Back to my old life of London chic

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Well I'm back from my fab few days of London chic and I feel as though I've been time travelling. It's so strange to step back into your old life for a little while and see what's been happening there. Let me give you a little bit of context. As you know, the main reason for my trip was to go to a Selfridges reunion. In 1993, I was one of the first recruits into what they called the masterplan [...]

Party outfits for women over 40

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Surprise! I know I said there wouldn't be a post today but I was sent a request by somebody who has a jumpsuit but feels she has worn it too often recently so I've put together a couple of alternatives which of course, I now want to buy. In each set I've created an option for a more casual Christmas Day / Boxing Day drinks look along with a full on party look. In the same way that dressing for [...]

What to wear for an ‘at home’ party

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As you know, on Friday night we had a little party. An old friend from the playground has recently switched from running Pampered Chef parties to 'Virgin Wines At Mine' parties (which personally I think is a much better idea) and I'd promised her ages ago that I'd hold one at our house. The tricky thing is that you need to keep the numbers to a maximum of 18 so that she can talk about the wines and get everyone's feedback. [...]

Workwear chic for women over 40

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Another quick post from me today as I reach the end of a week that has been busier than most. I'm sure we're all in the same boat with Christmas shopping adding to the general workload that we all power on with. Anyway today we're looking at workwear chic for women over 40. As I mentioned in my last post, we had to deliver a pitch for a new account on Wednesday. Because we're going in as a creative branding [...]

Faux leather leggings over 40 – yes or no?

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A quick post from me today - everything's a bit chaotic, I'm juggling this week's party at home, next week's big Selfridges reunion in London, Christmas shopping and work along with the usual cans of worms that the boys unearth on an almost daily basis. And I know I said I wouldn't be doing any more clothes shopping for myself and I haven't but...the bloggers' favourite faux leather leggings that I ordered from Next back in September finally arrived. So [...]

Winter casual chic – no jeans allowed

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Lots of people have been in touch to say they found the piece on creating a chic casual wardrobe from scratch really useful but that they'd like to include a skirt or two. So, buoyed by your enthusiasm, I've created another set. I've tried to make sure that the new pieces work with the ones from last time so that if you're in the lucky position of buying them all, the combinations are endless! The sudden cold snap has seen [...]

A casual chic round up for Autumn half term

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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday As you know, the first few days of our half term were packed with our trip to Newcastle and then the Boden party which took up the whole of Monday and Tuesday. Fortunately the smallest boy was keen to help at the Boden event which meant I felt I'd at least spent some time with him. He also managed to win a £50 Boden voucher in the raffle but was most disappointed as he'd had his [...]

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