I now declare Christmas to be in full swing. As you will remember, on Friday I was going out with Mr MC’s university karate team – it certainly wasn’t the sort of student night out I remember! I think they were at the very end of their funds because apart from enthusiastically accepting all offers of drinks that were bought for them, they otherwise earnestly sipped tap water throughout the evening. It was interesting though, it’s a long time since I’ve been challenged to discuss the existence of God at a Christmas party (well by sober people anyway) and I discovered that the Sensei is a professional ketchup taster in his spare time – now there’s a thing! Anyway the faux leather jeans were fine apart from the fact that they have developed a rather alarming squeak as my thighs rub together when I’m walking. Has anyone else had that problem?

As always it was a busy weekend. Up early to get the first of our Christmas trees from the village garden centre (it’s tricky but there are a number of different people that we try to support locally so we buy from different places). The boys were in full on happy, festive mood which is unusual for a Saturday morning so we even have photos:


I’m wearing:


The next stop was to watch the eldest play his last home game of rugby for school. They have a few away matches after Christmas but then have to hand over to the Lower Sixth development squad – another ending! The temperature was plummeting which we hadn’t expected and it had been sleeting on and off for a while. As I was having this photo taken, I heard Mr MC bellowing at the ref that our son was ‘down’ and I turned round to see him sparko on the pitch. It was one of those horrible moments of being the mum of a grown up son. I could only watch as they poured water over him to try to bring him round…after a couple of minutes he opened his eyes… and then stood up, shook his head and played on. Such a senseless game.


If you are ever looking to invest in a proper down jacket then can I recommend Yeti, it’s the sort of jacket that is essential in the Winter up here. Yeti is a small German brand that produces the lightest down jackets in the world, I think they’re really intended for proper Polar explorers but I feel the cold and so have had one for years! They’re hard to get hold of in the UK but current styles are here. I’m also wearing original tall Hunters .

Theatre chic…or not!

A few weeks ago, Mr MC delighted me by saying that he had booked a family ticket to see Cinderella at the theatre. This is very unusual behaviour, like many men he tends to leave the arranging of anything social to me so I was really, really looking forward to it. We rushed home from rugby, mopped the eldest’s brow for a while and then left quite early because he had even arranged pre-theatre drinks in a local bar.

In the car I quickly checked the email confirmation he’d handed me and alarm bells started to ring. On closer inspection he’d booked a Groupon type deal which had a reminder on it that seats had to be confirmed with the Box Office after purchase and I instantly suspected that this would have been a detail too far for the husband I know so well. Sure enough I saw him blanch as I read it out to him. He remained furiously optimistic, pulling in to call the Box Office and not surprisingly being told that yes of course there were seats left on the offer – on Thursday 8th January!

I’m afraid I didn’t react very well. The gist of what I said was this: “of the very many things that we’re doing this Christmas you were in charge of one.” I’ll leave it to you to add embellishments and inflection! We continued on for the drinks bit whilst he madly tried to come up with a cunning plan. Here I am in ‘theatre chic’ with teeth slightly gritted and a much needed glass of Prosecco:



I do just want to talk to you about the jumper I’m wearing. I’ve had this statement skirt since my 40th birthday party but have never been able to find the right top to wear with it for this kind of occasion. Because it is so sparkly, it needs something very simple but most black jumpers I have tried look drab. I’ve been trying to find something that has the nap of cashmere but without the warmth so that I don’t overheat. Finally I’ve found the one. Woolovers is like a jumper library, they have just about every shape in every colour. I’ve often wondered how their prices are so low given that you are paying the same for pure wool as you would for acrylic on the high street. However it’s great quality and I’m so glad I gave them a try, I know the photos are a bit dark but you can see the depth of colour and it has great texture but it isn’t itchy. I’m so impressed that I’ve just ordered this bright red crew neck for Christmas.

Statement skirts are a great option for all kinds of different events, I wear mine much more often than the many dresses I have in my dressing room so on a cost per wear basis they’re far better value. Here is a selection of what is available this season (links below):

Statement Skirts for Christmas



Never one to be defeated, Mr MC did indeed come up with a new plan…for us all to go and see Paddington at the cinema which was a little different to the evening I’d had in mind. Because my statement skirt has black and bronze in it, I paired it with my brown Boden wrap coat (available in different colours this year):


Sunday was the day for dressing the first tree, drinking champagne and playing Christmas music as I managed to get another room decorated.


(Wearing the middle son’s red tartan shirt and Ines @ Uniqlo navy jumper – I have discovered a whole new sport of borrowing my boys’ nice tops)

A simple tree in this room – I don’t know whether there are many left now but B&Q have had the loveliest felt tree decorations for the past two years and the prices range from £1 to £5 for the most elaborate.




I’m really pleased with these paper snowflakes that I found at the Paper Snowflake Company. The floor lights catch them from below.


I picked the gingerbread cushion up from Dunelm Mill and the red silk cushions were made for me by my mum when I was expecting my first son in Christmas 1996…


…and he in turn brought me this little nativity back from Iceland last month knowing that I’ll treasure it.


Again these little mistletoe decorations were from B&Q last year, they add a little something to the kitchen without getting in the way.


I’ve also managed to find a new wreath for the front door after searching for ages to find one that I like.


We had our pre-Christmas visit from Santa; he comes through the village on his sleigh playing Christmas carols and gives oranges to all the children:


So, all in all it was a lovely weekend – a few cross words but a lot more happy ones in the end. I’ll be back on Friday with what I wore to this week’s panto. Altogether now “oh no you won’t,” – “oh yes I will!!” Keep in touch.