Working from home – elevating the basics

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Typical - I spend ages planning a 'what to wear when you're back in the office' post only for the edict to come out that we're all to base ourselves at home again. So instead I'm answering the clamour of requests from people who mourn their work wardrobes. Today's post is going to include a few ideas for working from home - elevating the basics. Like so many of you, Alison summed it up in an email when she said [...]

How it feels when your child leaves for university – and new outfits

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Well what a week it's been here, I have lots to tell you. In this post I'm wearing quite a few new season pieces for people who just come for the clothes and I'll finish with a surprising development on the life front for those who follow my ups and downs. But first, a huge thank you to everyone who joined me for a workout in the park with Sally at an ungodly hour this morning - I'll embed the [...]

Capsule wardrobe refresher – preparing for AW 2020

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In Friday's post we dipped our toes into the cooler waters of Autumn and then of course there was a heatwave! However there's no denying that colder weather is on the way so before we all get distracted by emails from retailers telling us what we 'must have,' I thought I'd do a capsule wardrobe refresher. And let's face it we're moving into a season that's going to be very different to our usual Autumn/Winter. I suspect the lifestyle changes [...]

Outfit ideas for Autumn 2020 – what to wear next

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Happy Friday everyone, it's a quick post from me today with a first look at the new season deliveries and some outfit ideas for Autumn 2020. I don't know about you but I'm holding on to summer clothes for as long as I can although I'm slowly accepting that Autumn seems to be making an earlier appearance than usual - there's no sign of an Indian summer here. I'm going to be more analytical about it in next week's post [...]

Special places in and around Kalkan – Turkey

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Today I'm wrapping summer up  with one last blast of sunshine from Turkey before I move into everything autumnal. I have lots of questions coming in about Kalkan - I think a few other bloggers have been out there this year so it's on the rise as a destination. People are asking me for more detail about what it's like and whether I'd recommend going there now. Of course I can't tell you what is and isn't safe - you [...]

Travelling during Covid-19 – Kalkan, Turkey

By |2022-07-04T13:56:55+01:00September 4th, 2020|Categories: Style, Travel|

I came back to such a heavy workload after our holiday that it already feels as though it was at least a month ago. I'm not complaining - anybody who runs their own business will know how grateful you feel to be busy but it perhaps means I'm going to write this post in a different way than I would if I could still feel the glow of the sun on my skin. The thing is that I don't want [...]

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