Hello, as promised the charity sale starts today raising funds for Blood Cancer UK. It’s been over two years since I’ve done one so there’s a lot of stuff! I often get a few grumbles when I do this so I’d just like to point out that nobody who writes about clothes can ever wear all of the clothes they’re gifted. They’re often the compensation you’re given in return for featuring a brand on your site and I only ever work with brands that I genuinely respect. However my life isn’t glamorous enough to dress up every day of the week so some things that I’ve chosen for edits end up not being worn. Those are the pieces that you see with tickets still attached. I can either sell them on privately through sites like Vinted and Ebay and pocket the cash or, do it this way and raise money for charity.

Other items that I’m selling have been lightly worn but still have years left in them and I’d rather you had the benefit of re-loving them than strangers – whatever is left at the end of this will be sent to the charity Smart Works. I’ve also reduced the last of the leather bags, summer baskets and t-shirts that I used to sell through the Midlifechic Boutique – sadly the cost of materials is now too high for me to make it work so I’m bringing it to a close but there are some bargains if you’re quick.

So, the sale is live now here and please read the usual bullet points:

Blogger sale – fundraising for Blood Cancer UK

  • Please remember that even if something is in your basket, it’s still available for other people to buy – it isn’t yours until you have completed checkout. If there’s something you really want it’s worth checking out quickly – any extra postage payments that we receive will go to the charity.
  • Clothes are clearly marked as either ‘lightly worn’ or ‘brand new with tickets’ (BNWT)
  • Clothes are sold as seen, I am not offering returns and have kept the prices low with this in mind.
  • Refunds will only be given if a product is found to be damaged or the description was wrong.
  • If more than 5 items are ordered, I may contact you to ask for extra postage. This will depend simply on the weight of the items, if they fall within the courier’s weight band, I will not charge extra.
  • The sale is open to all overseas readers, please bear in mind that if you order a number of items we may need to contact you to ask for extra postage.
  • The shop will close on Friday 19th April or as soon as all products have been sold.
  • The donation to Blood Cancer UK will be made at the end of the sale.
  • Products have been listed as accurately as possible – please remember I am a human, not a full scale retailer.
  • Orders will be dispatched w/c 15th April – please let me know if you need an item urgently

Thank you so much for supporting this sale, I hope you get great pleasure from whatever you buy while benefitting the charity at the same time.

There won’t be a blog post next week because as you know I’m away and struggling for signal. A few people have messaged to ask how they can see the Stories that I’m publishing – if you go to either Instagram or Facebook and look at the very top of your feed you should be able to see them (round circles on Instagram, rectangles on FB). And a huge thank you the everyone who’s keeping me company, I’m really enjoying the chats and little laughs you’re giving me along the way.

Ok, I’ll stop talking now and leave you to shop – charity sale now live here

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