Hello All, First of all can I say thank you for all the comments / tweets / emails I’ve received over the last couple of days, it’s been amazing and I’m really grateful. I will get back to you just as soon as the next 2 days are over. I’m writing from a lovely 1st class Virgin Pendolino on my way down to London. I have a contract with a few universities in the North to deliver lectures to businesses on marketing strategy. I’ve been doing it for quite a long time but had to take a break when my mum’s cancer worsened so I’m really thrilled that they’ve renewed my contract.

Tonight’s lecture will be the first one I’ve given for ages – it’s 3 hours and so it’s all a bit nerve-wracking. It’s also the first time they’ve run sessions in London so the pressure’s on! Of course you can imagine that I’ve not only been thinking hard about what to say but also about what to wear. I had settled on the ‘sports luxe’ outfit I wore on Sunday, but last night, when I was packing, Mr MC totally threw me by saying he thought it was the wrong look. Now, Mr MC hardly ever comments on what I wear other than to say I look nice when pressed, and given that he’s pretty representative of the kind of people I’ll be lecturing to, it resulted in a complete trying on of everything I own. Boy did he regret his comment!

Anyway here I am on the train and I still have 3 outfits to choose from: a classic chic, tailored black dress and jacket from Hobbs; blazer and cropped trousers or the sports luxe! So I am now rehearsing my slides whilst trying not to think about the clothes. When I arrive in London I’m going straight to the hotel to change. It’s quite exciting because I gambled my expenses budget on one of Expedia’s secret hotel deals and ended up with The Waldorf so I feel very much as if I’m taking a daytrip back into my old corporate life.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a full debrief. In the meantime, a couple of not very exciting outfits: yesterday (the studious look) for preparing my slides all day:

Lecture note chic

  • Sweatshirt: Gap
  • Denim shirt: Gap
  • Relaxed skinny jeans: Next
  • Nude & Metallic pumps: Zara
  • Specs: Gucci

And today for the train journey:

What to wear for travelling

  • Sports luxe trousers: Next
  • Long sleeved t-shirt: Next
  • Necklace: Accessorize
  • Blazer: Whistles
  • Nude & Metallic pumps: Zara

No links sorry – the wi-fi on the train is painfully bad but you’ve seen most things before apart from the Gap sweatshirt which is in the sale now and the Zara pumps which are also in store now and are my new love. Now I know I risk sounding like a grannie but I must say this is the most comfortable thing I have ever traveled in and the shoes are better than slippers! So now I’m off to do a Mr Benn and turn into a serious London lecturer who doesn’t think about trivial things like clothes. Back tomorrrow!