Let loose in London

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Happy Monday everybody. I'm comfortably back in the North after my hectic time last week. So, picking up where we left off, I arrived in London with just enough time to get to the hotel and change. I knew it was pretty close to Covent Garden tube but when I got above ground Google maps wouldn't work on my phone so there was nothing else for it but to take a cab...or...a rickshaw - made me smile! So which outfit [...]

Lecturing in London – what to wear?!

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Hello All, First of all can I say thank you for all the comments / tweets / emails I've received over the last couple of days, it's been amazing and I'm really grateful. I will get back to you just as soon as the next 2 days are over. I'm writing from a lovely 1st class Virgin Pendolino on my way down to London. I have a contract with a few universities in the North to deliver lectures to businesses [...]

Easter Wrap Up – a weekend in Newcastle

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Well here we are, back in the land of broadband - my mother-in-law doesn't see the point in the internet, not even dial-up, so we all literally switch off when we go to Newcastle. So, starting from where I left you last Wednesday night, you'll remember that we had to delay our trip because Mr MC still hadn't hit the deadline for the ad campaign he was working on. This meant that Thursday saw us at the cinema again trying [...]

Easter Part 2 – What I Wore This Week

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Well my last post seemed to go down well so here's part two of what I've been wearing during the Easter holidays. Just as well because my chances of going anywhere near any clothes shops during these two weeks are zero. Spring has finally arrived in the Lakes over the last few days and of course, with the daffodils out, we're all feeling very lucky and 'Wordsworthian.' Mr MC has been working like a dervish to hit lots of deadlines [...]

Easter outfits of the day round up

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No I haven't been dressing up as the Easter bunny but as you know, I have been without a phone for a few days after I inadvertently dropped it down the loo at the cinema. Amazingly, after being left to dry for a few days, it came back to life - pretty amazing! So here's a round up of the last few days and what I've been wearing. Tuesday: the sun appeared briefly and friends came for lunch so I [...]

Boden’s £15 voucher – what to buy!

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Today's post was going to be about this weekend's Boden delivery but infuriatingly I dropped my iPhone down the loo at the cinema this morning during a trip out with the boys and it had all the photos on it. Having recovered from the grim experience of having to put my hand down a toilet that looked as though it hadn't been cleaned for weeks, I'm now watching it dry in a bag of silica gel and just keeping my [...]

The new trouser shape 2014

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After the dominance of the skinny silhouette, there's a new trouser shape to try. I know it's been around at the Net A Porter level for a while, but when you start seeing it being merchandised on A-sites at places like Top Shop and Zara, you know it's time to try it out. The trouser intro at ASOS reads "this season's trousers are loosening up. Baggy is better as trouser legs get wider and slouchier." Variously called the peg, the [...]

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