I intended to post today but I’ve run out of time. However the ham’s in the oven, the cake tins are full and I’m feeling very Mary Berry. I’m not looking remotely chic though – here’s the proof!

to wish you a wonderful Christmas

I need to rush and get ready for my oldest schoolfriend’s engagement party.  Finally at the age of 49 she has found her Mr Right so it will be a big celebration. But before I sign off for a few days, I just wanted to send you a message of thanks for supporting me and reading my blog this year. More and more of you are becoming friends and I love sharing this midlife journey with you.

I hope you are all heading into a wonderful Christmas. However I know that for some people it might not be a good one. Five years ago my mum died at the end of November and it was hard. Sometimes the only choice you have is to brace yourself and head into the festivities with a brave smile.

It might feel like it but you’re not alone. Everybody has a less than great Christmas at some time in their lives. The best advice I can give you is to be kind to yourself. Take comfort in the small things and know that next Christmas will be different. In fact when you’ve experienced a hard one, the ones that follow tend to be even more filled with joy.

However if you are finding it a struggle, The Samaritans have a #realChristmas campaign and lots of help on their website.

Storm Barbara is just arriving here and our broadband is struggling so I’m going to bid you farewell. I madly set myself a ’12 outfits of Christmas’ challenge which I started on 21st December so I will be posting on Instagram every day. If you’re missing me, you’ll find me there @midlifechic! In the meantime, thank you again for being my readers. I hope this Christmas is a special one for you and that you spend it surrounded not so much by things but by the people you love.

Best sale offers updated Boxing Day

I’ve spent the morning looking through the sales and I think the best is yet to come.However don’t miss:

Jaeger – especially the coats. Offers updated this morning here. Use code GIFT20 for a further £20 when you spend £100. My pick of the Jaeger sale items is here.

Hush – 20% off everything in advance of the sale starting on 4th January. This is a great offer, especially for knitwear which is some of the best you can buy.

John Lewis womenswear clearance here. They are matching the Hush offer in a microsite here so if items are out of stock on the Hush site, you may find them here. They also have different offers on the Finery sale and there are some bargains on pieces that are still full prince at Finery! John Lewis Finery microsite.

Finery sale page here

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