Yes you’ve guessed it, we have a festival coming up so I’m thinking out loud again. Luckily for us it isn’t a wet wipes / queue for revolting loos / lose your tent kind of festival. It’s a taxi ride away from home so we can go along until whatever time we please and then return to the comfort of our own bed each night. So of course I’m now thinking about what to wear and imagining that it’s going to be blistering hot weather… and then trying to be realistic by reminding myself of where we live so adding a few precautions. What I’ve ended up with is a summer capsule that you could easily wear for relaxed weekends or any kind of outdoor event.

The best thing about festivals is the inclusive atmosphere. Everyone tends to be relaxed and happy so it doesn’t really matter what you wear but as always, it’s good to feel that you haven’t got it wrong. So here we go, three different capsules ideas of what to wear for a festival over 40.

What to wear for a festival over 40 – capsule 1

What to wear for a festival over 40


Sassy sweatshirt – there is no denying that this is pricey but it’s the perfect slogan for a chic midlife woman

Sunshine sweatshirt – I love this, I haven’t tried it but it’s from the teen section and I find size 15 -16 usually fits an adult size 12. Plus of course there’s no VAT so it’s a win:win.

Star hoops: a little different to the ubiquitous drops and they’ll work with everything

Transparent raincoat: transparency was huge on the catwalks so this will still be relevant with jeans in the autumn and it’s good value too.

Indigo cut-offs: these are slightly longer than the usual boyfriend shorts and you can always roll them up if you want to. The darker dye sets you apart from the teens in their distressed short shorts.

Silver wellies: not just for festivals, they’d add a splash of style to any ordinary dog walking outfit

What to wear for a festival over 40 – capsule 2

What to wear for a festival over 40


Gold star earrings: incredible value and they will look just as lovely dressed up as dressed down

Hello t-shirt: festivals are friendly places, open up the conversation with your t-shirt

Premier cru sweatshirt: an insouciant nod to the glories of midlife women, we were after all harvested first – and have turned out to be a particularly fine vintage

Raw hem jeans: straight cut and high rise, the jeans style that’s settled this year

Packable yellow mac: showerproof… just in case

Navy trainers: the world’s most ethical trainer – they don’t advertise, they don’t use sweatshops and they don’t compromise. The trainer worn by those in the know.

Chelsea boot wellies: perfect for summer rain and perennially stylish

What to wear for a festival over 40 – capsule 3

What to wear for a festival over 40

Jersey sequin halter top: one to wear all summer

Love sweatshirt – a subtle reference to festival summers of love

Glitter bumbag – useful but also on trend this year as worn by the cognoscenti who are using them to belt in their long, lean blazers

Utility pants – a bit cooler than a classic chino but every bit as easy to wear

VaporMax – the only trainers I have ever loved. The eldest has been on a mission to convert me to trainers and he’s finally won me over with these. The flyknit upper hugs your foot thereby retaining a certain elegance and the chunky sole references the ‘eek sneak’ trend that is everywhere at the moment.

So there we go, easy breezy ideas for festivals, outdoor concerts or just an afternoon in a pub garden with a glass of wine.

Midlife lately

It’s been busy. The younger two boys have been hidden away in their rooms, allegedly revising for their exams next week. Time and grades will show us how successful bedroom revision is and I suspect that next year I’ll be relocating them to more visible locations. We’ll be facing a perfect storm of GCSEs, A Levels and university finals – it simply does not bear thinking about. I wish forbearance to every one of you who is supporting candidates this year. May your offspring’s papers be filled with lucky questions.

I’m still buried in a project and will have to work for some of the weekend but the deadline is at least in sight. We have the pleasure of the eldest’s company for a few days too. He’s spreading himself between us and the big event known as “Roses” where the universities of Lancaster and York pitch themselves against each other in over 50 sports. With it being his internship year he isn’t playing in the rugby match this time (much to my relief) but he’s joining in with the training… and the celebrating. Because of course Lancaster will win… it being the better city (she says ducking in the knowledge that she has an uncanny number of readers in Yorkshire).

And with that I wish everyone in the UK a lovely Bank Holiday weekend. May the sun shine… even in the north. Go forth and barbecue everyone, I’ll be back next week.

Disclosure: ‘What to wear for a festival over 40’ is not a sponsored post

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