Whose idea was it to ban jeans for my working week – I’m glad it had a bank holiday in it. It showed me how lazy I’ve become recently relying on jeans for workwear chic as well as weekends. It’s just so much easier now that I’ve sorted a casual midlife chic wardrobe, especially when you can dress it up with heels. It’s also much simpler to wear jeans when the weather’s grim, as I think it has been everywhere this week. However I have soldiered on with taking a more dressy approach and I must say that it does make me feel a bit more ‘executive’ and switched on when I get to my desk. Somehow being slightly less comfortable has made me sit up and power on!

So here are the outfits so far:

Workwear chic Tuesday

This was before the Spring weather completely disappeared. Unfortunately this dress is a size too big this year and I think it shows.

workwear chic

  • Dress: Boden (past season, similar here)
  • Navy Cropped cardigan: Boden (similar here )
  • Navy Slingbacks: Boden (past season, back for A/W 14-15)

Workwear chic Wednesday

It was more like March than May outside so I needed to wrap up and opted for monochrome.

workwear chic

  • Jacket: Zara (past season)
  • Cigarette pants: Banana Republic (past season)
  • Sixties Mary-Janes: Boden (past season)
  • White t-shirt: Mint Velvet (past season)
  • Necklace: Boden (past season)

Workwear chic Thursday

Sorry – workwear chic Thursday didn’t happen. The cleaners arrived for their alarming sounding ‘deep clean’ at 9.15am – the middle son asked if it was the same as pest control which, given the state of his bedroom might have been the more useful option. I went to my usual gym class thinking they’d be nearly done when I got back. They finally left at 2.30pm!!! This meant that I had to stay in gym kit all day which wasn’t very pleasant for anyone. However I now have a house that smells extremely clean as they seem to have used bleach everywhere – it doesn’t look as different as I hoped but most of it is 300 years old so I think it has developed a certain patina that perhaps has more to do with age than dirt! It’s now costing me a fortune to have scented candles burning in all of the downstairs sitting rooms to get rid of the bleach smell -hmmmmm! However, I must say that it was absolute bliss to be able to come home tonight and get on with blogging without feeling that I should be hoovering or something.

Workwear chic Friday

Meetings today but still March weather – can you see the state of the White Company candle – it took a while for the smell to go!

workwear chic

  • Blazer: Whistles
  • Grey long sleeved t-shirt: Next
  • Bistro crops: Boden (A/W 13-14)
  • Shoes: John Lewis (past season)
  • Necklace & earrings: Majorica (bought in Majorca)

Midlifechic Dilemma

Now I need your help. My birthday is coming up and Mr MC, not wanting to risk disappointment on the day, presented me with this lovely jacket from Hobbs. I can’t decide whether I like it or not and need your thoughts because it cost much, much more than I have spent on a jacket for years (yes I sneakily looked it up online). In fact I could almost buy four Zara jackets for the same price. This makes me feel a bit sick because we’re supposed to be having a frugal year as we’re still reeling from the cost of the extension that we finished building in December.

Nikki Garnett, midlifechic

(Tried on with M&S coated jeggings – they’re not jeans(!), Boden shoes, Mint Velvet top, my grandma’s amber beads).

I have never had a suede or leather jacket before, I’m not sure if I would be constantly worried about damaging it or getting caught in the rain. Also it has this perforated effect all over it:

suede texture

I’m not sure if it looks super-luxe or if it’s more like a used teabag. So lovely readers, I need to decide whether to keep it so he can wrap it up as a ‘surprise’ for the day or whether I should thank him effusively and ask him to return it. Either way he wins because he’s thought of a lovely and hugely generous present and has therefore earned a lot of brownie points.

Today I would be more grateful than ever before if you would leave a comment about what I should do – how do you think it looks; is suede viable for someone who lives in the wettest part of the UK; should you knock your husband back like this when he’s been so generous; would I be better returning and hoping for part (but, in current circumstances, not all) of the budget to spend on other things; do you like the teabag look?

Waiting with baited breath for your input.