which I thought I’d show you in case you’re looking for ideas for an 18th. I must warn you it takes days of your life though, especially if your child is pre-digital and you have to scan the first few years of photos first! I did a spread for each year of his life so this gives you an idea:









I think he liked it and will read it one day if not now! His final birthday wish was for a Chinese takeaway followed by the final of The Apprentice – boys are very easily pleased…

So finishing with today (Monday), a dash around Kendal for a forgotten present and special Christmas cheeses. Horrible weather, it’s what we call mizzle, a cross between mist and drizzle where the air is just thick and wet.

Christmas diaries

I just wanted to show you my Boden High Jinks jumper which I absolutely love. If you have any money left for a sale treat do buy one, it’s so much nicer than it looks online and it’s really warm without being remotely itchy. If you use code G4Y4 you should be able to get an extra 10% and free delivery on top of sale prices.

(Worn with Yeti goose down jacket, Uniqlo grey jeans, Clarks boots)

Christmas diaries

I’m whizzing off to a book club reunion now to see some old playground friends that I haven’t caught up with properly for years so I must go and find something to wear.

And tomorrow I’ll be spending the day cooking and wrapping because on Christmas Eve we’ll be out having fun all day. I’ll be back later in the week but until then I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas filled with love and laughter.