I always admire people who burst into the new year full of enthusiastic new year’s resolutions. I don’t know about you but for me, January always seems to be a time for quiet reflection. Maybe it’s because of where we live, nature has well and truly hunkered down for a big sleep, nothing is stirring, even the ducks on the canal at the bottom of the garden are silent. Of course it only seems this way on the surface, deep down bulbs are working their way up through the soil, tight buds are visible on the trees and the ewes are heavy with lambs waiting to be born.

In the same way I probably seem quiet at the moment but it’s because I’m doing a lot of thinking and making new plans. It’s no surprise that this time last year I was getting ready to launch Midlifechic which will be celebrating its first birthday at the beginning of February. I’ve also been busy back in the office clearing away the debris of the old year (which I should have done before I left) and making appointments with clients to discuss new plans. Everything feels full of the promise of things that will come soon but not just yet. I think this is why (for once), I’m not really in the mood for clothes shopping. I’m actually enjoying looking through what I have and trying new outfit combinations. I don’t think I’m ready to join the #100daynospend that Porcelina and lots of other bloggers are committing to but I might join Donna on her 3 no shopping months making January the first one.

If I stick to the plan, the only funds I will spend this month will be on a new Pilates course and a new haircut. My hair’s been driving me mad for a while so even though I’m very fond of my hairdresser, I took the plunge a few weeks ago and made an appointment with the salon’s creative director who is always fully booked which, happily, was for today. It was a bit awkward, firstly because my usual hairdresser saw my name in the book and called me this morning to see if I’d made a mistake and was then very stony faced when I arrived. However it was really good to then feel that I was being listened to by the new stylist who seemed to completely understand what the problems were. She explained that the reason my fine hair never has the choppy look that I want is because it needs to be razor cut. She also chose highlights that were a slightly different shade. It was a bit alarming when she came at me with what looked like a cut throat razor, especially because she started from the back and it felt as though she was scything through my hair, but here’s a close up of the result:

hair cut with a razor

And here’s the full effect, it’s a subtle change but I’m really pleased with it:

Nikki Garnett

As you can see I was in the mood for Winter florals today. This is a Warehouse jumper from last Spring, it’s very rare that I wear pattern but the slightly gothic mix of blossom with navy feels right at this time of year.

And with my coat on – the weather is utterly unpredictable so I’ve been layering up (and down) a lot:


M&S cashmere coat SS14, Warehouse jumper SS14, New Look snood A/W 14, Gap pink scarf (old), Next relaxed skinny jeans, Autograph @ M&S boots A/W 14, Clarks leather shopper A/W14

Shop the look


Winter florals



Jeans (dark dyed using Dylon dye)

I hope your new years are heading off to a good start. It’s nice to see the new Spring stock gradually arriving into the stores. In the meantime the Clarks sale is coming to an end this week and the Estate Copper leopard print shoes are down to a bargain £23.99 here with most sizes still available. I know lots of you have bought them and agree with just how great they are – so if you haven’t yet, don’t miss out.

perfect leopard courts
So – are you an enthusiastic new year person or a contemplative one? Keep in touch.