I’m back, another week over in this busy new world of mine. It’s all workwear this week – I spent last weekend celebrating one of my favourite friend’s 40th birthdays. Love her though I do, her idea of fun was to spend the weekend in the wind and the rain watching rugby matches (she plays hooker for Cumbria) so, given the weather, the photos were a bit of a no no!

Outfit of the day: Monday

Here we go, work outfits for women over 40. Monday was a tough day. You may remember me saying last week that an old friend had been taken into intensive care. On Sunday night his mum called me to say that he had died that afternoon. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep that night and it was really hard having to go to work on Monday. In fact I had to apologise to my new colleagues because I discovered later in the week that I just couldn’t remember a thing that we had discussed in the early morning meetings. I seem to have been reeling from the shock all week.

He was one of the very first friends I made when I was 22 and had just graduated and moved down to London so he’s been in my life for a long time. I’m very touched that his mum has asked me to travel in the car with them to the funeral which isn’t for a couple of weeks yet. I know she reads Midlifechic so you’ll understand if I don’t say much more about it other than explaining that I’m feeling very sad. However it has been lovely coming home to the cocoon of my little family every night. They’ve been working so hard to keep me cheerful, putting little notes in my lunch boxes and making a fuss of me when I get home. Here’s an outfit:


Boden Ingrid coat; Warehouse jumper; Ines de la Fressange @ Uniqlo navy shirt; Jigsaw London tailoring trousers; Whistles navy shoes; Schoolgatestyle torque necklace (come on Avril, get that shop open again)!

Outfit of the day: Tuesday

Tuesday was a terrible day weather wise with a howling gale and snow on the hills. Even though we have plentiful heating in the offices powered by our own wind turbine (which was spinning so fast we thought it might blow away) it was still cold. I wrapped up well in woolly tights and my long cardigan from RachelWears.


Whistles Sophia dress; Boden coat; Accessorise necklace; Autograph tights; Whistles Cornell Point Pump

Without the coat

Nikki Garnett

RachelWears Cardigan – I’m so glad Rachel has decided to keep this in her core range, it’s like wearing a hug which is just as well because because Mr MC texted me at lunchtime to say that he’d had a bump in the car – it’s a write-off but he’s fine.

Outfit of the day: Wednesday

As you know, my new company manufactures its own ranges but we also make products on behalf of other businesses and this week we had one of my absolute favourite luxury brands coming in to inspect the factory and see if we could produce for them. I spent the day preparing the presentation for the board whilst the factory was busy doing testing and analysis on their existing products. Amidst all that my senior designer handed in her notice so, in May, my team of five will be down to two. Again she promised it wasn’t me, she’s just qualified as a Bowen therapist and is setting up a clinic of her own. It felt like a simple black and navy day:


Autograph coat; navy Boden cashmere jumper; Black Jigsaw Paris fit trousers; Navy Whistles shoes; Boden necklace

work outfits for women over 40

One of the strange things that is happening is that I’m losing weight. It must be a combination of the new job and everything else that is going on!

Outfit of the day: Thursday

So again I was very pleased to reach the end of another exhausting week. Just as I’ve jumped back into full-on career mode my life has started to spiral out of control. I really hope it all settles down soon.

work outfits for women over 40

Zara jacket; Ines de la Fressange @ Uniqlo merino and cashmere jumper; Jigsaw London fit trousers; John Lewis shoes (similar); Zara necklace; + rugby player son

I’m afraid this isn’t the most cheery of style bubble blogs at the moment but I’m sure it will be again soon. In fact later this weekend I’m hoping to bring you a piece on colours for Spring/ Summer 15 as I’m sure that the weather is going to turn any day now. I’m planning to do some new season comfort shopping and tell you all about it. I will also be catching up with your comments and emails which always make me smile. Oh and I still love my new job, so I’m thinking about how there can’t be rainbows without cloudy days. Keep in touch.