Well it isn’t good to be back from holiday but it is good to be blogging again! So hello, how are you? I hope you’ve had a good couple of weeks. I have lots to tell you but it’ll have to wait until next week when I’ve had time to go through the photos we took in Turkey. In the meantime as promised I’m bringing you my insights on the latest collection from Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020. This post has come together by the skin of my teeth and the heroic efforts of the team that I work with at Uniqlo. I must say a special thank you to Abdur there who managed to pull the garments I wanted to shoot straight from the delivery and get them to me late yesterday afternoon. There was just enough time for photos. This is always a tight one and Covid has meant it’s gone even more down to the knuckle but we did it.

Uniqlo’s collaborations are always fascinating. The allegiances they make with third party brands enable them to create idiosyncratic collections alongside their own offering which I believe offers the best quality basics on the high street. The special editions have the same attention to cloth, cut and finish as the mainline, but they incorporate the extra quirky details that the designer is known for.

The collabs turn around quickly enabling Uniqlo to appeal to different tribes at different times and I think that IdLF is the one that best aligns with us. I love it because it includes core pieces that I wear again and again without ever seeing them on anyone else and they last for years – I still regularly wear items from the first collection in 2014. The important thing to bear in mind is that this is style rather than fashion so each collection resembles the last because it has the very distinct stamp of Inès on it. However there’s always a slightly different source of inspiration and this season, along with quite a few other designers, she’s looked to the 70s. At this time of high risk there’s a nostalgia for an era that seems simpler and, most importantly, freer than the days we’re living through now.

As you know, the collection usually sells out quickly and I can imagine that with stores not being as easy to visit, the online allocation will go even faster this time so I won’t talk for too long. Let me show you the outfits I put together and in each caption I’ll comment on fit which can sometimes vary (TTS = true to size). Of course as I do it’s worth bearing in mind that I’m at the larger end of my size scale – as plump as a pomegranate after my two weeks in the sun.

Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020 – a try on

Look one – relaxed chic

Jacket and blouse as styled by Uniqlo…

Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020

Velvet Jacket; blouse; velvet trousers

As styled by me…

Velvet jacket (TTS); Rayon blouse with tie-neck detail (neat fit, size up if between sizes also available in ivory print), Velvet trousers (TTS – I find a 29 is a size 12); Faux patent crossbody bag (also available in red or navy); Bag my own

I was hoping to show you the blouse in the picture above but they weren’t able to send it to me in that colourway so the one I’m wearing is black with a small navy spot. I don’t know about you but I’m quite looking forward to moving into autumn colours at the moment because thanks to the very warm spring we had, it feels like a long time since I’ve worn a deeper palette.

The velvet that they’ve used for this collection is interesting – it has a cross-hatch pattern which makes it more of a velvet twill. This means it will be more wearable than plush velvet because you won’t have to worry about drops of water leaving a mark.

I’m wearing the velvet blazer in berry and the velvet trousers in black. Note that the trousers have a crease down the front which is important. I find I can’t wear wide legged trousers if they don’t have a crease because they just amplify the width of my hips; a crease draws the eye down to avoid that happening. I must point out that they’re very long – I’m a regular in Boden trousers and I’d need to have these taken up by about an inch. The rayon blouse hangs well, doesn’t easily crease and has my favourite tie-neck style.

Velvet jacket (TTS); Rayon blouse with tie-neck detail (TTS also available in ivory print), Velvet trousers (TTS – I find a 29 is a size 12); Faux patent crossbody bag (also available in red or navy); Bag my own

Outfit Two – 70s weekend

Jacket and jumper as styled by Uniqlo… (but with grey culottes)

Now this is the outfit I wanted to show you but the brushed jersey culottes didn’t arrive in time so they’ll be top of my shopping list because my mood for Autumn is all about relaxed chic. They’re also available in navy or olive and I like them because they’re easy to manage jersey but they have the wool-like texture of the brushed effect:

Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020

Blouson jacket; jumper; culottes

As styled by me (I’ve added my own culottes)

Midlifechic Ines de La Fressange at Uniqlo 2020

Bomber jacket(TTS – generous); Striped merino jumper (TTS also available in yellow/khaki/pink stripe); Enamel bag; Culottes and boots my own

There’s always a version of this jacket in the Spring collections but this is the first time I’ve seen it crop up for Autumn. They change it slightly each time and this season it’s padded and showerproof which adapts it to the colder weather. I already have the thin summer version and I wear it both casually for dog walking or with jeans and heels for a night out – not that there have been many of those recently. People always ask me where it’s from, I think because it adds an element of youthful sporty chic to any simple outfit.

Of course it pleases the neat freak in me that the stripes align with those on the jumper which is made from extra fine merino so it’s good for wearing alone as the season changes and then layering later. The little crossbody bag isn’t leather of course but I never think that matters too much with patent.

Bomber jacket; Striped merino jumper (also available in yellow/khaki/pink stripe)

Outfit Three – Parisian swish

Skirt as styled by Uniqlo in a different colourway (this reminds me so much of my Sixth Form ‘look’)…

Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020

Twist pleat skirt

And on me…

Tweed blazer(TTS also available in beige and checks); Silk ruffle blouse(neat fit, also available in ivory or berry); Dip dye skirt (TTS, various colours and patterns); Enamel tote also (available in berry); Dip dye silk scarf (other options available)

I shot a similar skirt for the summer collection but it feels even better styled for Autumn with tights and boots. It’s a twist pleated style with an elasticated waist so it’s very easy to care for and it has a slight dip dyed effect being lighter at the bottom than the top which adds a touch of relaxed Boho. The way it’s designed means that it flares out as you walk. I’ve paired it with one of the superb silk shirts which has a ruffle front. This and the fact that it has tiny silk covered buttons down the front make it a perfect Zoom blouse in my opinion and the silk has a lustre that will glow on screen. It’s fabulous quality, especially when you consider the price and it also comes in berry or ivory. To top it off I’ve added one of the classic Inès Parisian tweed blazers. As always they’re beautifully cut and I’m pleased that this year the navy is slightly warmer than it has been in the past which is kinder to your skintone.

Tweed blazer (various colours and checks available); Navy silk blouse with ruffle front (also available in ivory or berry); Twist pleated skirt (various colours and patterns available); Silk scarf(various patterns available); Enamel tote (also available in black)

There’s always a silk square that sells out within minutes and this time it has to be this dip dyed one. I use them for tying onto my bags as I have here, just to add a little panache. Note how the tote has a brilliant blue lining which works beautifully with the skirt.

Dip dye silk scarf

And the last thing I tried is this sumptuous wool blend scarf which is amazing value. It’s as big as a blanket so it’s great for colder days and I can imagine using it for long journeys to London on the train.

Wool blend scarf

Before I go I must mention the coats. They’re double breasted this year and I haven’t had a chance to view them but they’re usually unbeatable. Assuming that they’ve used the same tweed as they have for the blazer they’re a great buy.

Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020

Tweed coat (also available in a soft brown and a check)

If you prefer something more casual there’s a double faced wrap version which could be a good direction to take this winter when we might not be out and about as much as usual.

Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020

Double faced wrap coat (also available in forest green or navy)

So I’ll leave you to peruse Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020 at your leisure. I just need to say that I’ll be back rather unusually on Monday with a post all about Athleisure. Thanks to the support that’s starting to come back from brands like Uniqlo I should soon be able to restart my twice weekly posts so please do support them in return if you can. Until then, have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend – I hope you’re doing something fun to wrap up the summer because it’s hard to believe that we’re heading into September next week. Where has this very strange year gone?

Disclosure: ‘Inès de La Fressange at Uniqlo Autumn 2020’ was commissioned by Uniqlo but as always, I had full editorial control of the content and images.

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