It’s been lovely to have had so many people asking when this relaxed Christmas Party Outfits post is coming. I thought I’d make it the first of the outfit posts that I’ll be doing before we move into the excitement of gift ideas. Don’t worry, they’ll be ready in plenty of time for Black Friday.

Before we start though, I want to recap on the trends for this Christmas. It can’t have escaped you that velvet has taken over from lace. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear last year’s lace top, it just means that if you’re buying something new, I’d steer away from lace – by next Christmas it’s going to look dated. Do bear in mind though that water (or rather prosecco) and velvet are not good friends. I have learned this by ruining several beautiful silk velvet items over the years. I have therefore tried to find washable velvet where I can.

The other major trend is for sequins and embellishment which includes embroidery and heavy jacquard fabrics. Sequins are very ‘party proof,’ heavier fabrics less so. All of these textiles do a great job of reflecting light onto your face which will help you to look radiant and glowing.

After my last post when I showed you the blue LuxFix dress, Sarah emailed to say that she was pleased to see something different to the little black dress but that she didn’t have any dressy events in her diary. She therefore wondered if I could create something similar but with jeans. So I’m starting my relaxed Christmas outfits with ideas in blue before I move onto other colours.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits – Blue

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits


This off the shoulder velvet top is my favourite. It’s such a beautiful shade of deep blue, it’s washable, it has long sleeves so it’s great for nipping between restaurants and bars and it’s reasonably priced.

Again this velvet top is a stunning shade of blue. The raw edges give it a relaxed feel. It’s quite short so it is great for anyone with long legs but less flattering if you have a tummy.

This sequin top should be a good one for disguising a tummy. There are mixed reviews about the fit so you may want to order a couple of sizes to try.

A classic top that is great for desk to dinner dressing, one that you’ll wear endlessly.

A navy lace top is less predictable than black so if you prefer a less glitzy, more feminine look, this is a great buy.

A relaxed knitted sequin top that really glitters, great for wearing with skinny jeans, reviews recommend sizing up.

This sequinned peplum top will be flattering to the waistline and it also comes in charcoal or black with a matching pencil skirt.

A metallic top with a subtle gleam for people who prefer a minimalist look, this currently has 20% off.

I really like this asymmetric sequinned top. The hemline elongates your shape by ensuring that you are not cut in two visually. Currently 20% off.


So, that’s the top half of the blue outfit dealt with, now let’s move on to the trousers. The wide legged shape is slowly gaining traction. If that’s the way you decide to go, remember to balance out your shape with a shorter, neat fitting top. Alternatively, if you’re still comfortable with skinnies, there are plenty of options. Personally I’m finding that I’m not really wearing my coated jeans for evenings now because I’ve moved into velvet which feels luxurious and slightly more grown up.


Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits


These blue velvet jeans have good reviews and are an easy place to start. Bear in mind that they’re a straight leg rather than a skinny though.

These are a smarter velvet trouser, cropped at the ankle. A great option if you’re going out straight after work or to a more formal event. They’re dry clean only though.

I saw these wide leg velvet trousers at the press show and they contain silk so they drape beautifully. They are long though so if you’re under 5ft 7 you’ll need to have them altered to avoid ruining the hems.

These sequinned leggings have multi coloured sequins rather than just navy so you would certainly sparkle.

Chic crepe dinner trousers with a satin stripe but in blue for a change. Also available in black or smoke, they have an elasticated waist.

It’s never been easy to find navy coated jeans but these coated leggings have great reviews and are really good value

Lastly these velvet jeans have a washed effect so are a little more relaxed than the other ones. These are midnight blue but they’re available in 12 other colours.


Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits – rainbow colours

So on the whole, I’m trying to avoid black. We all know it doesn’t do you any favours after 40 but somehow we still see it as a safety zone. I’m encouraging you to branch out and wear a colour that will flatter you. These are the best tops I’ve found.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits


An option for a more formal evening, this blouse would also work with black jeans. It has a removable tie at the neck and on trend fluted sleeves

In supremely trendy ochre, this satin blouse has a nod to gold but would still be good to wear after Christmas.

I know I said I was avoiding black but this jersey top is such good value and the fluted lace sleeves are so pretty that I had to include it.

A more accessible price than a lot of the other berry coloured sequin tops that are around.

A simple silver t-shirt that is easy to wear. It would work well in Summer too.

A wine coloured, double layer sequinned t-shirt that has 20% off at the moment

A cool marketing girl was wearing this red blouse when I went to a meeting in London and I couldn’t believe it when she told me where it was from.

This top is available in silver or gold. It has a lovely tie at the back and a sheer hem – great for wearing with jeans and heels. 20% off.

This pleated top is also available in silver or gold and looks significantly more expensive than it is.

A metallic silver t-shirt with lovely pleat detailing at the back

This purple stretch velvet top would be great for balancing out wide legged trousers or culottes

A flattering cut at the shoulders and a great neckline, this draped neck top is a perfect Christmas red.

Moving on to trousers and jeans, the very relaxed approach would be to wear a jazzy top with a pair of plain black jeans. If you’re looking for something a little more special though, these would be my choices.

Christmas party trousers - women over 40


Waxed jeans have a more subtle lustre than coated for an understated look.

You’ve already seen me raving about these velour jeans when I bought a pair last month. They go in and out of stock so keep your eyes peeled.

More sparkly sequinned trousers but in plain black this time

These are bronze denim leggings with shape enhancing features and a high waist

Classic, good quality coated black jeans here.

These black and gold leggings are part of the jacquard trend but are well priced enough for it not to matter if they’re out of fashion next year.

I’m thrilled to see that my favourite black work trousers have been released in a special, subtle glitter edition for Christmas. They’d be wonderful if you work in a corporate environment in December.

The best value real leather leggings I’ve come across. You’ll notice a big difference between these and faux leather versions. Now SOLD OUT – sorry!

Sometimes if you’re just popping out for a drink, all you need to do is add a great jacket and a pair of heels to an ordinary jeans outfit. Alternatively you can add one of these to the ideas I’ve already given you to make up a complete Christmas outfit.

Party jackets for women over 40


Starting with a simple, classic velvet blazer

This blue faux fur jacket is from a classic brand but would actually look great with jeans and heels, plus it has 30% off at the moment

A simple off white faux fur bomber at a bargain price

This bomber jacket is similar to the sequin top that I wore in the Summer and is another jacket that would last beyond Christmas into the warmer months

This yeti style jacket makes me smile, I’d love to wear it with blue jeans and either heels or flats

This green fur jacket is a similar yeti style in a great Winter colour

Chic Chanel style jacket with sequins too. This would be lovely with tailored black trousers

A blazer style in the jacquard trend of dark Winter florals

Rich Christmassy green again but in a velvet bomber style this time

If you prefer a double breasted style, this is the navy velvet jacket for you

This hooded white faux fur is very like the Alexa Chung from M&S jacket that the fashionistas are raving about but it’s less than half the price

Unbelievable value – this is the velvet jacket that I am thinking of buying to replace the ones I “Marie Kondoed” earlier in the year

Shoes don’t need any explanation from me – add a pair of standout shoes to any ordinary outfit and you are transformed from party pooper to ironic chick. The best thing about the trend for block heels and flats this season is that they don’t have to hurt your feet so you can wear them day and night.

Party shoes and bags for women over 40



One of the perils of blogging is that you end up ordering as you go along. Relaxed Christmas party outfits are very much my thing. We have a couple of formal parties and client lunches but other than that, I am planning for my Christmas to be extremely relaxed. We’ll mostly be catching up with family and friends either at home or for drinks and meals out.

So, today I’m trying things on and I thought I’d share them with you – I’ve even put some fairy lights up for a little extra sparkle.

Christmas Outfit Number 1

I first tried this outfit on when I spent the day with Hope at Nayna’s house in the summer and it has stayed in my mind ever since. I already had the foundation trousers and top but needed to order the silver lurex popover. It’s the sort of thing that I like to wear when someone suggests going out for pizza as everything is stretchy but it still looks glam.


Silver lurex top; Foundation top; Foundation trousers; Zara shoes (past season); Claudia Bradby necklace


Christmas Outfit Number 2

I would never have known about this top if I hadn’t tried it when I went for my colour analysis. I know there are endless versions of wrapover styles but I like this one because the collar is slightly raised at the back of the neck which is flattering and the wrap is high. I always think the line of tops like these are ruined when you have to wear a camisole underneath.

It has also been designed to wrap around your curves in a very flattering way. The one thing I’m not so sure about is whether this gold colour suits me or whether I should have opted for the stronger forest green instead.

I’ve already told you about these velour jeans. I love them and have been wearing them endlessly along with the snow leopard shoes which have been another of my ‘best buys’ this Autumn.


Sparkle crossover top; Velour jeans; Snow leopard shoes

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits

Christmas Outfit Number 3

Hush seem to have adjusted their sizes this season so whereas everything used to come up big, it doesn’t seem to any more. This is now the third wrap blouse I have bought because they are so versatile. I wear them both for work and going out. I’ve chosen this blush because I am starting to replace my pure white tops with softer shades.

Now these silk trousers are my usual size but they’re not as loose as I wanted them. They’re fabulous quality though so I will just need to go up a size. I like the fact that the cut is slim around the calf – it stops them from verging into shell suit territory.

The Boden velvet sandals have been in my party shoe collection for years – thank goodness I didn’t Marie Kondo them along with my velvet jackets!


Wrap blouse; silk trousers; Claudia Bradby oyster necklace; Claudia Bradby single pearl necklace

Nikki Garnett

Christmas Outfit Number 4

Now I am thinking that this might be my Christmas Day dress. The sequins on the arms add a touch of sparkle yet it is made from warm, non-itchy merino so it is sufficiently warm for our draughty old Georgian house. The A-line shape is forgiving and will allow me to drink Champagne and eat lots of Bendicks Bittermints. I’m trying it on with shoes here but I may well decide to wear it with ankle boots.


Sequin sleeve merino dress  (20% off and free delivery at The White Company until Monday 14th November if you use code AP058); Swarovski crystal necklace; Jigsaw ponyskin shoes past season


Christmas Outfit Number 5

I spotted this maxi dress at the press show in July and so when I saw the email saying that it was in stock, I ordered it straight from the hairdresser’s chair at George Northwood. I’m glad I did because it sold out within days although I suspect that a few returns will appear soon.

It’s causing a difference of opinion in our house. I like wearing it because it is so easy and yet it is very different from anything I’ve worn before. Probably because it is different, Mr MC and the boys keep asking me where my broomstick is. This means that I will have to tolerate a variation on that theme from my brothers, nephews and friends’ husbands right through Christmas.

Actually Mr MC rarely dislikes anything as much as he does this and I do trust his graphic designer’s eye so I’d be really interested to hear what you think in the comments (you can tell by my face that he’s taking my photo reluctantly – he isn’t making me laugh in these shots).


If you holding out for a return, what I would say is that the starry underdress is a very neat fit. If your bust is bigger than a C cup you would need to upsize.

Relaxed Christmas Party Outfits

Christmas maxi dress

So there you have it, a bumper relaxed Christmas party outfits post. Hopefully that has helped you to plan your wardrobe before you lose yourself in the frenzy of everything else.

One last thing – don’t miss out on the Marks and Spencer advent calendar. You need to spend £35 in order to be able to buy it for £35 (content value over £250). It was one of the most fun parts of my Christmas last year and it includes decent sized samples, many of which lasted me through my 2 week holiday in the Summer. There are a limited quantity available with online orders – details here. I bought this cosy felt wrap which is much nicer than a dressing gown to be eligible for mine.


I’m off to London again to spend the weekend with my friends from the Over40Collective which will be fun but I’ll be back on Tuesday with a post about dresses. Happy Friday everyone.

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