Hello, I hope you had a great weekend. I don’t know about you but I’m getting a bit tired of reading Christmas gift articles so I thought I’d do another post on one of my real life weekends and share some of my Christmas outfits of the day.

Christmas outfits of the day – Friday night

So, on Friday night we had to go to a business event: the mayor’s Christmas party. It was one of those occasions when I should really have worn a formal dress but I’ve done so much of that recently that I just wasn’t in the mood.

In a last minute rush to get ready, I decided to take a more masculine approach. I wore a tailored tux style jacket with my velour trousers and then added copper sequins and leopard heels to lift the black. It’s so difficult getting photos that are light enough now that Winter has come. The scarf looks silver here and the shoes seem black but there isn’t much I can do about it.

The jacket that I’m wearing is much better quality than the price tag suggests and with its minimalist structure, edge to edge styling and the absence of buttons, it has become one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe for nights out. I was on my feet for most of the evening, talking to people and, despite being high, these leopard shoes didn’t hurt my feet one bit which says a lot for them.

Christmas outfits of the day

Jacket; Silk blouse; Velour trousers; Leopard heels; Ponyskin clutch; Sequin scarf past season

Christmas outfits of the day- Saturday morning

I hadn’t been asleep for long when I woke at 1am with agonising toothache that had come from nowhere. It got worse and worse until at last, at 7am I put a call in to our dentist. She opened the surgery for me and I spent the first half of the day having emergency root canal work which really wasn’t how I had hoped to spend my Saturday morning!

I’m only telling you this because she had to give me 4 separate injections which means that in the photo below I look very stern – but only because my face was paralysed. I was completely incapable of smiling – I couldn’t even blink! I suppose it gives me an idea of how I’d look with Botox.

It was annoying because we’d been invited to the preview of a photography exhibition that we both really wanted to see (I wouldn’t otherwise be dressed quite so smartly for a trip to the dentist). By the time we got there, the champagne was all gone but I would probably have dribbled everywhere anyway…

Christmas outfits of the day

Cocoon Coat; Cashmere Jumper (20% off with code STAR20 ends midnight 5th December); Leather leggings; Ponyskin clutch; Boots Clarks past season

Christmas outfits of the day- Saturday night

By late afternoon, the anaesthetic finally wore off so I looked slightly more human which was a relief because we had arranged an evening out with my brothers and sister. We usually get together over Christmas but everyone apart from us seems to be going away this year.

We had a lovely time and my youngest brother proudly produced the first printed copy of the novel he has been writing. I have some catching up to do if I’m ever going to get further than the first two chapters of mine that are languishing in a file on my desktop (there’s nothing like sibling rivalry to spur you on).

It was a night for relaxed dressing and a chance to wear my new gold party shoes which turned out to be comfortable and easy to walk in thanks to their block heel. I found them completely by chance, I think they would have sold out if they weren’t hidden so deeply in the website.

I’m finding that I’m moving more towards cropped jeans or kickflares for evenings out, in line with this season’s trend (and, of course, they help to show off your sparkly shoes).

Christmas outfits of the day

Zara guipure lace top past season; cropped kick flare jeans; gold shoes; Ponyskin clutch;Biker jacket past season

Christmas outfits of the day – Sunday

So yesterday was a day of catching up madly with all of those things that have to be done. Here is the utter glamour of the supermarket car park, there just wasn’t enough time or light for a scenic backdrop!

Christmas outfits of the day

Two tone blanket shawl – this year’s colours here; grey poncho jumper – this year’s version here; burgundy jeans; burgundy Chelsea boots M&S past season; cashmere fingerless gloves; burgundy leather shopper Clarks past season.

Although it was a weekend that didn’t go quite as planned, it was mostly good and now, I need to ask you for a big favour.

The UK Blog Awards

A little while ago, somebody (rather close to me I suspect) entered Midlifechic for the UK Blog Awards. The entries have now been completed and they open to voting today. This is all very exciting and rather nerve-wracking. Whether or not I get through to the next stage depends on you, my readers, and whether or not you vote for me.

I know that being an older blogger, I probably don’t have much chance of winning anything. It is a hugely competitive field and I will be up against legions of much younger bloggers. However it would be fabulous to be shortlisted and go to the event because it is a couple of weeks before my very big birthday so I’d be able to tell myself I wasn’t doing too badly for an ‘old bird.’

The readers’ vote is now open and so I am asking (no begging) you to go on and vote for me. It will take you 10 seconds and I will be forever grateful. As I have said on the entry page, it is not just a vote for me, it is a vote for the over 40 woman – I want everyone out there to know that our age group has a voice to be heard.

The readers’ vote is open until Sunday 18th December so I will be reminding you in every post and I apologise now if it gets a bit tedious. I know it’s a really busy time of year and this is one more thing to do but it really will only take seconds and, in anticipation of your kindness, I thank you. Here’s the link.

Christmas outfits of the day

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