Hello and Happy Friday – we had a surprise parcel from Turkey this morning so I’m talking bags today. This will be the last delivery for the Midlifechic Boutique for a while because my factory have had all of their capacity taken over by one of the big Bond Street brands who have high demand for their Autumn collection. It means I can’t have any more made until August but I don’t mind because working for this iconic luxury label helps to keep their standards high as most of you have bought one of my bags have seen. So what’s arrived? More of the best-selling lines. We popped out of the office at lunchtime to take some spontaneous photos. As you can see it’s pretty windy here today – we’re still battling with the remains of Storm Hector.

The Pop of Colour

The Pop of Colour is back in the top selling shade – orange… and also a new colour – scarlet. This new bright red is in response to requests from people who are collecting them in every colour so quite a few have already been reserved and if you’re on the list, you will have heard from us today. However I ordered a few spares so be quick. It’s good that I was wearing something simple today because it shows how hard it works at lifting an otherwise ordinary look.


Pop of Colour in scarlet; Jeans; Baukjen shirt (AW17); Boden shoes (SS14)

The orange is the classic and I’ve had to wait a long time for them to make me some more because they don’t produce this shape for anyone else.

Midlifechic Boutique

Pop of colour in orange

The Cross-body

I’ve also introduced the scarlet colourway to the Cross-body bag. The original classic Parisian ‘cherry’ colour sold so fast that I thought I’d trial an additional red before next season so that I know where to place the bulk of my orders.

Midlifechic Boutique

The cross-body in scarlet

Don’t forget that you can remove the long strap and replace it with the wrist strap that is included inside to convert it quickly into a clutch which makes these bags perfect for summer holidays.

Midlifechic Boutique

The cross-body in scarlet

The navy has sold out again but the other colour that is really good for summer is the French tan. I’m using mine all the time at the moment because it works with just about everything.

Midlifechic Boutique

The Cross-body in French tan; Dress (sold out in navy, available in stripe); Sandals (more sizes here)

Midlifechic Boutique

The Cross-body used as a clutch; Dress; Sandals

The handsfree clutch

I had new deliveries of the handsfree clutch in summer shades a couple of weeks ago so I photographed them as we arrived at a business event. There’s a choice of soft dove grey or taupe, both lovely soft colours for a summer evening out. They include slots for your credit cards and a leather covered make-up mirror so all you need is phone, keys and lipstick inside.

Midlifechic Boutique

Dove grey hands free clutch; Jumpsuit; Finery sandals AW17

Midlifechic Boutique

Taupe hands free clutch

The future of the Boutique

I’m going to be giving some serious thought to the bag business over summer because up until now it has just been a test. If I carry it forward into the autumn, there will probably be a materials and shipping increase, it depends what I can negotiate with my supplier when I’m over in Turkey. So this is your last opportunity to buy the bags at these prices.

It makes sense to build the business slowly and get your feedback on both price and quality along the way. That’s why I’m so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to leave a review on the site, it’s the only way that I can establish a business like this when the marketplace is so dominated by superbrands. The bags are certainly a bargain for the quality, they are made by the same people who make bags that retail at ten times the price. They are using the same techniques and the same materials that they do for the designer brands. However I need to establish how many people are discerning enough to buy a beautiful bag that doesn’t have a designer label attached. I already knew about the mark-up that is charged by premium brands from a retail angle but the more that I work behind the scenes in production, the more clearly I see what a crazy, crazy world the branded luxury bag market is. I’m thinking out loud but I know some of you will give me feedback on this and it’s all helpful.

I have taken the next step and trademarked my own label. I have a few items of clothing designed and ready to go into production – I just don’t quite have the courage to make the investment. The t-shirts last week were a good test of your response. They’ve been ordered now and there was so much enthusiasm for them that I increased the quantity so if you missed out, there will be a few available in the shop soon. I’m so grateful for your support, especially to those of you whose names pop up time and time again – I do notice. Maybe one day, between us, we will build up to that range of perfect pieces – for now I’m taking it one step at a time.

Midlife lately

I should be back to normal posting again next week. I’m travelling up and down to London a lot at short notice at the moment so everything is a bit chaotic and I can’t quite plan my weeks. Storm Hector was quite something, leaving a trail of broken peonies in our garden which was really frustrating. Thanks to the persistent sunshine we’ve had it’s the first time in 14 years that the buds haven’t rotted on the stems before opening. Looking on the bright side, the house is looking lovely because every room is filled with bowls of flowers!

And with that I must go because I’m juggling again and I have a report that must be finished before I can log off for the weekend. Happy Friday everyone and thank you for all of the support you give to both the blog and the shop. I couldn’t do any of this without you.

Disclosure: New bags in the Midlifechic Boutique is not a sponsored post

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