First of all thank you for all your lovely comments and emails after Friday’s post. Your collective display of empathy and united loathing of the trials that rugby inflicts on the mothers of Britain has cheered me up no end! As did a night in Newcastle. If you’ve ever been there you’ll know it’s never dull, although unfortunately we had to avoid the more crowded bars with the eldest and his Captain Caveman cast in case it was knocked. So, here are some outfits from the weekend:

Friday morning chic

An important meeting with a company who have asked me to join them as a consultant. Great opportunity but I’m not sure whether I have the time – the blog might be a casualty and I do so love my Midlifechic. Much thought will have to be given to this one.

geordie chic 2

Friday afternoon chic

A quick change for watching rugby again, the smallest has grasped the game with heart and soul just like his dad and brothers and advanced his way onto the A Team. Seven more winters – what can I say. I am therefore putting the spectator hours in now while the weather is still relatively pleasant. This is also the first time I have worn the suede jacket that Mr MC bought me for my birthday which shows how warm it has been since May:

rugby chic

  • Hobbs suede jacket (S/S 14)
  • M&S coated biker jeans (similar here)
  • Boden scarf (S/S14)
  • Boden boho boots (A/W13 similar here)

Friday night chic

After a mad dash dropping the youngest two off for sleepovers and a journey to the ‘wrong side’ of the Pennines we arrived at our hotel in Jesmond. A quick change of clothes, the discovery that I’d forgotten to pack any make-up in the rush (aaarggh!) and we went out. It was the end of freshers’ week so even at 8pm it was buzzing. Amidst all  the shouting students I had the joy of trying to negotiate a phone call with the eldest’s geography teacher who feels he should still be able to go on a glacier climbing trip to Iceland in a month’s time regardless of his shattered thumb!

We had a wander round, enjoying the atmosphere whilst I did my best not to think that this time next year, somewhere, my baby will be one of these students far from home. All the restaurants seemed to be Italian which was annoying – we’d intended to make the most of not having the youngest two with us and have a curry or a Thai or any cuisine that would make them screw their noses up. However I did enjoy my first few glasses of wine since we left Spain on 17th August – haven’t I done well!

geordie chic

  • Black Whistles blazer
  • Boden organza top (S/S 14)
  • Black M&S coated jeans
  • Boden slingbacks (A/W 13)
  • Selfridges snakeprint clutch (ancient)

Saturday chic

I have to say that the uni was fab – my favourite so far. Even though we go to Newcastle a lot because Mr MC’s family live there, we haven’t actually visited it before. It’s right at the edge of the city – you can see John Lewis (not a great benefit for students but for their visiting mothers – maybe), it isn’t quite a campus but the buildings and halls are all together and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Fortunately I had managed to find a lipstick in the glovebox of the car, for the rest I had to depend on good old Clarins beauty flash balm and a ruddy post wine glow.

geordie chic

Sadly there was no chance of popping into John Lewis or any other shop as we had to rush off again for a quick cup of tea with the ma-in-law and then get back across the country in time to meet the rugby bus. These weekends are killing me – Manchester next followed by Leeds after that but then he really will have to make a decision, the UCAS forms have to be in by half term!

Some of you have asked how Slimming World has been going. It worked its usual magic in just 2 weeks so I’m back on maintenance again – phew. If you’re looking for an easy diet that works I’m going to recommend it one more time (and no, I’m not on any kind of commission). If you’re like me you do need to go to the meetings though, there’s just something about the thought of having to stand on that scale that makes you stick to the plan.

I’ll be back on Friday to introduce you to a relatively new British clothing brand that I think we should all get behind. Till then, I thought I’d leave you with a picture of a Joules purchase. The only thing I ever buy from them is their dog duvets which I think are great. Here is the latest one…as you can see it’s gone down a storm. Poor Gary trying to find a small corner on his new cushion!

joules dog duvet

Last thing – 25% off Boden dresses and tops tomorrow and Thursday with this link – use code X6H7 for free delivery and returns too. Also a very rare 20% discount from French Connection from 5pm tonight until Sunday 5th October using this link and code STY20. Have a great few days and don’t forget to keep in touch.