Quick update today on what I’ve been doing. I can’t believe it but my smallest boy is going to the local grammar school in September. Of course we’re really proud of him for doing so well but I just can’t believe that he’s big enough! (He’ll kill me if he reads this). Anyway, yesterday was his transition day. I quite liked the way the school organised it – he and the other members of his new form met up for an afternoon of ice-breaker games and then parents were invited to join them for tea at 4pm. It’s so much gentler than when our eldest started 6 years ago – typical macho boys school they just had to go through the front doors on the first day with everyone else which left me a shivering wreck outside not wanting to leave!

I don’t know about you but I always think quite carefully about what I’m going to wear to this sort of thing. My mum was a lot older than other mums (she had me at 42 which was unusual in those days) so even though she was always immaculately dressed, I used to wish she was a bit ‘cooler’ (I feel terrible saying that but I guess I was a typical teenage girl and it gives you some context as to my anxiety). I was also taking into account the fact that our eldest is in the Upper Sixth and next year will be head prefect for the first years so we were there to see him stand up and greet the parents so it was a bit of a double whammy. (And yes the poor youngest won’t be able to get away with a thing)! Of course being boys, they probably wouldn’t notice if I turned up in a bin bag, but here’s what I decided on in the end:

transition day chic


A friend who was looking at the blog mentioned that I should explain what the strange circle on the floor that you often see in my shots is – it’s a well that we discovered when we knocked some outbuildings down to build this extension last year. We’ve covered it in safety glass and put lights in it and people seem to love jumping on it after a few glasses of wine! In fact it also has a tunnel at the back which leads under the house to another well which is 50 feet deep just to the top of the water so we have no idea how far it is to the bottom. You can imagine our excitement when we uncovered the tunnel last year – Mr MC spent ages digging the debris out thinking there would be treasure at the end of it and was really disappointed when it was just more water – something that we are never short of around here! Anyway there you are in case you were wondering!

So transition day went well and the ice certainly seemed to be broken – when we anxiously arrived for tea the boy was happily off playing tig (or tag as you call it down south)! Has anyone else got a transition day this year – are you feeling as unsettled as me about all the change ahead? Have a lovely week, back in a few days with the jeans post (finally).