The end of days – when your firstborn leaves for university

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So that's that then. He's gone. The house feels very empty today. For 18 years I've listened out for him waking, from the early dawn snuffles in his crib to the more recent midday cacophony of multiple media devices. Today I opened the door onto an empty bedroom. The trainers, hoodies and rugby balls were all gone; just the teddy bears, sports certificates and dinosaur books that once meant so much were left behind. On Saturday he went full of excitement, bubbling over [...]

A Top Shop and IDLF at Uniqlo review

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It's a quick post from me today because we are on the final countdown to dropping the eldest off at university tomorrow. I'm not going to talk about how I'm feeling now because I suspect I will be offloading on you when it's all over. Suffice to say that the letting go is yet another bit of motherhood that no-one prepares you for and boy does it hurt. In the meantime, I've had a week off; I've been doing shoulder rehab [...]

Time to put on your pearls girls!

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Something a little different for you today. As Midlifechic grows I'm finding that I'm being approached by lots of brands who are keen to work with me. This is immensely flattering and in another life I'd try running a hugely commercial blog and accept all of their offers. However as things stand, I just don't have time to write about anything I don't genuinely think is great so 98% of the time I take a deep breath and gently turn the [...]

Reviewing my Autograph by Marks and Spencer delivery

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So, we've looked at Boden and Hush, so today I thought I'd share a Marks and Spencer order with you. I can only apologise for the photos - my photographer arrived home late from school after a week that has been filled with rugby trials and endless homework. He was tired and most definitely not in the mood to play David Bailey but he gamely did his best. So here is a rather dark try on of my M&S delivery [...]

My Hush Autumn Winter 2015 Order

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I've given up - although the sun is shining in these photos, the Indian Summer doesn't seem to be showing any signs of arriving so I've been busy placing Autumn orders. My Hush parcel arrived today. I like Hush but it doesn't usually suit me. Even though I love their look, I think I'm too much of a neat freak for their clothes to work on me. However this season I received an email saying they'd been paying more attention [...]

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