So here we go, we’re ready for Autumn. I am finding that my approach towards shopping for clothes has evolved now that I spend so much more time thinking about it. As you know I bought very little over the Summer which turned out to be absolutely the right decision. I’m not going to moan about the weather but we have only had a handful of hot sunny days in the Lakes this year. This means that Autumn buying makes much more sense for me but after having such a fallow period I feel as though I am starting my relationship with shopping afresh. This post is going to focus on shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016. First though, I’m making a list of what I actually need to try to avoid being distracted. Then we’ll have a look at the new colour palette.

Rather than shopping randomly, this is what I’m looking for:

Key structured wardrobe anchors

These are investment pieces: coats, jackets, knitwear, trousers and footwear that I expect to last a few seasons. They need to be good quality and work with my core Winter colours of grey and warm camel so that they are versatile. I am going to think about buying less but better. I need:

  • a new grey Winter coat. I’ve been looking for this coat for 3 years now – will I find it?
  • a long cardigan to add to the camel and grey ones that I lived in last Winter
  • an addition to my collection of cashmere jumpers
  • a pair of smart grey trousers for work
  • a couple of pairs of smart statement shoes or boots to add to my collection
  • a new black tote bag for work that can accommodate my laptop
Fashion pieces

These are going to be limited and at a lower price point. This includes anything in a fashionable / seasonal colour or style. I’m thinking of:

  • Simple knits or blouses in seasonal colours to wear with both trousers and jeans
  • “One season wonder” shoes and boots that will update my classic wardrobe items
  • Scarves and hats that will add a splash of colour to my neutrals
  • A new trouser shape – wide legged, culottes or kick flares that I can wear in the office
  • 2 midi skirts – a trend I want to play with. I used to wear skirts much more than I do now.
  • Jeans – it’s clear that skinnies are taking a while to die, probably because there isn’t an obvious replacement. Whilst the outlook is unclear, I am not going to spend a lot of money on jeans.

Autumn 2016 colours

For once, the colours that are out this season make absolute sense. All you have to do is picture your spice rack and you’re on trend. Of course colour is never quite as easy as that, if you’re wearing it on the top half of your body you need to make sure it is a colour thats suits you.

How do I know what colour suits me?

Obviously having your colours analysed is the best start. I had mine done in 1993 and just about remember what they told me. However I have found it just as easy to be guided by the palettes at Kettlewell colours. Think of the colours in your wardrobe that you know you look great in. The ones that always receive compliments. Then look at the palettes carefully and see where they appear. You will probably find that you instinctively veer towards one.

I know, for example, that I am a Spring and so I am using my palette to force myself away from all of the deep greens and khakis this season unless they are away from my face such as shoes or bags. Instead I am focusing on the oranges and reds.

This was Grazia’s breakdown of the colours of the season. The quadrant that is missing is the bright chilli powder red through to merlot wine which was huge last year and is still a key colour.


Think carefully about how you feel about seasonal colours

Now that I am in my third blogging year, I have noticed that I am very fickle with colour. I love wearing deep merlot and orange from September until early November but as soon as we move into the Christmas season, I switch to metallics and the only colour I want to wear is bright red. When Christmas is over I suddenly veer towards blues and pinks and so it goes. I suspect that most women are a bit like that so it is another reason to restrict the seasonal purchases you make.

The simplest way to kick off to the new season when it’s still too warm for knits and scarves is via accessories. Start with shoes and boots – always the easiest way to update an outfit.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

The days of having black or brown shoes are over. The high street is awash with Autumnal shades and this is my edit.

I saw these at the press day. They’re beautiful, I would love to have them and I suspect they will sell out in a flash. They are available in black but this is a very dark green, think of Robin Hood.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Over the knee boots in olive suede

A lovely heeled Chelsea boot, easy to wear with skirts or trousers because of the length it adds to the leg

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Chelsea ankle boots

I have these in black from last year and they are brilliant boots. They are so comfortable that you can walk for miles in them and the suede has inbuilt protection so you don’t need to worry about rain or puddles.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Stain away suede boots

These have great ‘mod’ appeal for people who prefer flats

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Flat Chelsea ankle boots

Moving onto shoes, these are on my list to buy, I think they will be very versatile and the metallic means that they will work with most colours.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Fringe loafers

I tend to steer away from Dolly shoes as they can look a little bit too girly but the chunky button fastening on these gives them a much more vintage appeal.

lShoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Square toe Dolly shoe

Loafers are making a big comeback. This one is available in green…

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

and burgundy

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Taylor Spring Loafer

A more streamlined shape in a glossy patent version

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Glossie block heeled loafer

As far as footwear is concerned, it isn’t just colour but also texture that is key this season. Living in the Lake District I can only laugh hysterically at the beautiful velvet boots and shoes that are around. Animal print will be my entry point. It is surprisingly durable and repels the rain. I prefer more subdued variations to classic leopard and this snow leopard print is my favourite. I bought these as soon as I saw them, I did have to size up by half a size though, I found them rather tight.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Mid heeled court

If you prefer something a little more subtle, these are a great choice, they are definitely at the grey end of the khaki spectrum.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Amber heel

This is the same ‘khaki’ pony skin but in a flat. It has good reviews for comfort so far.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Pony slipper

Moving up the scale in terms of quality, these are a similar style but with just a subtle hint of pony

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Celeste flat


At an entry price point we have these – snake is going to be big this Winter and even bigger next year.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Snake print flats

These are very easy to wear with both dresses and jeans

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Ava block heeled courts

Moving on to ankle boots. As you know, these are my favourites. For me they are all time classics, I have them in both the blue croc (I know I’ve veered off palette but they’re beautiful)…

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Elmworth leather boot

… and I also managed to buy them in the brown snake at half price in the John Lewis sale

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Elmworth leather boot

Here is a slightly chunkier version in a lighter snake print.

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Barley May boot

Moving back into animal there are leopard classics in all styles

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Zip high heel boot

If you’re looking for something more dressy, a more elegant mid heel boot

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Alice mid-heel boot

Or here’s a flat animal print version of the classic Chelsea boot

Shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016

Mollie boot (also available in the khaki colourway)

So there we have it – shoes and boots to buy now for Autumn 2016 – we’ve dipped our toe into new footwear (see what I did there)? I’m encouraging you to think differently and make a statement from the ground up (sorry – you can tell I used to edit a retail magazine).

I’ll leave you to mull over the season’s colours and work out which suit you best. Your homework is to think about your investment versus fashion pieces. What do you actually need? Bear in mind that it probably won’t be really cold until January so we’re thinking about layering. We’ll be moving on to that soon.

Have a wonderful week, I’ll be back at the weekend.