So, if you’ve been reading my blog you’ll know that I’m off for a heady weekend with Mr MC in Manchester. Even though it isn’t quite Marrakech or Moscow, sometimes just a little bit of away time is all you need!  Grandma has already arrived to look after the boys and is snoozing on the sofa. I’ve thrown a few random things into a suitcase hoping that I’ll see lots of new things to buy and I won’t need any of them. So far the plan is:

Jump on the train tomorrow straight after school drop off – alone – for a blissful day of uninterrupted browsing. At lunchtime I’m booked into Manchester’s award winning hair salon David Rozman where I hope Gareth is going to transform my hair and take 10 years off me at the same time. Poor Gareth doesn’t know I’ll be blogging about it all yet – let’s hope he’s good – before and after shots will be on Twitter in the afternoon (or maybe Snapchat if it’s grim)!

Next I’m going to wander round the shops – think I might see if I can find a Bobbi Brown counter with a free slot to do my make-up. At about 5pm I’m going to meet up with Mr MC for a glass of champagne in Selfridges for old time’s sake. After checking into the hotel and a quick bite to eat we’re then off to the MEN Arena to see Miranda which might change the dynamic a bit.

Saturday – a lazy morning followed by shopping, lunch and lots more shopping; then in the evening (after dinner thrown in by the hotel) we’re hitting Manchester’s Shoreditch – the Northern Quarter.

Sunday morning will probably be very, very quiet before we set off back to the hills and away from the smoke.

So, I’m hoping next week I’ll have loads to blog about and lots of pictures and please, please let me have a great new haircut – this one’s making me feel old.