It’s been a busy week so it’s a quick dose of real life today. I’ve remembered to get someone to take a quick shot each day so here’s a week of winter outfits for women over 40.

Winter outfits for women over 40

Library Sunday

We’re starting last Sunday with me in my happy zone – I had to go analogue for some research I was doing. It may be a nerdy thing to admit but I love it when Google doesn’t have all of the answers and I can escape to my all time favourite environment – a library! It’s so easy to lose yourself for a few hours in a rabbit warren of books that look interesting. On this occasion I’d left Mr MC in the coffee shop next door because I really did mean to be quick. But of course when he came to root me out, I’d digressed.

winter outfits for women over 40

Crew neck jumper; Geo hoop earrings

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Crew neck jumper; Geo hoop earrings

Office Monday

On Monday I knew I had to get a lot done and so I gave myself the word ‘sharp’ to work with. Baukjen had very kindly sent me their new side-stripe trousers and they were perfect for setting a sharp tone for the day. We’ve discussed side-stripe trousers before and we discovered that women who were teens in the seventies found them to be a bit too ‘sports retro’ but those of us who grew up in the eighties loved them. These are a light ponte, so a slightly heavier fabric than the jersey Neath trousers that I’ve had before from Baukjen which makes them a better weight for work.

The jumper that I’m wearing with them has side splits rather than a ribbed hem and so it doesn’t bunch around the midriff. I’m finding this to be an essential detail when I buy jumpers to wear over the waist of skirts and trousers (rather than tucked in) because it means that the hem skims over any extra girth that you’re carrying there. I went to a presentation last night and the young thirty-something chap referred to weight at the midriff as ‘keggage’ – I quite liked the barrel metaphor!

I’m wearing a collarless grandad shirt underneath, firstly so that I don’t have black next to my face which is something I find really drains me these days. Of course the other benefit of a grandad shirt is that it is less formal than a shirt with a full collar and it frames your neck rather than obscuring it.

winter outfits for women over 40

Jumper; IdLF at Uniqlo shirt (SS 16); Side-stripe trousers; Zara Boots (AW17, these are similar); Tricolor tote (only one left); Earrings

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Jumper; Collarless shirtSide-stripe trousers; Sock bootsTricolor tote

Working from home Tuesday

On Tuesday I had the luxury of a whole day at my desk. This is my office at the bottom of the garden, I think you’ve seen it before. It’s my favourite place to work from in the winter because it’s so cosy and it’s easy for the boys to pop in for a chat when they arrive home from school. I’ve now fully adopted the move to a longer, looser boyfriend blazer rather than a neat fitted one. Hello 1996, I remember you well! I really missed wearing blazers last year when we were in the transition period – a tailored blazer no longer felt right but neither did the new silhouette. I will be looking out for new grey and navy blazers for the spring because I know I’ll wear them constantly for work and with jeans at the weekend too.

winter outfits for women over 40

Boyfriend blazer (gSS17); Fine knit crew in rose dust (more sale stock here); Black Boyfriend Jeans (gSS17); Zara Boots (AW17, these are similar); Earrings now 50% off

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Boyfriend blazer (gSS17); Fine knit crew in rose dust (more sale stock here); Black Boyfriend Jeans (gSS17); Boots; Earrings now 50% off

Procrastination Wednesday

On Wednesday I had a large and not very exciting project to start and so as you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram, I ended up procrastinating. I thought it was warm enough to pop out for a coffee and an outfit shot without a coat. It wasn’t. We clearly weren’t the target for the prediction that it would be warmer than Athens. The skirt is new and I can’t believe it’s selling out already. It’s a great shape with its belted nipped-in waist and full skirt in the heavy indigo denim which is going to be a big trend this year.

Rainbows are a really strong graphic this season. My jumper is from last year’s Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo collection which I’ve just been told will be arriving soon – watch this space. There is a particularly lovely rainbow jumper coming into Hush any time now but it’s a bit more pastel than this one so I’ve found you an alternative below. It will probably work better than my jumper because it isn’t quite as chunky.

winter outfits for women over 40

Rainbow jumper – IdLF at Uniqlo (SS17); Denim skirt; M&S velvet sock boots (AW17); Finery earrings (AW17)

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Jumper; Skirt; Boots

Meetings Thursday

On Thursday I had meetings and it was an early start. I’m getting wear out of my summer dresses by adding lots of layers. Fluted hems are carrying on right through this year which is good because they draw the eye down and so you appear longer and slimmer.

winter outfits for women over 40

Captain coat; H&M dress (AW17); M&S over the knee boots (AW17); Bag – maybe coming soon to MidlifechicBoutique; Gold earrings

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Dress; Jacket; Boots; Earrings

End of the week Friday

And today is a sad day. We are going to our friend’s funeral this afternoon. It is being held in the village church which is one for the places I associate with her. When we were primary school mums, the vicar used to hold a ‘coffee and croissants morning’ straight after school drop off on a Friday. At the time I took it for granted but it was always a great end to the week – a chance to sit and really catch up with the other mums instead of a rushed ‘hello’ in the playground. So, it seems appropriate to say goodbye to her there.

She was known as the Queen of Christmas because she loved it so much – so there will be a strong Christmas theme and we have all been instructed to wear bright Christmas colours. I had planned this dress for a ‘desk to dinner’ day that I have next week but I’m going to wear it for the funeral too. Forgive the bedroom shot, it’s the only room that gets any light early in the morning.

red dress for women over 40

Wrap waist dress; M&S over the knee boots AW17

I have some other playground friends coming over tonight to raise a glass of wine (or two) in her name. In fact some of the bottles will be ones we bought from her which is nice. By the way I will answer your thoughtful comments from the previous post about her soon – I just wanted to get past the funeral first. So with that I must go. We will be retrieving the youngest tomorrow after his week in Lyon and I will be so very glad to see him. As will his older brother who claims to be exhausted by all of the talking he has had to do over dinner each night with no brothers to chip in! Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Disclosure: ‘winter outfits for women over 40’ is not a sponsored post

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