Hello dear friends – what a week it’s been, but this is effectively the start of the weekend for me. Here’s my update, starting with last Saturday when I had to do all the boring things like taking the car for a service that I would previously have tucked into the week. Happily before I set off, a mystery parcel arrived from the lovely Rachel at RachelWears. I had no idea what was inside but it turned out to be this cashmere and merino poncho from the new Spring range which turned out to be the perfect thing for a sunny but chilly March weekend.


RachelWears Cashmere and Merino Poncho; Boden Audrey jumper; Next Relaxed skinny jeans; Boden Boho boots; John Lewis Morgan bag

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember that I met up with Rachel back in September. I was really impressed by her business strategy – she’s one of us – a 40 plus mum who has gone back into the workplace with a change of career and has now built a business based around ethical British-made fashion. It is exactly the sort of business that we should try to support if we can so please do go and have a look around her website, her clothes have a relaxed, distinctive style and are easy to wear. Here are some more pics of the poncho on the way home.



Nikki Garnett

On Sunday I thought I was going to have a lovely, relaxing day. Mr MC was out with the smallest at a karate competition, the middle son had set off for a day with his friends so I had planned to curl up with a book whilst the eldest did his coursework. That was until I sat down to write a list of the things that needed to be done if I wanted to wake up on Monday morning with everything under control. I wrote my list at 7.30am and finally ticked the last one off at 8.05pm! I know from my survey that 82% of you are working women and you all have my utmost admiration. Make way for an understatement – it is really tough juggling everything.

I decided that there was no way I was going to cook on top of everything else so I told the eldest he could choose somewhere for a lunch date and we ended up going for a Sunday curry and a catch up.


Boden cashmere jumper, Ines de la Fressange @ Uniqlo long shirt, Uniqlo ultrastretch jeans, Boden boots, John Lewis Morgan tote

We had a sunny walk through the village but it was getting chilly on the way home so I pulled my trusty poncho out of my bag again

RachelWears poncho


On Monday I arrived at work to find that my marketing assistant and my web agency had resigned! They both assured me it wasn’t personal, that they could see the business was gearing up for rapid growth and that it would require more commitment than they could give. But there’s another headache as I’ll need to replace them fast. Here’s an end of the day picture.

work outfits for women over 40

Hobbs camel coat; Boden Vivian dress; Boden Jackie heels


Tuesday was one heck of a day. Mr MC had his court case for his totting up points that I told you about back in my week of woes post back in September (4 times of being radared driving between 6 or 8 mph over the speed limit). It was really hard having to go to work and concentrate whilst I knew he was in the dock. Fortunately the magistrates took the fact that he has a business to run and clients to visit into account and decided not to ban him for which we are eternally grateful. It would have been a disaster for us. This week we have also been dealing with the legal case with the builder that I mentioned in the same post which has been incredibly stressful. After 9 hours of mediation last Friday we still hadn’t settled and it has gone backwards and forwards all week. On top of that the youngest was poorly – again – and had to cope on his own for a bit. I’m definitely being tested at the moment – needless to say I forgot to take an OOTD photo -sorry.

On Wednesday I had a call at work to say that an old friend in London was critically ill in Intensive Care and as I was the only person anyone knew who was in touch with his parents would I phone them and break the news. I don’t think I need to say anything more about that – you can imagine how it was. The youngest managed to get a smile out of me when I got home though.

work outfits for women over 40

Whistles blazer; Whistles top; Jigsaw Paris fit trousers; Jigsaw Milly shoes; Jigsaw pompom scarf

work outfits for women over 40

On Thursday I’m afraid I forgot to take a photo again – sorry. However the good things are that we’ve finally come to an agreement with the builder which has avoided the potential £54k court case that was looming in May. It’s been a painful, expensive and stressful nightmare. I don’t think anyone is very happy with outcome but at least it’s over. Oh and I love my new job. It’s just managing it along with all the other things that crop up in the life of an average 40-something woman that is hard but I’m sure I’ll get better at it…one day. Keep in touch, I’ve missed you.