You may remember that we were going to the Hacienda Classical concert on Sunday. Before I tell you a little bit about it I’ll explain why I wanted to do this post. The event was going to be outside. I had planned what I was going to wear in advance and it consisted of lots of layers that I could take on and off. Then, as you’ll know, the sun came out unexpectedly in the UK last weekend and it was hotter than Ibiza. So this gave me a wardrobe panic. I knew we would be dancing so I wanted to be able to move freely but we were also in the VIP enclosure so I needed to look on the smarter side of casual. I was aiming for the Inés de la Fressange version of relaxed chic, the kind that looks ‘expensive’ but also as if you haven’t tried at all. When I thought about it, I decided that the answer might lie amongst my t-shirts … but only simple t-shirts with the luxe factor. However before I move on to that, let me tell you more about the night.

It was one of the most amazing events I have ever been to – if you have a chance to attend a Hacienda Classical concert you must go (details here). If you’re not familiar with them, the idea is that the original DJs from Manchester’s famous Hacienda nightclub take the iconic mixes they used to play and at the same time are accompanied by a 70 piece orchestra and choir from the Manchester Camerata. It’s a clash of two completely different musical cultures but boy does it work. Here is a 15 second video – just to give you an idea…

…and a few photos – people sitting in the park waiting for it to start. We watched from the stone balustraded area which had a great view of the stage…

Hacienda Lancaster

…it looked like this from where we were standing.

Hacienda Williamson Park

The classical orchestra worked really well with the acid house rave tunes.

Hacienda Lancaster stage

We had planned it as a date night but then bumped into some friends that we hadn’t seen for ages which made it even more special. Soon everybody was dancing, even the lady in the wheelchair behind me was up by the end of the night (excuse the blurred shot, I must have been moving very fast)! Now I apologise but these are the only photos that were taken of me on the night, I forgot to do an outfit shot but as you know I want to talk about the t-shirt…

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

I know I look like a mad woman dancing on her own, I wasn’t I promise, I was just at the edge of the dancing bit.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Along with this new gold Hush linen t-shirt I was wearing black Boden super skinny jeans

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

…and Boden pewter glitter skater shoes (past season)

Boden glitter skater shoes

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

I can really recommend the Hush metallic v tee, it was casual but the gold lustre made it just a little bit special. It meant I felt as though I’d tried just enough but not too hard if you know what I mean. I think I’m going to be wearing it a lot this summer because it also works really well with smart trousers and a blazer. If you’re buying one, size up – I ended up having to go for a large which is unusual for Hush.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Hush linen gold lustre t-shirt

When I was in Manchester last weekend, I had the chance to compare it with The White Company’s version. The White Company is better quality but also much more expensive. It’s sold out online but they had plenty available in store. It’s also the only place I’ve seen one in silver which is still in stock online. I’ve found a metallic t-shirt to be such a quiet wardrobe hero that I’m probably going to ask for this one for my birthday.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Silver linen lustre t-shirt

Hush also have a metallic vest which I ordered to compare. I really liked the curved hem and the loose fit. The sleeve holes are very deep though so you would have to be happy for someone to see the band of your bra.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Gold linen vest

Somehow linen t-shirts just look less frumpy than jersey. The loose weave does make them slightly see through but I find you can get away with it if you have a good flesh coloured bra. I’m sure you’re already aware of it but this is my top recommendation for a t-shirt bra because it is so simple with clean lines and no lace, plus it is incredibly comfortable and great value.

Best nude bra

Sumptuously soft plunge bra

They also have a full cup version if you need more support.

Best nude full cup bra

Sumptuously soft full cup bra

And whilst we’re on the subject of nude bras for summer, here is my favourite strapless one (the straps can be removed)

Best strapless nude bra

Memory foam strapless bra

Going back to special yet simple t-shirts, Boden’s linen versions don’t have the subtle sheen of metallic but they do have some lovely colours with 25% off at the moment including this perfect, skin flattering French navy. I love the rolled sleeves and depth of the v-neck but they also have a crew neck version with longer, elbow length sleeves in the same colours.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Navy linen t-shirt

and a complexion lifting coral pink

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Coral linen t-shirt

If you prefer a crew neck, Jigsaw have this linen t-shirt which has a flattering panelled split hem which helps it to hang perfectly.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Panel hem t-shirt

Now this top is something a bit different but it still fits into my theme of t-shirts that you can dress up or down. I love the way Finery put a twist on simple pieces that are affordable. This comes as two pieces, a fitted navy t-shirt plus a mesh overlay with raw edging and a filigree pattern that you can add over the top to make it look special.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Mesh detail jersey top

This top is low in stock but has a curved hem and lovely tie detail at the neck to elevate it from the ordinary

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Tie-back linen t-shirt

I have this lace trimmed linen t-shirt in black from last year

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Lace trimmed linen t-shirt

And finally this isn’t linen but it still falls into my category of a special t-shirt. I’ve just made my first purchase from Baukjen which I’ll be showing you next week. I’m very impressed by the quality and I keep looking at this. The code NEW415 seems to give you 15% off and free delivery. If you want a nod to the cold shoulder trend I think this is the most sophisticated way to do it, you have no worries about bra straps or the shoulders slipping up and down.

Simple t-shirts with the luxe factor

Lila top

So there you go – a few simple t-shirts with the luxe factor; relaxed tops that can be elevated to easy going chic. I hope you enjoyed the little taste of Hacienda, another great thing to come out of the North West of the UK. Thank you to so many of you for sharing the plans you’re making for fun times, I find you all so inspiring. Especially when you think about the people who had flown in from all over Europe to come to this event and yet a lot of friends I know locally turned down the opportunity because they said they felt too old. It seemed such a shame – if they didn’t want to dance they could just have sat in the park and enjoyed the atmosphere. You’re NEVER to old to try something a bit different. If you’re a fellow blogger, I’ll be going to the 30-40 blogger meet in London next Monday, there are still a few places left so why don’t you come too. In the meantime, have a wonderful week everyone.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post

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