As you can imagine I spend a lot of time looking at the websites of our favourite brands at Midlifechic and sometimes I find myself yearning for something new. Today I’m bringing you two new ones that are on my radar – Sézane and Kitri. Before I start I should say that I have no connection to either brand and I haven’t tried their clothes yet but I suspect that as usual, I will end up shopping my own post! Let me show you what I’ve found.


Sézane is a French brand that operates online only in order to keep its costs down. I’ve been watching it for a while but the new collection has just arrived and there are some amazing pieces. Their premise is that they are obsessed with finding the perfect cut for each piece which they then create in a magnificent fabric. I’m posting early this week because although their new collection only went live yesterday, a lot of it has already sold out and I want you to be in with a chance.

Let’s start with their denim collection. This is how they categorise it:

Sézane and Kitri

I really think they have come up with a cut for everyone. I particularly like the dark blue Mom jean for a looser cut.

Sézane and Kitri

Mom jean

…and the perfect 7/8 in every colour – just look at how flattering it is. I know we don’t all have 20 something Parisian bodies like this model but even so, you can see the attention to form that has been factored into the design.

Sézane and Kitri

The perfect 7/8 jean

The whole denim collection is worth poring over but be warned, as we’ve seen it sells out really fast and then you have to hope for a restock. They obviously have some teething problems in their supply chain.

I’m now going to move on to shoes and I have a feeling that you will never forgive me for showing you this collection. I am furious with myself for dithering when the new styles came in yesterday because everything that I had in my basket has now sold out in my size. I hope you will be luckier. These are the Scarlett sandals I wanted – see how walkable that heel is. They really spark joy.

Sézane and Kitri

Scarlett sandals

To justify the postage (returns are free so there is some logic there) I also wanted to order these Valentina pumps and, you’ve guessed it, they’re now sold out in my size too.

Sézane and Kitri

Valentina pumps

These Palermo Babies were the alternatives but…they’re sold out in my size – I must have very French feet!

Sézane and Kitri

Palermo Babies

They talk a lot about elegance on the site and it’s something I think they do really well. I struggle to find loafers because a lot of them feel ugly but these are Mayfair loafers are beautiful. I love the beaten silver leather. Of course they’ve sold out in my size..!

Sézane and Kitri

Mayfair loafers

For everyone who missed the IdLF rainbow jumper, Sézane have a Sunrise t-shirt

Sézane and Kitri

Sunrise t-shirt

There are lots of lovely blouses – look at the button detail on the cuff, Sézane is all about the chic detailing

Sézane and Kitri

Evida blouse

Pretty tops for Summer holidays or for wearing under a blazer

Sézane and Kitri

Bilbao top

A lot of the dresses are very short but this one would be easy to throw on in the summer. It has lace detailing at the back.

Sézane and Kitri

Ilio dress

I am stunned by how quickly the range has sold out – it’s another Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo situation. I’m going to do some digging so that I will know as soon as the collection arrives next time and I will post straightaway. Delivery isn’t cheap – 12 Euros to the UK but as I mentioned, returns are free. All delivery details are here. I can’t believe I missed out on those sandals… they were there in my basket..!


Anyway moving on, a new brand to the UK is Kitri and some of you were quick to let me know when it launched a few weeks ago. It has been launched by former ballerina Haeni Kim and aims to offer distinctive, well made designs that won’t break the bank. It reminds me a lot of Finery.

They seem to be targeting it at women who are younger than us but I expect they will find that we are actually their customer – if we have the patience to persevere with the business model. The collection is small and 5 – 7 new styles are launched every Monday. I’ve pulled out a couple of pieces to show you what I mean.

I would happily wear this tuxedo jumpsuit for meetings but it is also a great solution for formal events – and graduation ceremonies for those who are asking. In my opinion it is a style that would look much better on an older woman.

Sézane and Kitri

Tux jumpsuit

Here’s another great jumpsuit, again an older woman would be sassy enough to pull it off.

Sézane and Kitri

Pinstripe jumpsuit

The cut on this sleeveless jumpsuit is stunning – the shape is so flattering to the shoulders and waist.

Sézane and Kitri

Sleeveless jumpsuit

Off the shoulder statement shirts that are not too revealing

Sézane and Kitri

Cervantes shirt

Shipping and returns are free within the UK and there is a reasonable charge for international delivery – all details are here.

So, I have to say that both brands have left me feeling visually refreshed. I love the clean, simple lines and the attention to cut and detail. I like the fact that the collections are small but I do feel frustrated that Sézane sold out of so many things in a few hours. It is not their first season so they should have been able to plan for more stock than they did. I’ll be really interested to hear what you think.

The boys break up for the Easter holidays today and I have a feeling that my posting schedule might be a bit erratic. As you know, the middle son is a reluctant student. His GCSEs are fast approaching and I know from experience that he learns best when I sit down with him and work interactively.

Is there a parallel with Dante facing the nine circles of hell on Good Friday? Looking at the maths papers and science papers I think there probably is.

When he looks at me with a pained expression and asks me how many times in my career I have used things like differentiation and integration I can only answer honestly: “never.” Even when I was managing a £7million budget at M&S I very rarely needed anything beyond addition, subtraction and percentages.

The old maths GCSE paper was bad enough. When we saw the mock for the new one that launches this year, even his maths tutor winced. I don’t understand why they are forced to study three sciences either. However I will be gritting my teeth and drawing upon every motivational tool I have ever learned. Midlifechic will be a blessed relief and I look forward to dropping in when I come up for air!

In the meantime may the force be with us – and I hope you have a great weekend.

Disclosure: ‘Sézane and Kitri – 2 young brands you should know’ is not a sponsored post

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