Chatting through the points you’ve raised

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Chatting through the points you've raised in the reader survey I've spent some time over the last couple of weeks reading through the really helpful feedback you gave me as part of the reader survey. 3,000 of you answered so I'm still going but I'm noticing that certain questions are coming up quite regularly. So, given that it's been just too wet and windy to take any photos this week (will it ever stop?) I thought we'd spend some time [...]

What do you think? Handing British retail and Midlifechic over to you.

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Midlifechic Reader Survey 2018 I need your help today for two reasons. Firstly because I'm going to be down in London again next week working with various retailers and flying the flag for ageless style. As always, I will be armed with the thoughts and opinions that you share with me in the comments but I need some hard facts to go alongside them. I'm trying to build a statistical picture of Midlifechic readers; our habits, preferences and what we [...]

It’s your turn to tell me what you think about Midlifechic

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Hello everyone. This time last year some of you very kindly answered a few questions for me. Your answers have helped me to stay on track with Midlifechic because they gave me a really clear picture of who I'm talking to when I write. Since then our community of intelligent midlife women has more than doubled so I'm hoping even more people might share their thoughts with me in the Midlifechic reader survey 2016. Now that I'm settling into my [...]

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