I’m short on time today, we have a pre-Easter rush on in the office and it’s all hands on deck. So I’m bringing you a spring smörgasbord – small new season treats that will begin the journey towards warmer weather (I’m convinced it’s just around the corner). I’m starting with gelato colours which, along with their bolder Crayola colour counterparts, are dominating the new collections. If you’re worried about looking like a fondant fancy, the best way to incorporate the gelato family is by using it as an accent. It can look stunning with navy or grey and even black if you can carry a strong contrast.

Where better to start than with affordable on-trend shoes? I haven’t had the chance to try these in real life but they have rave reviews online. They look a bit strange at first sight but the vogue for the high vamp continues this season, so bear that in mind. They come in other gelato colours too including ivory and lemon. The silver has sold out already but keep an eye open for restocks.

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

High cut ballerina pumps

This is a perfect breath of sunshine, great for throwing on with jeans at weekends and rather lovely for the forthcoming Easter weekend (you could always add a thermal underlayer if it’s as chilly as they’re forecasting).

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Love saves the day

I don’t know if you’ve been watching Keeping Faith on iPlayer – if not then do, it’s brilliant. For some reason they have only broadcast it on BBC Wales rather than national BBC and yet it’s one of the best things I’ve seen all winter.

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Anyway, it’s put me in the mood for a yellow mac and I’ve found a few. I’m starting with this one which is more of a lemon yellow and probably better for a skintone like mine

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Lemon yellow mac (low stock)

However if you have stronger colouring, this buttercup will be the better choice for you…

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Buttercup mac

… and of course I had to add the iconic original with its stripy lining. One of these for Easter would be far better for you than an egg. Just saying…

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Iconic mac

I managed to get myself into a glam habit of always painting my nails last year. Of course it has destroyed them so now I’m in the position of HAVING to always paint my nails. I wonder if manufacturers add something into the product deliberately in the same way that they incorporate obsolescence into household goods.

Anyway OPI has become my brand of choice purely because I’m lazy and I find it lasts longer than the others I’ve tried. The only thing I have against it is that one in ten polishes I’ve bought has been gloopy so I’ve had to throw it away. As you probably know they release a new collection each season and this year is inspired by Lisbon. This is my favourite colour for spring…

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

OPI nail polish

… or you can buy the whole collection of Lisbon miniatures which reduces the cost per pot to £2.50, making you feel better about any gloopy ones you throw away.

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Lisbon collection

Now this is something my friend wanted me to tell you about because she claims it has changed her life. Sloggi have a new range of underwear with no boning and apparently it is supremely comfortable. There is padding that you can remove – which she did and I probably wouldn’t. I have seen it (on my friend) and it did look great. I think I’d probably wear it at weekends rather than during the week although she swears that if I tried it I’d change my mind. It comes in neutral colours too although they seem to have sold out already – it must be good!

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Zero Feel Bralette (More stock here)

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Zero Feel Hipster BriefsMore stock here

Moving on from gelato colours, this isn’t new but it’s lovely for spring. I like the fact that they’ve written ‘ooh’ rather than ‘oh’ which always makes me grit my teeth. It’s a very dark navy and it is currently on a four week delay which means it will sell out soon. However if you want it straightaway you can buy it here.

Spring smörgasbord - gelato colours

Ooh la la breton; Plenty of stock here

For fellow lovers of everything dark denim, these are new in. Again I haven’t seen them in real life but I know the peg cut well and it is easy to wear. They are made from a soft chambray. The crease that runs from the waist to the cuff means that they will always look neat. They’re one of those dress up : dress down items that will be great as soon as boot weather is over and…

Indigo blue peg trousers

… there is a matching jacket so you can capitalise on the co-ords trend. Be warned, they’ve only been in for a couple of days and stock is already low.

Indigo blue jacket

Hush sent me one of their candles over a year ago but I had completely forgotten about it and I lit it for the first time last weekend after coming to the end of my winter fragrances. It is really good. In fact for a single wick it has a great ‘throw’ and it fills our large room with fragrance. I usually need three wicks to do that. It reminds me very much of Diptyque’s Baies but at a better price.

Rose and Cassis Candle(g)

Thinking ahead to bare arms and legs, it’s time to start exfoliating. I have always loved the Origins scrub. I preferred it when it was in the big glass jar but I guess it made it expensive to produce.

Smoothing ginger scrub

And then lastly I’m sure you know that it is International Happiness Day. I’m not a big reader of self-help books but this one is really interesting. As you know, I have been actively changing a few aspects of my day-to-day life this year. I think it’s largely an after-effect of the sudden loss of my friend – in some way I’m trying to make sense out of it by re-evaluating whatever is within my power to change.

Swapping out time that I was spending on social media and getting together with people in real life more often has made a huge difference to me. In fact did you know that having a friend living within one mile of you increases your probability of happiness by 25%?  Anyway, I have a lot to say on the matter but let’s wait until I’m further on with my experiment. In the meantime, this is a good book written by Paul Dolan, Professor of Behavioural Science at LSE. One of the reviews described it as “a simple model and framework when looking further into the complexity of what happiness really is.” It certainly helps you to reconfigure the balance of your life.

Happiness By Design

And with that my friends I must get back to the grindstone. I apologise for being behind with the comments but I’ve allotted some time to catch up and enjoy them tomorrow morning. In the meantime have a lovely week, keep warm… and I’ll be back on Friday.

Disclosure: ‘Spring smörgasbord – gelato colours’ is not a sponsored post

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