I have a big project on at work so it’s a speedy post from me today but I just wanted to bring you an edit of some of the ‘new-ins’ now that it looks as though spring is finally arriving. Let’s look at Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo.

Hush Summer 2018

Hush have launched their summer collection today. As always, they have included loose, flowing pieces that can be tricky to style. However they are balanced by figure defining items too so I thought I’d take you through my edit.


I’m often asked about the quality of Hush’s t-shirts. Because their look has a vintage, worn-in appeal they tend not to be heavy cotton. The cut is usually really good and of course the thinner fabric helps them to hang as they do. It’s a case of deciding whether you want a preppy, J Crew kind of summer look where everything is smart and neat or a more chilled out vibe. Neither is right or wrong, it’s just a case of personal preference. I tend to have both kinds of t-shirts in my drawers, I wear Hush at the weekends and something smarter for work. I’m currently updating my smarter ones and I’ll let you know when I find the best combination of cut, cloth and price.

I think that Hush is one of the best brands for ageless style. Regardless of whether you’re nineteen or ninety, they have a youthful mood that anyone can carry off. For the weekend, with a pair of this summer’s lighter wash cropped jeans, you can’t beat these:

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Stella t-shirt, also available in neon orange, tennis ball green and a blush / red combination.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Love t-shirt – not new in but I love the font and I’ve had my eye on it for a few weeks


Now Hush sweatshirts are where you usually find unbeatable quality. They’re soft and thick and great for throwing on when a summer day cools. I have so many rainbow stripe tops in my wardrobe that I can’t really justify another one but this is an easy way to adopt the trend.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Multi-colour sweat top

This has been in for a while and it has grown on me. It didn’t quite hit the spot for me in spring but it does for summer. There’s something sunny about the rose gold.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Love stack sweat

If jumpers are more your thing, this is a perfect shade of bubble gum pink (my personal favourite). It is a cotton and rayon mix so it will hang well and the V neck is the shape that Hush do so well. It’s wide rather than deep so it emphasises the clavicles but not the cleavage.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Bubblegum pink jumper

Dresses and skirts

Some Hush dresses are too short or too loose for my style but every season there’s a winner. This is the one that I’m thinking of trying this year – I need to see if I can make the dropped waist work with my long body. I have hot holidays in mind but it would also look good with a denim jacket or a cardigan (don’t forget cardis are back on the catwalks). I like the fact that it isn’t too girly which is always a risk when you have a mix of white and lace. The transparency from mid-thigh also takes the ‘pretty’ edge off it.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Embroidered white dress

Here’s a skirt for you. I have a complicated relationship with leopard print. I usually restrict it to shoes or a bag and I wince when I hear people refer to ‘Bet’ (of Coronation Street fame). However Hush always seem to find a classy version and this somehow is an antidote to the pastels that are everywhere this year. Again I’m thinking it would be a great holiday skirt. It’s polyester but I don’t mind that when it’s a flowy piece.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Leopard maxi


And finally simple, walkable sandals – I particularly love suede for sandals because it tends not to rub. You’d need to spray them with suede protector but the ivory colour would go with everything. Alternatively they’re also available in black – see above with the leopard skirt.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Ivory suede sandals

So that’s my early edit of the new release from Hush, you can see all of the new products here. There are two more small drops to come, one at the end of May and one in July but this is the main summer collection.

Uniqlo Summer 2018

I also want to draw your eye to Uniqlo’s latest collaboration. It is with Parisian lingerie and swimwear brand Princesse TamTam who are known for their dedication to fit. It’s a small edit and it won’t be around for long but as you usually find with Uniqlo, it’s well priced and should be decent quality.

Now I’m going to be doing a focus on swimwear and fit in a couple of weeks because thanks to a rogue sock in the washing machine last summer, my favourite bikinis have been ruined. So, I’m starting from scratch and assessing the body I have (rather than the body I want) as I decide what works best. However this collection from Uniqlo will probably have sold out by then so I’m going to include it now.

This is a lovely, simple bikini, particularly good if you like to take a few different options on holiday with you so that you aren’t wearing the same thing every day by the pool. I like the fact that it has both a tie neck and a tie back so that you can adjust the fit to your own body. It is also available in green or black.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Halter bikini top; mid-sized bikini bottoms 

You can opt for the fuller coverage bottoms as in the shot above or these.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Side strap bikini bottoms

There is also a halter version in a one-piece in either plain black or a print.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Halter swimsuit available in other patterns or black

And you can add co-ordinating accessories. This would be lovely to pull on when you go for lunch.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Beach dress(also available in another pattern and plain navy)

These shorts would be great either with the beachwear or just with a t-shirt.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Cotton tie-waist shorts (other colours and patterns available)

And there is even a range of matching or contrasting flip flops.

Flip flops – florals; spots


While we’re on the subject of Uniqlo, I just want to point out that they have some of the best shorts I’ve seen so far this season too. Look at the cut and composition – you would be paying twice this price with a lot of our favourite retailers. I’m going to be going into summer shopping capsules in more detail over the next few weeks but high fashion shorts are following trousers in terms of the paperbag waist worn with a tucked in top. I can’t say I’m sorry to see the back of ‘short shorts.’

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Paperbag waist shorts, also available in olive, navy or orange

If you prefer something more tailored, these are cotton sateen so they have a very slight sheen to them.

Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo

Cotton sateen shorts also available in navy, black, natural and peach

There are lots of other styles including linen and denim – I think Uniqlo has to be the best place to buy shorts this year, especially when you consider that you may only wear them a few times. Have a look at these dresses too – another 2018 trend that they’ve fulfilled cost-effectively.

I’m leaving you with one outfit shot that we took on Sunday evening – I was very dressed down because I’d been working all day. I was feeling guilty about not spending any time with the family so we popped out for a pizza in the village. As we walked home there was an incredible sunset and I could feel the promise of summer still just out of reach… but not too far away.


Lean blazer (gSS17); Baukjen white jersey top SS16; Athleisure trousers (gSS18); Trainers (sold out but latest colour here); Crossbody bag

And with that I must go and bury myself in strategy. With the wind behind me, I’ll be back on Friday – in the meantime have a fabulous week.

Disclosure: ‘Summer 2018 at Hush and Uniqlo’ is not a sponsored post

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