So, we’ve looked at Boden and Hush, so today I thought I’d share a Marks and Spencer order with you. I can only apologise for the photos – my photographer arrived home late from school after a week that has been filled with rugby trials and endless homework. He was tired and most definitely not in the mood to play David Bailey but he gamely did his best. So here is a rather dark try on of my M&S delivery which I ordered during last weekend’s flash 20% sale. I did it on Saturday night after a couple of glasses of wine and so the contents were a bit of a surprise, starting with these green jeans. Now I can work out what I was thinking – forest green is very on trend this season but according to my spring colour palette I shouldn’t wear it next to my face so I obviously thought I should try it on my legs and ordered these Autograph jeans.

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

Autograph dual FX slim leg jeans; Ines de la Fressange at Uniqlo sweatshirt; Boden scallop points

The first thing I would say is that they are skinny rather than slim leg jeans but they are certainly a good, supportive, high waisted fit. I was a bit unsure when I tried them but surprisingly, after a few bouts of singing Robin Hood songs, the boys said they really liked them.

So I tried them with a different top to see if I could wear them for dressed down days in the office. I was laughing because the small son was grumbling about not seeing what difference a top makes – so young – so much to learn…

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

Mango blouse; Autograph jeans (and my messy blogging station in the background)

You’ll notice that I’d obviously had another glass of wine before checking out my basket because I’d also added some green ankle boots. I actually quite like them, they are very comfortable and easy to walk in despite their height – I don’t think I’d wear them with the green jeans though. Maybe I would (sorry I’m pondering – I’m sure you’ll tell me what you think). They also come in navy and dark burgundy and they would be great for jazzing up dull winter outfits.

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

M&S Autograph Stain Away Ankle Boots with Insolia

Next I quickly put on this jacket which for some reason M&S are simply calling ‘1 button blazer with wool’ when in fact it is a tuxedo jacket with satin lapels – as soon as people realise, it will sell out. Long term readers will remember my fruitless hunt for a good tuxedo jacket last winter and I hoped this would be the answer. It’s fabulous quality and a great price. When I worked at M&S head office 10 years ago, the tailoring was all produced by a very well known French designer brand, I’m not sure whether it still is but the finish would suggest that it is. The only problem is that you need a bigger bosom than mine to stop it gaping, so, if you’re well endowed, this is a great buy for wearing with jeans in the winter and dressing up in an insouciant way with cigarette trousers for parties. I would even wear it to the office. It’s the sort of classic chic piece that you would have for years but as you can see, it gapes on me. .

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

Autograph 1 button blazer with wool

I didn’t dare to change my base outfit because creative patience was running thin so this is the next addition. I’ve been looking for a pair of burgundy suede shoes since I missed out on the Jigsaw Millys in the sale. Now these are most definitely not the same quality as Jigsaw shoes whose suede has a beautiful nap. These don’t have much texture but they are stain resistant and a third of the price, plus they have Insolia so they’re comfortable.

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

Pointed court shoes with Insolia

And now on to the last piece. As we’ve already discussed, long cardigans are another key trend this year. For me they’re invaluable for work because I drive from door to door so often don’t need a coat and for home because Mr MC and I will have our usual winter tussle over the thermostat. The light was really fading by this point – it’s navy not black and I’m wearing it with the green jeans and the burgundy shoes. I wouldn’t normally have put these colours together and I wish you could see them better because it actually all worked well.

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

Pure wool open front longline cardigan

I may try to take some more photos tomorrow and add them to the post although it’s forecast to rain all day so I might not get any better light. The second round of the Ines de la Fressange collection at Uniqlo launched yesterday at 9am and the furore meant that the site crashed and remained down all day. I did manage to order the tuxedo jacket though by trying repeatedly and it means there are still some pieces left because people must have given up on it. I’ll do a full review of the pieces I’ve bought next week. Suffice to say I’m really pleased with the delivery I’ve received so far which actually isn’t a good thing. You see I usually work on the premise that I won’t like most of the things I order but it isn’t working out that way so far this season. I will have to review my budget and decide what needs to be returned.

So now I must dash, it’s been another busy week with a trip to Birmingham to look at more trends for winter 2016 and on Sunday I’m off back down to London which is another business trip but it will be tempered with pleasure as I’m going to catch up with an old friend who contacted me in great excitement after finding me on Midlifechic – serendipity. This means I need to go and pay the boys some attention while I can which will probably involve me watching their latest conquests on the Playstation. Friday nights aren’t always what they used to be! Keep in touch.

(Disclaimer – this is not a sponsored post and none of the items were gifted to me by M&S. I chose and paid for them all personally).