So we’re here, the last few days of our primary school years. There are so many leaving events that this is going to be a quick post but fear not, I’ll be back with all the detail at the end of the week. Because he goes to a grammar school and they often have to go in on Saturdays, the eldest broke up ridiculously early 2 weeks ago. He has now established a firm routine of sleeping until midday when he  emerges knowing that food will shortly be on the agenda. For some unknown reason he has set himself the worthy challenge of watching every episode of Top Gear that has even been recorded. I know it’s the very definition of a first world problem but the constant revving of engines and Jeremy Clarkson drawl is having a significant impact on my ability to listen to my beloved Radio 4 whilst I’m preparing meals – whose idea was open plan living?!

As you know, we cancelled our camping weekend as a result of the forecast last weekend. It didn’t turn out to be quite as dismal as they had predicted but it was still very damp so we made the right choice. Instead we decided to go, with our camping friends, to the pizza restaurant in the village. Our boys were collectively delighted because we never go there – at £130 for 5 you’ll understand why it’s more tempting to make your own, but they don’t quite see it. Anyway, here’s a pic of what I wore (before it makes you feel hot, remember it was chilly and damp unlike today).

pizza chic

On Sunday, because of the forecast, we’d promised to take the 2 younger ones to see Planet of the Apes at the cinema. There is a lovely independent one in Kendal so we decided to go there after a relaxing lunch in a small bistro. Of course the weather by then was much better and the last thing we felt like doing was sitting in the dark for 2 hours but the boys were insistent it was not to be missed (it was most definitely one to be missed – it was dreadful).

kendal chic


And that, I’m afraid, is where I must leave you as I head off on my next taxi run. The younger one in particular is starting to get used to this life of riley – back down to earth with a bump next week! Hope you’re enjoying the weather, don’t say it’s too hot you’ll scare it away!