After weeks of discounts you need a clear head to navigate the Boden Winter sale this year. So here it is, my Boden Winter sale 2014 edit. I’ve tried to make sure that there is plenty of stock of everything that I have recommended and I’ve picked out the best bargains. They fall into one of two categories, either wardrobe workhorses that you’ll wear again and again or wardrobe heroes that will lift ordinary outfits when you need them to. Starting with what I’ve ordered:

Cosy snitch snood 50% off, £17.50 you’ll remember I fell in love with this at the Boden party we ran)

boden winter sale 2014

Zip Top Clutch 40% off £41.20 (I know people don’t like the strap and the back but I want to see if I can make it work because the glitter is the best quality I’ve seen anywhere, I’m thinking I might just discard the strap)

boden winter sale 2014

Black glitter sixties slingbacks 30% off £69.30 (I ordered the glitter Mary Janes last week, they’re beautiful and incredibly comfortable but just not me. I have, however, fallen in love with the glitter).

boden winter sale 2014

Superskinny metallic pewter jeans 20% off £55.20 (I haven’t tried these because they’ve been out of stock but suddenly they appeared again so I’m going to give them a go)

boden winter sale 2014

These are the items that are tempting me:

Velvet scarf 50% off £19.50 (a sumptuous classic in lovely quality velvet, you’d wear this forever)

boden winter sale 2014

Westminster Gloves 50% off £34.50 (to add everyday chutzpah)

boden winter sale 2014

Wool bistro blazer 50% off £74.50 (I’m mystified as to why this hasn’t sold – might have to order one to find out why because it looks lovely)


Arabella Party Blazer 50% off £74.50 (I tried this at the party and didn’t feel it was worth it at full price, with 50% off it is though)


Luxurious lace dress 40% off £89.40 (I loved this when I tried it but was in between sizes, it’s subtle and elegant – you could wear it for so many occasions)


Embellished jumper 50% off £49.50 (also in navy, a lovely quality jumper that doesn’t scream Christmas)


Nep Cable Jumper 50% off £39.50 (I like the fleck in this jumper, for some reason it makes me think of bracing sea walks in Brittany)


High Jinks Jumper 40% off £59.40 (just a lovely weekend Winter jumper – just added this to my basket)


Westbourne jumper – these are much nicer on than they look, 40% off £41.40


Jewelled Pump in navy 40% off £77.40 (I’m surprised to see the most feted shoe of the season at 40% off)


Jackie heels in silver – limited sizes back in stock, 30% off £69.30, (great buy if you can get a pair in your size, a classic metallic that would work all year round – just added these to my basket in a half size smaller than I usually take, it may be an ugly sister moment when they arrive).


Party Pencil Skirt 50% off £49.50 – if you haven’t bought a statement skirt, this is beautiful and you’ll bring it out every December


Sophia skirt 50% off £34.50 – another lovely statement skirt


Perfect Party Top 50% off £49.50 (this would have been better without the pattern but I tried it at the party and it doesn’t look as busy in reality)


Bistro Trouser 50% off £44.50 (I haven’t tried the trousers but these certainly have stand out)


Bistro Crop Trouser 50% off £29.50 (similar to the orange ones from last year that I wear a lot with black and grey)


Wool bistro crop 40% off £53.40 (these are the staples of my working wardrobe or for weekend lunches out when we’re going to a nice gastro pub)


So, get clicking, in my opinion these are the best offers. There are a lot of other items running at a 20% and 30% discount but that isn’t very exciting given what’s been on offer recently. I’m sure there will be further markdowns in a week or so, it’s worth watching stock levels but if you see something you love, don’t wait. However we should all hold in our minds the essential sale questions that you are supposed to ask yourself:

  • Do I need it?
  • Can I afford it?
  • Can I buy it cheaper elsewhere?
  • Can I make an outfit from it?

Happy shopping – keep in touch and let me know what tempts you.And don’t forget I’ve treated you to two posts this weekend, there are a few Boden outfits on Friday’s Winter chic post that are now in the sale if you’d like some inspiration.