A midlifechic brush with stardom

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Well there's lots to tell you about this week and the eagle-eyed Instagrammers amongst you will know why: yesterday I was working with the BBC Breakfast show - not as Midlifechic but in a professional capacity. They've been travelling around the UK talking to businesses that have had an interesting journey out of the recession, so yesterday they came to Cumbria to talk to us and I thought you might like to know a bit about how it all goes behind the [...]

Easter Week Chic

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Another week over already, it’s been tough going to work and leaving everyone at home snoozing and I’ve missed the usual fun I’d be having with the boys but it's been an uneventful week and given the way things have been going recently, I'm utterly grateful for that. Thank you for all of your lovely comments and emails last week, the funeral isn't for another fortnight so I've been trying not to think about it. Before I go on to [...]

What I wore this week – work outfits for women over 40

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I'm back, another week over in this busy new world of mine. It's all workwear this week - I spent last weekend celebrating one of my favourite friend's 40th birthdays. Love her though I do, her idea of fun was to spend the weekend in the wind and the rain watching rugby matches (she plays hooker for Cumbria) so, given the weather, the photos were a bit of a no no! Outfit of the day: Monday Here we go, work [...]

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