It’s a quick post from me today because we are on the final countdown to dropping the eldest off at university tomorrow. I’m not going to talk about how I’m feeling now because I suspect I will be offloading on you when it’s all over. Suffice to say that the letting go is yet another bit of motherhood that no-one prepares you for and boy does it hurt. In the meantime, I’ve had a week off; I’ve been doing shoulder rehab in the mornings and my lovely son has been playing photographer and making me laugh a lot whilst I’ve been going through the last Autumn pieces that I wanted to try.

Sleeveless coats are in all the shops and they make good crossover pieces for both work and casual wear. This one is from Top Shop and I ordered it in my usual size 12 but I think it is too bulky and needs sizing down. I like it though and will probably exchange it for a smaller size.

sleeveless coats for women over 40

Sleeveless Belted Coat; Joules Harbour breton; Next relaxed skinny jeans; Jigsaw Milly shoes

Here’s a windy outside shot to show you the colour – it looks black above when it’s actually a lovely bright navy which is flattering for winter skin.


You’ll notice I’m also trying some Top Shop shoes. High heels are fine for days when I’m at my desk but my job involves a lot of travelling and I’m often on my feet in photography studios too. For days like these I need something elegant but comfortable. There are lots of Mary Jane style shoes around at the moment but a strap that goes across the foot can be very girly however a low ankle strap makes all the difference, taking the look out of the schoolyard.

stylish shoes for women over 40

Jive Croc-effect mid-heel shoes

They aren’t leather but they’re incredibly comfortable, you don’t feel the pointed toe at all (I sized up by the way, Top Shop shoes always seem to come up a size too small).


On to my Inés de la Fressange at Uniqlo haul; the range that crashed the website for a day and then sold out in less than an hour (returns are starting to come through though so keep an eye on the site if you like something). As you know, the tuxedo jacket has been top of my list since I missed it last winter. Sadly for me it doesn’t fit well and it is also 45% cotton which means it is a more casual jacket than I am looking for – great for wearing with jeans but I want a more traditional wool jacket that I can wear for formal occasions.

ines de la freassange at uniqlo review

Ines de  la Fressange at Uniqlo tuxedo jacket (still available in most sizes at the moment)

Another thing that I have been looking for (for over 3 years) is a classic black city coat. I really like the cut on this one and the usual IDLF red detailing at the buttonhole but I’m not sure about the cloth. It’s a wool and rayon mix which I thought would be quite smooth but it’s actually rough. Part of me quite likes the feeling that I’m wearing my dad’s overcoat but then I also wonder how well it will wear. I’ve noticed that the newly arrived Uniqlo Chester coats in the main range are a wool cashmere mix for the same price so I think I’ll try one of those.


Inés de la Fressange at Uniqlo wool mix Chester coat (still available in olive or navy)


I added this down coat to my basket at the last minute because it is the one that eluded me all through my standing in the playground years. It’s showerproof, warm and I think it looks much more chic than a parka. It has everything that is great about Uniqlo’s ultra light down but with an IDLF twist. It would also be great for dog walking and watching rugby games. If the boys were still at primary school I would keep it instantly. As it is, Im not sure that I need it – there isn’t as much pressure on me to look good when I’m walking Gary as there was for the playground! I do still have lots of rugby matches to watch though…

ines de la fressange at uniqlo review

Inés down coat (still available in some colours)

And speaking of rugby matches, this is what I then wore for actually going to watch the youngest play yesterday – it was such a luxury to be able to go to a mid-week game, especially as the sun was shining.


Inés de la Fressange at Uniqlo tweed jacket; Joules Harbour breton, Next relaxed skinny jeans; Autograph chelsea boots; Hush Neverland scarf

And here are a couple of photos from earlier in the week. I’ve loved being able to wear jeans again, this is my latest pair of Boden’s fabulous super skinnies in the very autumnal eggplant colourway. This was on Sunday when we went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester (it’s a huge mall if you’re an overseas reader). I had been out on a big birthday pub crawl for two of the girls I work with the night before (forgot to take a photo – sorry). I think you can see from my face that I wasn’t really feeling like a day in a shopping centre!

casual chic for women over 40

Whistles double faced blazer; Boden high rise super skinny jeans; Zara breton; Boden scallop pointed flats; Whistles Fleet tote bag; White Company necklace

Our weather has been mixed, this was for a day in town with the eldest buying lots of the university necessities that we couldn’t face getting from the Trafford Centre!


Gap long sleeve t-shirt; Boden super skinny jeans (currently in clearance) ; Boden scarf; Boden sixties slingbacks; Zara necklace

And finally today heading out en famille for our last supper!


Boden organza top; Uniqlo ultra stretch ankle length jeans; Boden Alice heels (further reduced in clearance); Claudia Bradby pearls

Don’t forget to enter the competition to win a Claudia Bradby necklace in last week’s post – if you were one of the people who entered between 9pm and 11pm UK time last Friday, please enter again. I hadn’t expected it to be so popular and had to increase the Rafflecopter subscription. A winner will be drawn at random by the app next Friday.

Clarks have released a covert 20% off promotion. I’ve just ordered these boots that are almost identical to the ones in Jigsaw and Whistles but for less than half the price with the discount. You need to use the code BGR8 and it expires at midnight on Sunday 27th September. Also Boden have 20% off with free delivery and returns using code 3N2F.

So, I’m leaving it here today because to be honest, I can’t begin to express how I’m feeling and actually I just need to make it through until we drive away tomorrow, leaving my precious boy behind. Then it will all come out. Next week is the first of my 3 day weeks so hopefully, by Monday, I’ll feel like telling you how it went, so look out for another post. Until then, have a lovely weekend and to all those mums whose fledglings are twitching their wings…good luck! Hopefully this is the worst part and it will all get better from here.

Disclosure – this is not a sponsored post and all new items featured were chosen and paid for by me.