Sorry for the late post, for the last two weeks I’ve been out and about seeing clients which has involved lots of wining and dining. I’ve been getting home late in the evening, dealing with A-Level stresses, rolling into bed and then waking up early to go out and do it all again. I must face the scales tomorrow, everything is feeling very tight but I’m hopeless when faced with lovely food that has been cooked by someone else. Anyway here I am at last with an update of some of the other things I’ve managed to squeeze in.

Last Friday I had a lovely day of pampering which was just what I needed after a crazy week. One of my readers, Emma Clare, contacted me to tell me about the Make Up Clinic she runs and offered to come and turn me into a new woman. Well that’s not the sort of thing you say no to, especially after an exhausting week, although she had a serious challenge trying to cover the bags under my eyes! She arrived with suitcases full of make-up (much to Mr MC’s entertainment) and we spent two lovely hours chatting away about make-up and skincare and everything to do with being over 40.

Emma Clare

Now like many women, I hadn’t had a make-up lesson since being an aspiring bride, so Emma gave me some new tips:

  • do your eyes before your foundation so that you can wipe away the smudges without ruining your base layer
  • little temporary ‘infill’ false eyelashes are surprisingly easy to use at the corners of your eyes and make a big difference
  • primer is a revelation and my new must-have
  • Mac’s Ruby Woo really is a red lipstick that suits everyone


She also taught me how to apply bronzer and blusher properly. She left me with a make-up ‘prescription’ which, because she is utterly independent and doesn’t sell make-up herself, was a real gift. I can now go online and buy the products she used knowing that they are exactly the right shade for me without the pressures of a cosmetics counter.


Emma is a lovely, funny person. It’s a bit daunting inviting someone into your home to work on something as intimate as your face but I relaxed within seconds. She specialises in make-up for women over 40 who have maybe lost their confidence or are wanting a new look, but she does younger women too so you could always have a mother and daughter session with her. Another area of expertise is working with women with illnesses or who are going through chemo and other treatments. She is able to take into account skin sensitivities, hair loss and other issues and show you how to work with them. Because she is so lovely I am giving you her contact details – she will travel. But don’t worry, this is a completely independent assessment, not a post that is sponsored in any way. Here’s the end result of her work on me – it’s very daunting having a photo taken this close up and I look a bit as though I’m about to be shot but here goes:


So, the other really big event last weekend was my ‘Class of ’85’ 30 year school reunion. I was somehow roped into organising it at Christmas and the momentum has been gathering over the last few months. I went to the girls’ equivalent of the boys’ grammar school that my sons go to so they thought it was utterly weird to associate all these midlife mums with the source of their girlfriends! I had a brilliant time at school and genuinely loved it. I liked almost everyone but had a close group of about 6 friends and although we tend to stay in touch with Christmas cards, we’ve scattered far and wide so it was really exciting to be meeting up again.

My very best friend and I were total opposites – she livened me up and I quietened her down I suppose – but either way we seemed to get into lots of mischief. When she arrived at my house after lunch it seemed only natural to go straight up to my bedroom with a glass of wine and some 80s music to spend the afternoon chatting and getting ready. This confused my totally male household even more – they just couldn’t understand the whole girl thing. Anyway here we are, ready to go out, already feeling very jolly!

30 years ago at my friend’s house – look at that 80s bedlinen!



Midlife chic

Wearing Boden Ravello top; Marks and Spencer coated jeans; Zara necklace; Clarks Curtain Shade sandals (currently in the sale and so comfortable, I really recommend them for Summer evenings out)

It was such a fantastic evening. I’d been talking about it at work and lots of people had asked if it wouldn’t be boring spending a whole night with a load of 48 year old women but it was such a pleasure. There were 45 of us in total and we’d all grown up together from the ages of 11 to 18 so we had an unusual insight and fascination with each other’s end results. There was also a difference because at our 10 and 20 year reunions there was a note of competitiveness. This time that had gone and people were genuinely warm and concerned about each other. I think 40-something is when women start to really hit their prime if they can just retain their confidence. It was a 4 a.m. finish but not because we were out being wild. Four of us ended up curled up at the corners of a big kingsize bed sharing our journeys and analysing our past. Here’s another ‘now and then’ of the friends that I went inter-railing with 30 years ago this summer – it was the days of curly perms!


Nikki Garnett

And finally because I haven’t posted for ages here is a random collection of things I’ve been wearing:

Last Thursday night – the official start of my weekend. Mr MC had a glass of wine ready for me as I walked through the door.


Boden Audrey dress, Sixties Slingbacks

A new pair of trousers for a day at my desk in the office – I love these trousers, great value, great cut – no pockets to make your hips look bigger


Boden elegant shimmer jumper; Zara shoes; Marks and Spencer 7/8 trousers, this pattern has sold out but there is a selection of 7/8 trousers here

Looking a bit jaded after a very important presentation to a big supermarket group and a long journey home


Boden Martha dress, Boden sixties slingbacks

For a long meeting with my new web agency followed by a quick dash home to dig out a pair of wedges for an evening garden party – I’ve ruined too many pairs of heels over the years by sinking into the grass!


Boden Betty Ottoman dress

Whereas I bought all of my Winter dresses for work from Whistles this year, as you can see I seem to have bought all my Summer ones from Boden. I make no apologies for this, my life is very full at the moment and these dresses make it easier; their high necklines mean I don’t even have to worry about accessorising – it’s as easy as wearing a onesie to work!

So, this weekend I’m supposed to be going to Manchester for a night away to catch up with my neglected husband. However we’re actually thinking we might cancel because we’ve both been working too hard and we’re just tired. We’ll see and I’ll let you know next week. In the meantime, even though I’m not managing to post as often at the moment, do keep in touch lovely readers.

By the way, there are so many offers around that I don’t normally post them but this is one that I often miss and it really annoys me when I do. M&S currently have 20% off their school uniform here – be quick, it never lasts long