I know there’s a heatwave in the South and if you’re one of those people that is complaining about the heat I’m sticking my fingers in my ears because for the last few days it’s been raining here – and it’s cold – I’m wearing socks for goodness sake! As you know I’ve been feeling a bit shaky about the little one leaving primary school, the big one heading off to university interviews and all the change that is looming. To counter it I’ve been forcing my friends to be sociable in an effort to take my mind off it. Amongst the lovely people we know, there are 4 couples that we are especially close to. We don’t all hang out in a merry gang because they’re all quite different to each other, in fact maybe Mr MC and I have a bit of a multiple personality disorder because we really like the fact that we have completely different times with each couple. Do you do that or is it just us?

Last night we went out with the wildest ones, M&S (I will have to make them sound like a high street chain because if I reverse the initials it makes it even worse). It will put you in the picture if I explain that they own the local brewery so if it had been a weekend we would have been guaranteed a night of high jinks. However it was a Thursday and, much to their disgust, I had my ‘must be up to do every one of the last few school runs’ head on so for once it was low key – champagne at our house, out for a vietnamese meal followed by a ‘digestif’ in the local pub (diet coke for me) – and then back again to our house for a nightcap (a cup of tea for me). Actually I have just looked outside and at 18.22 their car is still abandoned outside our house so I’m feeling very smug that I didn’t join in. I’m now going to keep a low profile at the back of the house because they were determined that they would come to collect their car on M’s new Harley Davidson (now there’s a classic midlife crisis) and that he would take me out for a spin on it. I am equally determined that he will not!

I did have a rather glam outfit planned until the weather put the kibosh on it so this is what I wore instead:

going out chic

  • Whistles Izzy Top: now £40 in the sale and still available at House of Fraser
  • Black Coated jeggings: Marks & Spencer A/W 13-14
  • Slingbacks: Boden A/W 13-14
  • Mini gusseted clutch: Zara sale, now £9.99 (!) – it’s leather and has a strap and great pockets inside
  • Bangle: antique, inherited from my mum

I’m really pleased with this top as I can dress it up with tailored crops for work, wear it like this for rainy nights out and it even works well with jeans – truly versatile.

Thank you for all your lovely words and empathy about the end of primary school days, it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only soppy mum clinging on to the heels of my ever growing children as they spread their wings. The comments software has been playing up a bit again I’m afraid, I’m waiting for Mr MC to fix it but I’m last on a long list of people who are waiting for him to fix things, please keep trying and (please) let me know via the direct contact form if you can’t, it adds fuel to my nagging. Have a lovely weekend, I will be back with an outfit that is very special to me early next week…now that’s got you thinking…