Well it’s been back down to earth this week at midlife chic after my exciting time in London – no more Waldorf or Gant or first class travel, just work, washing, cooking and mopping the brows of the AS Level / SATS revisers in the house.

Sunday was another big day in the village – we like our celebrations up here. This time it was the St George’s Parade with brass band and marching cubs, scouts, brownies etc right through the centre of the village (and right past our house – much to the fury of my still sleeping teenager). I was a bit disorganised this year and forgot to put my flags out, they seem to have disappeared since the 6 nations excitement.

St George's Day

It’s all looking a bit chaotic but it gives you an idea! I had planned a lazy afternoon with the newspapers but we’ve suddenly hit the stage where our 12 year old, after 2 years at high school, is off with his friends leaving the 10 year old bereft. Until now they’ve been pretty inseparable so it’s all a bit heartbreaking to watch – I needed to come up with an idea fast. We don’t have exciting things like waterparks or museums to visit but we do have lots of dairy cows which means…(you’re wondering aren’t you)…really good ice cream. There are 5 parlours along the beach and we often debate which is the best so a rather brilliant plan transpired – an ice cream crawl to decide the winner. I know I’ll have the health police on my back but he is the fittest, most fruit-loving of all my boys and Mr MC and I did help him with each ice cream we ordered! In fact it did us all the world of good – a bracing 4 mile walk in sea air and he had the rare delight of having all of our attention for once. Here he is, valiantly tucking into number 5!


I was still wearing my St George’s parade tribute of red and white – as you can see I really mean it when I say it was bracing!

midlife chic

  • Jacket: Burberry (old)
  • Top: Mint Velvet (just seen)
  • Jeans: Next – you know the ones
  • Pumps: Boden (old)
  • Bag: Autograph by M&S (A/W 13-14)
  • Necklace: Accessorize

The rest of the week has seen me with my head down in the office writing copy for a college prospectus so it’s been a variety of casual outfits:

Midlife Chic Monday

A new Barbour Heritage shirt from the outlet we went to in South Shields. The photo doesn’t capture how lovely this is with its union jack lining and badge on the arm. It was reduced from £99.95 to £20 – a definite bargain!

midlife chic


Midlife Chic Tuesday

When I was in London I noticed that people were wearing their jeans differently, the turn-ups are much deeper, then I happened to read Sue of SusieSoSo’s brilliant piece showing you how they should be. So on Tuesday I dug out an old pair of long, straight jeans and gave it a go:

midlife chic

  • Blazer: Whistles
  • White top: Mint Velvet
  • Jeans: Gap
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Necklace: Accessorize

Midlife Chic Wednesday

On Wednesday I had a lovely bike ride along the canal with the smallest after school, he came with me all the way to Pilates, cycled home and then was back again in time to meet me – must treasure these moments! (This was before I changed into Pilates gear – I don’t think you’d find that very interesting).

midlife chic

  • White Blouse: Boden (past season)
  • Cropped cardigan: Boden (past season)
  • Jeans: Wallis (past season)
  • Navy belt: Accessorize
  • Pointed slingbacks: Boden

Midlife Chic Thursday

And today it’s cold – just as I’ve unpacked all my summer things – I knew that would happen.

midlife chic

  • Jumper: M&S cashmilon (A/W 13-14)
  • White shirt: M&S (old)
  • Jeans: Next Relaxed Skinnies
  • Silver pumps: Boden (old)
  • Silver bangles: Accessorize
  • Necklace: Jane Akester

I’m looking inordinately happy because we’d just interviewed a lovely new cleaner. In a fit of conscience a couple of years ago I decided we should clean up our own mess but with work, the boys and now this blog I’ve been sinking and we’re living in a midden as my mum would have said. So, there we are, that’s the week that was and the bank holiday beckons. Tomorrow I’m going to Manchester to have my hair cut again – another 100 miles for a haircut! Mr MC is fighting in the national karate championships on Saturday but I will be doing something far more sedate with the boys, I’m not sure what yet -more ice cream maybe..!  Thank you again to everyone who posts a comment, you make me smile as much as the cleaner did!