Well, I’m gradually getting back into the swing of term time routine. I have to say that although I miss the long lazy days, I quite like having uninterrupted batches of time to myself again. Some of you have mentioned that you love September and the feeling of new beginnings it brings and I do agree. I think however old you are you always have that feeling of starting afresh. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided it’s time for a midlife revamp. In fact I like the thought of being a vamp (in the sassy rather than twilight sense) and I’m encouraging you to join me.

Wardrobe Cull

This week so far I’ve taken 10 bin bags of clothes to the hospice shop, I still need to do a second cull. I’ve been brutal and even thrown out things like all my round toed ballet flats (apart from my Zara gold ones, I can’t imagine ever parting with those). I find if I don’t do these things decisively I end up taking them all back out again. If I were ever to be charged for the amazing care my mum and dad had at the hospice, I’d be paying them back for life so, given that I’m a rubbish Ebayer, I use this thought to make me feel better. It’s also a good feeling to be doing what I said I would when I started this blog by paring back to what will eventually be an essentially chic wardrobe. Join me – pick a charity that’s close to your heart and have a clear out.

Getting in shape

The other thing I need to address is my body. Ever since I hit my target at Slimming World I’ve been pretty disciplined and the weight has mostly stayed off. However during the 3 weeks that we were away I somehow managed to accrue 6lbs (I say somehow, I think glugging wine and eating out most nights might have had something to do with it). We have Withings scales (wi-fi scales that sync with your mobile and desktop devices) which we use every morning and so ever since we came home they’ve been sending me daily charts of how much weight I’ve put on and telling me to get motivated. But even though I’ve been eating healthily and haven’t touched a drop of alcohol, those 6lbs aren’t shifting. So I’ve given myself a deadline of Monday to see a change – otherwise it’s back to the group with my tail between my legs (either that or I take the batteries out of the scales).

And of course we all know that there’s no point in losing weight without toning up too – sigh…. I vowed to stick with my twice weekly Kettlercise sessions when my 17 year old said “nice guns mum” as I was hanging onto the overhead rail during a rather wild tube journey down in London (I was a bit taken aback until he explained that guns were the muscles in my arms). It made my day, my week in fact and every time I’m struggling with an 8kg weight I now chant ‘nice guns’ under my breath. If you have the chance to try Kettlercise I really recommend it, it forces you to tone every muscle in a 45 minute session which is definitely doable. In addition to that I’ve started a new Pilates course and I’m making a point of taking Gary for a long walk every morning instead of the usual quick trot, in fact I even ran rather than walked yesterday (but I’m not committing myself to that).

Better hair

The next thing on my list is my hair which is driving me mad. I’ve finally managed to find the time for an appointment tomorrow and I’m hoping to go much shorter although my hairdresser is always reluctant to do it. I’ve noticed more and more 40-something women seem to be going for the chop and I cheer every time I see a blogger do it – Avril from Schoolgatestyle looks lovely with her new glossy bob and I’m waiting with bated breath for Fiona from Avenue 57 who is having hers done today. I think the whole thing about it being wrong to have long hair after 40 is nonsense but I do think there’s a change in the air. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut there’s nothing like a new haircut to begin a new style journey – see my Celebrity Chic Pinterest board for inspiration. My photos will appear next week or maybe even tomorrow on Instagram if it’s not too horrific.

So, that’s where I’m starting, I know if I try anything more I won’t keep it up. Fingers crossed for the haircut and for the scales being kind on Monday morning so that I don’t have to go to the group again. Now onto some outfits (links included for current season pieces). As you know, my middle son goes to a different high school to the other two and had a sneaky extra couple of days holiday. He spent the first one hanging out on the beach with friends but I was really chuffed when he came to me on the last day and said ‘we can go out for lunch if you want’ – such grace they have at 13! So there I was, pouncing on an excuse to dress up a bit and maybe go into town but when I came downstairs he announced that he’d really rather like to go down to the farm. So – down to the farm we went, I was determined not to get changed so looked a bit of a plonker in my heels but the lunch was lovely and the cake was even better (and I wonder why the 6lbs aren’t shifting).

midlife revamp

  •  Top: Whistles S/S 14
  • Cigarette Trousers: Zara (old)
  • Sixties heels: Boden S/S 14 (a few sizes still available in Clearance here)
  • Bag: TK Maxx (lovely unbranded and waxed leather, available online here)

And then yesterday we had parents’ evening – yes honestly parents’ evening already to discuss the eldest’s AS Level results and University options with his subject teachers. The headmaster gave a very moving speech about how much parents put into their children’s education, reminding us that we had been attending evenings like this since our sons were in reception but that this would be the last one for these particular boys. I have decided not to process these thoughts just yet. I am not ready!!!

Nikki Garnett

  • Double layer top: Zara (still doesn’t seem to be available in navy in the UK but the white or orange would work well with these trousers)
  • Floral print trousers: Zara (size up if you’re buying these)
  • Sixties heels: Boden
  • Necklace: Accessorize A/W 13-14

So that’s my week, my outfits and thoughts for today. How about the personal revamp – are you joining me? Let’s do it now and we’ll look fantastic in time for Christmas rather than waiting for January when we just want to hibernate. Let me know what you think in the comments, I always reply.