Happy Twixmas – 6 Christmas outfits

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Hello - I hope you're all having a wonderful time. I'm just popping in with a few outfits of the week as promised because by next week, sequins are going to look a bit out of place. I thought it was going to be a quiet one this year because most of our friends and family are away but actually, when I look back at Christmas 2016, I will remember it as the funny one. The boys have been on [...]

Just to wish you a wonderful Christmas

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I intended to post today but I've run out of time. However the ham's in the oven, the cake tins are full and I'm feeling very Mary Berry. I'm not looking remotely chic though - here's the proof! I need to rush and get ready for my oldest schoolfriend's engagement party.  Finally at the age of 49 she has found her Mr Right so it will be a big celebration. But before I sign off for a few days, I [...]

Best Winter Sales 2016 – Part One

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So, the discounts are starting to rain down. I'll be bringing you details of the Best Winter Sales 2016 in my next few posts. I'm starting with the ones that I know have limited stock and the opportunity for pre-Christmas delivery so that Midlifechic readers can get in there first! Best Winter Sales 2016 - Hope First of all I bring you Hope whose sale site has just gone live. As you know, there is a feel good factor about buying from [...]

Chic buys of the year 2016 – the Midlifechic Awards!

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The end of year sales are starting so it's time for my annual Awards, defining my chic buys of the year 2016. Being an analytical person I like to reflect on where I've spent my budget and whether it was worth it. The surprise difference for me since I started blogging has been my changing history with Boden. I've transitioned from spending most of my budget there in 2014 to spending a lot in 2015 and returning about 50% of it, to barely [...]

Christmas Party outfits for women over 40 and a Christmas tree farm

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It's getting closer....Our weekend was a rush of decorating and entertaining. Here's how it went. Festive Friday I was working at home for the day but then had to go to a client's drinks party. Although they were all wearing suits because they'd gone straight from the office, I felt fine wearing a jumpsuit. It's such a saviour for things like this...not too smart, not too casual, not too dressy... Jumpsuit - this year's version; Jigsaw ponyskin heels (past season); Necklace; Earrings [...]

How to have a fun Christmas with teenagers

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Christmas is easy when they're little isn't it. They believe everything is magical and, although it's physically exhausting, you really don't have to think very hard. But then they grow, their wishes are for bigger things and yet they still dream of the magic so I've been thinking hard about how to have a fun Christmas with teenagers. My boys are utterly resistant to anything changing. For them, Christmas is steeped in tradition and last week we had to break it [...]

Christmas outfits of the day & The UK Blog Awards

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Hello, I hope you had a great weekend. I don't know about you but I'm getting a bit tired of reading Christmas gift articles so I thought I'd do another post on one of my real life weekends and share some of my Christmas outfits of the day. Christmas outfits of the day - Friday night So, on Friday night we had to go to a business event: the mayor's Christmas party. It was one of those occasions when I should really [...]

Chic Christmas Gifts For Men – a stylish edit

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Happy Friday everyone. I think this will be the last of my gift posts so today, I'm focusing on the trickiest of topics: Chic Christmas Gifts For Men. I firmly believe that the men in our lives tend to be the hardest to buy for so I hope some of these ideas help. Actually I'm not being sexist and saying these things are specifically for men because there are quite a few I'd like too (just saying that before someone complains). [...]

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