A not so chic caravan holiday outfit round up!

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Well I'm going to fail a bit in my attempt to bring you caravan chic because in all honesty it wasn't very chic. As we drove North on Friday we watched the temperature dropping by 1°C for just about every 10 miles that we travelled and when we finally got to the site it was spookily shrouded in a thick mist. It was late, it was cold, we were all tired and as anticipated there was no wi-fi. I have [...]

The Boden party to end all Boden parties

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I can imagine that in the South, Boden parties are ten a penny, a bit like Pampered Chef, but up here there only seems to be one a year - but boy is it a good one to go to. Last year my friend and I were unsuspecting, just putting the postcode into the satnav to see where it would take us and were quite alarmed when it took us down a mile-long sweeping drive bordered by trees until we [...]

Birthday chic round up

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Thank you for all your wishes yesterday, I was successful in my mission to celebrate all weekend and today I feel a bit more than one year older! When I left you on Friday, we were off to our primary school family fun night where we got together with a great group of friends for rounders and a barbecue. We're lucky because one of the playground dads is MD of a well known wine company and so donates fabulous wine [...]

Pre-birthday dinner chic – a new look for me!

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Well the weekend is here at last and it looks like it's shaping up to be rather a good one for me with a few little pre-birthday celebrations on the agenda. The actual day isn't until Monday and as there's nothing I can do about being another year older I intend to enjoy myself! Last night we met up with my brother, sister and their spouses in a burrito bar. Actually I think my brother had completely forgotten it's my [...]

A way to plan your wardrobe for women over 40

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It's exam week in our house so things are very quiet and serious. It somehow doesn't seem fair to be tripping about the house trying different outfits so I'm going to do a different type of post. As you know, up until now I've been focusing on reinventing my casual chic wardrobe and I feel it's finally starting to get somewhere. For a change last week I pulled out some of my older workwear to give it a whirl and [...]

Workwear chic- the week when jeans were banned!

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Whose idea was it to ban jeans for my working week - I'm glad it had a bank holiday in it. It showed me how lazy I've become recently relying on jeans for workwear chic as well as weekends. It's just so much easier now that I've sorted a casual midlife chic wardrobe, especially when you can dress it up with heels. It's also much simpler to wear jeans when the weather's grim, as I think it has been everywhere [...]

A weekend of wet bank holiday midlife chic – WIWT

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Midlife chic Friday When I left you, I was off to Manchester for another 100 mile midlife chic haircut. It wasn't quite as drastic this time (and the roots still need doing - I have to leave something for my faithful local hairdresser). I had a lovely day mooching around the shops although there wasn't really anything that I hadn't seen the week before in London. I did have an interesting time trying lots of things on though, learning more [...]

A week of casual midlife chic

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Well it's been back down to earth this week at midlife chic after my exciting time in London - no more Waldorf or Gant or first class travel, just work, washing, cooking and mopping the brows of the AS Level / SATS revisers in the house. Sunday was another big day in the village - we like our celebrations up here. This time it was the St George's Parade with brass band and marching cubs, scouts, brownies etc right through [...]

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