Hello everyone. This time last year some of you very kindly answered a few questions for me. Your answers have helped me to stay on track with Midlifechic because they gave me a really clear picture of who I’m talking to when I write. Since then our community of intelligent midlife women has more than doubled so I’m hoping even more people might share their thoughts with me in the Midlifechic reader survey 2016.

Now that I’m settling into my new routine I’ll be doing marketing consultancy for three days a week and blogging for two so I need to be organised. There are two things that will help me to do this, the first is knowing a little bit more about you and the second is finding out what you like most (and least) about my blog. So, below is a quick 20 question survey, please could you take a few minutes to fill it in. It’s completely anonymous and I have no way of finding out who said what so be honest and let me know what you think.

I’ll be back on Friday with one of my ‘what I wore this week’ features – I haven’t done one for ages and I thought a post of real life dressing would make a change. Till then, in anticipation of you filling this in, thank you so much for taking the time to give me your input and for continuing to read Midlifechic.



Here’s my last post about new outfit ideas for Spring 2016 in case you missed it, I’ll be back soon and thanks again for your help.