Hello dear friends, thank you so much for all your kind words with regard to my shoulder problem. I’m realising how lucky I’ve been to breeze through life with great health – I had no idea of just how painful and limiting something like this can be until now. So, as kindly suggested by Greetje, I am going to keep on posting but they will be short Winter chic pieces for a while. I’ve also kept my replies to your comments short but I’m having much longer conversations with each of you in my head so do stay in touch (I know I’m sounding a bit odd now)! I’m finding ways to look on the bright side so here are two:

1. Not being able to spend time online is meaning that I am digging through my all too extensive clothing collection and trying new ways of wearing things I already have.
2. Not being able to sleep means I can be up and out in the early sunshine to have a blog photo taken (not sure that Mr MC is seeing his curtailed sleep as a benefit but he’s keeping on smiling at the moment)!

I keep reading that asymmetric is a key trend for the Spring so I thought I’d wear my asymmetric skirt for work today. I haven’t worn a longer skirt for a while and I have to say I’m finding it refreshing – it feels more elegant and grown up than a mini so I’m quite glad that hemlines are coming down.

winter chic

Boden Ingrid coat, Boden Jackie heels (A/W 14). Of all the things I’ve bought this Winter, this coat is my favourite, I just haven’t tired of it. I though the bright blue might be a bit risky but it lifts my spirits every time I wear it and the colour means it will still look good for chilly mornings in May.

winter chic

winter chic

M&S Ribbed polo neck; Plumo asymmetric felt skirt (past season); White Company necklace (past season)

Nikki Garnett, midlifechic

Don’t forget that the Inés de la Fressange range at Uniqlo is now live. Even though it isn’t as strong as the Autumn range it will sell out fast. I have placed my order and will show you what I’ve bought next week. Till then keep in touch.