Brrrrrr! It’s the only thing to say at the moment. After last week’s storms we now have freezing fog and ice. It isn’t my favourite season sartorially, some people look great in lots of layers but I just feel lumpy. My theory is that it’s a season that suits a column shape best. Because I have relatively broad shoulders and hips I need to cinch my waist in which isn’t very flattering when you have about 6 layers underneath your belt! Anyway another short catch up today, my shoulder is increasingly painful, apparently it has rolled forward from the rotator cuff and is trapping the top of the bicep muscle so it’s all strapped up and I’m supposed to be typing as little as possible for the next 6 weeks, I’m also on restricted driving and gym activity. Not good!

Saturday was just the right sort of grey Winter’s day for a trip to the cinema (to see Into The Woods – nobody warned me it was a musical, not my favourite genre). Here’s a quick photo – it was dark inside and even darker outside.

winter weather chic

White Company swing dress (past season); M&S Cashmere coat (past season); Boden boots (past season); Boden snood A/W 14; Mulberry Bayswater bag

Shop the look

Winter Saturday

White Company dress/ Hobbs navy blue jumper / M&S coat / Mulberry Bayswater / Vintage Suede Boots  / Cosy Stitch Snood

The boys still had some Christmas money burning a hole in their pockets so it seemed a good idea for them to go off to spend it whilst Mr MC and I cosied up in a lovely artisan coffee shop that roasts its own beans every day.


On Sunday afternoon I caught up with some of the older ladies from the village for a coffee.


M&S cashmere coat (past season – similar above in ‘shop the look’); Boden ankle boots (past season); Next relaxed skinny jeans; Accessorise blanket scarf (past season)

Signs of Spring make me feel hopeful, I’m trying hard to find things I like about January…




Back at home I thought I’d style my scarf as seen in Burberry’s windows. The eldest was in a giddy mood getting ready for the post Christmas party at the restaurant where he has a weekend job. It was fancy dress in case you’re wondering!

winter weather chic

Boden favourite roll neck (past season); Boden cardigan (past season); Boden boho boots (past season)

Now thank you to Lesley who asked me on Facebook how I’m getting on with my hair which made me realise that I’ve slipped back into old habits and haven’t styled it as I should. So yesterday I experimented with wax and straighteners – only a slight difference but it feels a bit younger, I’ll keep working on it.


Boden Westbourne jumper (past season); Boden velvet crops (past season); Great Plains jersey roll neck (past season); White Company necklace (past season); Zara black suede ankle boots (past season).

The youngest is curled up on the sofa beside me watching a movie because he’s not very well and I’ve just had to spend 5 minutes explaining what the main character meant when he was talking about a VCR – I don’t think he’s ever seen one! Do bear with me whilst this shoulder problem heals, I’ve typed this with my left hand but it’s taken a long time. I’ll respond to all of your comments as fast as I can – have a great week and do keep in touch.