It’s all spinning a bit too fast….!

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Hello dear friends - what a week it's been, but this is effectively the start of the weekend for me. Here's my update, starting with last Saturday when I had to do all the boring things like taking the car for a service that I would previously have tucked into the week. Happily before I set off, a mystery parcel arrived from the lovely Rachel at RachelWears. I had no idea what was inside but it turned out to be [...]

What to wear for a new job?

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Oh it's good to be back in my blogging haven - it's been a long week starting my new job even though I've only worked for 3 days. Friday is my day off which will be a luxury, I've never done a 4 day week before. So this morning I'm luxuriating in not having to set off for an hour's drive. I started on Tuesday and didn't feel nervous but did feel very unsettled, almost homesick in fact. Although I've [...]

Mother’s Day Weekend Chic

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Tomorrow is D Day for me and I'll be starting my new job so I thought I'd try a new superfast post to cover off a bit of weekend chic. This might be the sort of post I have to do for a while until I settle into my new routine. Quite a few of your survey responses (yes I have read and analysed every single one - thank you so much for your time and enthusiasm) have asked me to [...]

The best black trousers on the high street – my pick

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When I was shopping in Liverpool a fortnight ago my mission was to find the best black trousers on the high street. Many were tried, in fact so many that I could no longer see any difference between them. So, I bought a hat (as you do) and decided to order the best I'd seen and try them on in one session at home. In my old life I used to have a personal shopping session every season at Selfridges [...]

It’s my turn to ask you a few questions about my blog

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Tick tock, tick tock .... as you know I start my new job on Tuesday which means I'm going to have to be super efficient in all areas of my life. Mr MC and the boys have been a bit bewildered by my need to sort out every cupboard and drawer in the house and many bags of all kinds of things have been taken to the charity shops. It feels a bit like those last few days before you [...]

Boghopping with Berghaus

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I had a surprise delivery last week. A little while ago Berghaus asked me if I would review one of their new season jackets and then I didn't hear from them for a little while so I forgot all about it. When a parcel in a black bin bag came through the letterbox I assumed that the boys and been buying from Ebay again until I saw it was addressed to me and inside was a bright Berghaus Paclite III [...]

10 Mother’s Day gifts for older mums

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I was having lunch with a group of friends this week and felt a bit sad when they were all feeling stressed about what to buy their mums for mother's day. I wish I still had a mum to buy for. Then I arrived home and Mr MC was scratching his head looking for ideas for his mum so I thought I'd put together a quick post on mother's day gifts for older mums. This will be my fourth mother's [...]

A wintry weekend in Liverpool

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So, whilst we wait for some of the new things I've ordered to arrive, I thought I'd take you on a trip to Liverpool. If you remember, Mr MC had booked us in to stay in the city overnight after his meeting last Friday although it very nearly didn't happen. Our youngest woke up that morning with tonsillitis and if it hadn't been for my lovely sister quickly rearranging her plans, we wouldn't have been able to go. I can't [...]

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