It’s very disconcerting but suddenly everything seems to be changing around us and I hate change. We are now on the final countdown to the smallest son leaving primary school which will be the end of 14 years of school runs, nativity plays, class assemblies, handmade mothers’ day cards and things constructed from cereal boxes. I apologise in advance if you hear a lot about this transition over the next few weeks but have faith, there are 17 days and counting so it won’t be too long…bear with me. (By the way he is back from the Isle of Man having had a mostly fabulous time if you were wondering – he is now tired of me kissing him and telling him how much I missed him).

In addition to this, the property boom has finally hit the North, house prices are rocketing and lots of people we know are suddenly planning to move. Amongst them are the friends who are important not only because we’ve been through a lot with them over the years, or because our children have played together since before they could walk, but also (and crucially) because they live a 2 minute staggering distance from us and can always be relied upon for an impromptu barbecue or New Year’s day brunch when no-one wants to drive. They live in the most beautiful house and within a few days of it going on the market a crazy bidding war had started amongst a long list of buyers. Their motive for moving is hard to understand (especially when they have such fantastic neighbours!) however they want a bigger garden, and so on Saturday we went with them to see the house they have fallen in love with. (Quick pause for an outfit post in case you’re wondering whether you’ve stumbled into an interiors blog).

relaxed chic

  • Flowy shirt: Mango (Currently £12.99 in the sale)
  • Relaxed skinny jeans: Next
  • Necklace: Accessorize
  • Pointed slingbacks: Boden

We had a great wander around the grounds of their new home (they are substantial) and a big gasp at the amount of work involved in the renovations (it is substantial)! There are 2 consolations though – firstly they will now back onto the canal like we do so a kayak / canoe for late trips home is not out of the question and secondly their new local just so happens to be the gastro pub that employs our eldest as a waiter. It would therefore have been rude not to go there for lunch and enjoy being waited on by him for a few hours wouldn’t it – such joy!!!

Sunday was a relaxing day in the garden. I am showing you this dress only because it was such a bargain bought last week in Kendal at the M&S sale. It’s a bit short so it is really intended for throwing over a bikini on holiday but it is such a bargain for the quality  that I thought I should point it out in case you’re looking for a Breton beach dress as I have been (rather reluctant face, not brown or slim enough for this dress yet).

stripy dress

M&S Dress £24.50 (it’s actually from Per Una but there are no frills in sight, reduced from £49) not available on line but there still seem to be plenty in store.

Today I was invited to a Wimbledon Party, ladies only, to watch the women’s quarter finals at a private bank. Pimms and canapes were served and they used their huge screen in the boardroom to show the tennis which was much nicer than the usual stock market movement. It wasn’t quite the same as my old corporate days out on Centre Court but it was still a lovely idea.  It was tricky knowing what to wear but in the end I opted for a true English summer look in vintage Boden.

vintage Boden

  • Dress: Boden (about 2007 I think)
  • Wedges: Boden
  • Necklace: Jane Akester

I was too busy talking to some amazingly wealthy women who were telling me about their husband’s helicopters, horses and houses in Palma to watch any tennis, I can’t tell you how fascinating it was to live their lives vicariously for the afternoon. Plus one of them will be our friends’ new neighbour which made me smile.

So change is afoot, it feels like the scene in Chocolat when the North wind blows, although unlike Anouk I will be staying still whilst others around me move. It’s hard though isn’t it when it feels as though everyone else is having an adventure. However I’m reminding myself that we’ve spent too much time, love and money on our poor old house to leave it now and that helicopters and horses were never part of my plan (although a house in Palma would be nice)!

Are you finding things are changing around you or is it just something in my stars?  Get in touch and let me know. Till the next post which will be a going out outfit if I can decide what to wear.