Hello, Happy Tuesday, I hope your week’s going well so far. I’m finding the gift edits harder than ever to put together this year because we all want every pound we spend to count. However, I’m continuing with my ‘everything must be either beautiful or useful’ mantra and here are a few ideas for thoughtful Christmas gifts for men that go beyond the usual socks and dad joke related stuff. And as I go along, you’ll probably be able to tell that I’ve been starting my Christmas shopping at the same time…

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

The last few times we’ve been out I’ve been surprised by how quiet pubs and restaurants are. Because we’ve had a run of weekends at home for the first time this year we’ve been catching up with friends and we’ve all been surprised to find how many places are closing their kitchens at 8pm and calling last orders at 10.30pm. And those who are out seem to go home early too – we’ve often found we’re the last to leave, even in places where you usually have to wait a few weeks for a reservation. It does make you feel concerned for the leisure industry.

We were chatting to one of the owners of a lovely country pub on Saturday night and he was saying that people are quite simply making the choice to stay in, as a result they’re operating on shorter opening hours to save costs. So, with that in mind, I’m thinking about making a Saturday night at home more of a pleasure with this suite of beer glasses that work to bring out the best of different types of beer.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Crystal beer glass collection

Ever since an article in the Times Style magazine nominated these to be the best cut of jeans for midlife men earlier this year (the theme was avoiding ‘dad denim’), they’ve been impossible to track down. However. they’re back in stock, we haven’t tried them because we haven’t been able to get hold of them so I’m going with the Dylan Jones recommendation.

best jeans for midlife men

Tapered dark denim jeans

If you prefer non-tapered he suggested these – and the great thing is that they come with free repairs for as long as they can be patched back together.

best jeans for midlife men

Slim straight dark denim jeans

There’s going to be a lot of football in the run up to Christmas and it’s going to be a case of either embracing it or devising a strong avoidance strategy. Here’s a thoughtful Christmas gift for anyone who has a passion for a particular team, a personalised football team history book.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Personalised football team history book

Ah LEGO, they’re just on fire these days aren’t they? This is the sort of thing that our middle boy would love if he didn’t have more pressing requests such as Tesco vouchers for Christmas(!) I have to say I really admire anybody who has the patience to put this sort of thing together, it requires a special set of skills. There are just so many ‘grown up’ options these days, I’ve pulled out Darth Vader because he looks so cool…

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Darth Vader lego set

… and a London skyline from the architectural series but there’s all sorts to choose from. You can find more teen and adult LEGO options here.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Lego Architecture London skyline

This is definitely more on the useful than beautiful front although it does also come in navy. I don’t know about you but one of the last minute nuisances for Mal whenever we’re going away is checking we have all of the right cables with us. Because we have to be able to work wherever we go, we take a lot of tech with us. This looks as though it would be a great way of having everything ready to slip into your bag, especially if you replicated it all and just kept it together in there (thinking out loud…). So not an exciting present but one of those that will be declared ‘just so handy’ every time it’s used. I do wonder why it’s listed specifically as a men’s cable tidy bag though…

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Travel cable tidy bag

And I don’t need to talk about heating and bills but we’re all layering and this padded gilet has the best cut on the shoulders of any I’ve seen. It comes in seven different colours and it’s just an easy thing to pop under a jacket or wear all day, especially if you’re working from home.

best down gilet for men

Feather and down gilet

I won’t be sorry when the seemingly never-ending trend for beards dies out – and I’m always stunned by how much barbers add on for a beard trim which is why my boys always seem to look like Shaggy out of Scooby Doo. This comes highly recommended and makes it easy for anyone to keep their beard on point from home.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer

As I said in my last gift post, lunchboxes are a big thing at the moment as everybody who’s back in the office cuts costs. This is a neat way of keeping everything cool and uncrushed…

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Thermos lunchpack

… or if you know somebody who’s getting into the competitive jazz lunch craze, this would do the trick. It would add a whole new joy to eating lunch at your desk wouldn’t it?

fancy lunchboxes

Food A Porter lunchbox

The gift guides are filled with cashmere jumpers for men but I don’t know any who like it, they find it too hot and high maintenance. So, I’m bringing you jersey and Christmas is always a good time to buy great quality basics so that when spring arrives, you have a drawerful of new pieces just ready and waiting. The sporty zip on this T-shirt makes it so much cooler than an ordinary polo shirt, it’s also available in white but there aren’t many sizes left.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Zip neck slim fit polo shirt

If you’re looking for something that can be worn now, this is a great cut and the slightly raised collar is great for that ‘Man from Milk Tray’ look.

milk tray man look

Mock neck jersey top

You need a man who is sufficiently comfortable with his masculinity to carry a manbag but they’re really handy for travel and festivals (meaning you can pop your lipstick in them and go handsfree).

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Nylon crossbody pouch

And can you tell I have travel (or travel wishing) on my mind? We haven’t rebooked the big February trip that was cancelled for the two years in a row yet – it’s hard to see that far ahead right now isn’t it? Anyway, this is great for a short break and no, it isn’t a cat basket. That’s a separate shoe compartment which is such a good idea. There are six colour options available.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Weekend holdall

And I’m finishing with a subscription because it’s a promise of joy that isn’t just for Christmas. This one is for fancy pants and it makes us smile every month because we never know what the design will be but it’s always funky. When it drops through the letterbox it’s also a good prompt to plan a date night too!

best boxer short subscription

Monthly boxer short subscription – patterned

Apparently they’re great quality and super comfortable – and if the pattern’s too much, you can subscribe to plains instead.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Monthly boxer short subscription – plain

And if you’re buying for a husband who quite simply has everything then there’s always the option of a treat for both of you. Whether you opt for a last minute deal or book ahead, this will give you something lovely to plan together over the days after Christmas.

Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

Secret Escapes voucher

If you still haven’t found anything, my posts from previous years are brimming with ideas that have all been updated.

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And now I must dash because I have lots of work on my desk to get through. Happy shopping, have a good week and I’ll be back on Friday.

Disclosure: ‘Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Men 2022’ is not a sponsored post

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