Surprise! I know I said there wouldn’t be a post today but I was sent a request by somebody who has a jumpsuit but feels she has worn it too often recently so I’ve put together a couple of alternatives which of course, I now want to buy. In each set I’ve created an option for a more casual Christmas Day / Boxing Day drinks look along with a full on party look. In the same way that dressing for work is becoming less formulaic, so I believe, is dressing for parties. It struck me when I was out with friends for a drink the other night that this might be a reaction to the fact that girls seem to dress up in a skimpy cocktail outfit for a normal Saturday night in the pub so the sophisticated approach tends to be leaning either towards more unstructured column dresses or jumpsuits and trousers – all with heels of course. Sadly for me, column dresses don’t work. At 5ft 8 and with broad shoulders I look like a drag queen so I’ll leave those features to other bloggers and focus on the trouser option. The great thing about trousers of course is that you can dress them down and still look sassy when you’re lounging on the sofa on New Year’s Day so on a cost per wear basis they’re great value. Here’s look numbers one and two, based on fabulous glitter pants – don’t say you can’t, you can!.


Relaxed party chic


party outfits for women over 40I’ve chosen good quality sequin pants because I really do think you’ll wear them a lot and you don’t want something that scatters sequins in your wake. I’ll list some more cost-effective options below though.

party outfits for women over 40Ankle boots – you’ve all told me that comfort is critical and these fantastic Boots have an insolia sole so even though they’re quite high, you should be able to stand and walk in them for hours.

party outfits for women over 40Smith Canova leather purse – fantastic value as part of the John Lewis 150 year design collaboration. Even if you only buy this it will update outfits you already have.

party outfits for women over 40Granite Batwing Tunic – an option for a relaxed get together, it will disguise the mince pie bulge

party outfits for women over 40This Tuxedo Jacket pulls both looks together and would also look great with skinny jeans or, dare I say it, faux leather leggings!

party outfits for women over 40Smartening things up for a party, this Nude Bead Neck Bubble Top is understated and needs no necklace – for ‘no brainer’ dressing when you’ve left it till the last minute

party outfits for women over 40This Lily Leather Strap Sandal breaks up the black enabling you to add skin flattering grey tones to the outfit

 party outfits for women over 40Black leather purse, another gorgeous quality bag at a great price to complete the outfit
Looking at other alternatives for the trousers, this isn’t a great shot but Next have these sparkle harem pants in a silver or gold effect.
Or you could try these from Warehouse
 Or even a festive green from French Connection – really, they would look great with black.
Reining myself back in with these rose gold metallic jeans, they’re just one step on from coated and I know you all love those.
And finally, back in the comfort zone but just a little bit different, I really love these coated biker jeans and had planned to order them for the eldest’s 18th but he’s now decided not to have one – the perils of being born on 21st December, there are just too many other things going on.
So there you have it, something to ponder over whilst I’m away in London. I look forward to hearing what you think and will hopefully be back soon with lots of news.