Happy Friday everyone. I think this will be the last of my gift posts so today, I’m focusing on the trickiest of topics: Chic Christmas Gifts For Men. I firmly believe that the men in our lives tend to be the hardest to buy for so I hope some of these ideas help. Actually I’m not being sexist and saying these things are specifically for men because there are quite a few I’d like too (just saying that before someone complains).

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

I’m starting off with my favourite kind of gift – one that can be shared by you both so that you make a memory. I’ve chosen a day at the Goodwood Revival weekend which is something that all of my old London crowd go to every year but somehow we can never make it. Anyway they always tell me what a brilliant time they have, it isn’t until September but it gives you something to look forward to all year (and plenty of time to plan your outfits). Tickets are here.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Goodwood Revival Weekend

Moving on to little gifts you can put under the tree, these Native Union tech accessories are things of beauty and they’re reasonably priced. There are lots of different ideas to choose from here.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Jump cable – 2 in 1 charger and battery solution

Weighted wireless charging dock for iPhone and Airpods

I was given a tiny 5 ml sample of this cult Creed aftershave at the John Lewis press day and Mr MC packed it for our holiday. It is the most intoxicating scent I have ever come across. It is very, very expensive but just so good that I had to invest in some for his birthday. He insists on keeping it for best so I trail around the house behind him like a Bisto kid whenever he wears it.


Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Creed Aventus

How about some Japanese selvedge denim? Fabulous to wear, it retains its stiffness and yet these are very affordable.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Selvedge slim fit denim

Lambswool is currently on offer in lots of colours – you could buy black selvedge denim and a black polo neck and you’d have your very own Milk Tray man!

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Lambswool polo neck

Desert boots are a great choice for men who don’t like trainers. These are part of the Originals range so they have an authentic feel to them.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Originals Desert Boots

Alternatively, avoid the branded trainer debate by choosing street style.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Low top suede trainers

Whereas Herschel is currently the bag of choice for teens, for men it is Sandqvist. What a beautiful piece of design this is. This particular style is sold out almost everywhere but I’ve tracked it down for you.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Sandqvist Roald

Mr MC is always ridiculously offended if someone buys him slippers, but assuming you have a more practical chap in your life, these veer more towards cool than ‘pipe and slippers’

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Slippers, various colours available.

This ice towel is a good idea and better than a sweat towel for the gym. Actually it made me think of all those who say they suffer from hot flushes too! A simple way of carrying a refreshing towel with you.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Ice Towel

Should you have a chap in your life who is a bit of a ‘know it all,’ this game looks like fun – unless of course they really do know it all and then it would just be infuriating.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

I should have known that

This little box plugs into your TV and would definitely bring joy to men of a certain age. It has 200 retro games including Pong and Space Base – but does it have the tennis game I wonder, you know, the Binatone one where you mindlessly patted a white cursor across your TV screen for hours. This is another of the gifts that I am tempted to get just to see the bemusement on the boys’ faces, especially as their dad would probably be so thrilled by it, plus it’s an absolute bargain.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Retrogames TV plug in

Back onto sophisticated presents again, these wireless earphones are state of the art. Apparently they are smaller, lighter and ‘more wireless’ than anything else.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Earin buds

Mr MC always tells me that the best present I ever bought him was a proper safety razor that has replaceable blades. It was great for me because it stopped him grumbling about the price of Mach 3s (or whatever number they’re on now). He has a lifetime supply of razor blades which makes him strangely happy. This is the one I bought, it wins all of the awards in the men’s magazines (don’t forget to buy the blades which are part of the add on package).

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Safety razor

I featured odd socks in my gifts for teenagers post. These are another version of the same idea, socks that look sensible until the shoes are removed.  You can even buy a subscription so that he receives new socks every month

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Quiet Rebellion – such a lovely name.

Sue, Nicola and a number of other readers have suggested personalised gifts that are map related so that you can pinpoint places that have individual meaning. There are lots of ideas here, I think this one is lovely. There are lots of other great gift ideas popping up un the comments so do have a read through them.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Four circles map

Incidentally, I always think cufflinks like these make great presents for 21st birthdays with the boy’s place of birth on one and place of study on the other.

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Personalised silver map cuflinks

And lastly, if in doubt, there’s always beer. You can either buy a one off pack of unusual craft beers here or again, subscribe to a monthly delivery.


Chic Christmas Gifts For Men

Beer club

Midlife Lately

We have a busy weekend ahead, with a real mix of things going on. I will aim to have photos so I can tell you all about it on Tuesday. Oh and I nearly forgot – I went back to my old hairdresser yesterday to have my hair cut shorter again. As I suspected, I couldn’t stand the growing out phase and when I looked at my inspiration board of the women I most admire, they all have chic short haircuts. Of course right now it’s a bit too short (no, don’t groan) – but you’ll be able to see for yourself next week. Have a fab weekend everyone.

Disclosure: Chic Christmas Gifts For Men is not a sponsored post

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