Breaking out from the jeans rut with another new trouser look

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Ok, so we all agreed that the culottes didn't work and they went back (the post is here in all its glory if you're a new reader). However I am still determined to diversify from jeans a bit more and so today I'm revealing a whole new trouser pleasure: loose cut, light fabric, elasticated waist(!) - what can you not love about these. Apart from the fact (for me anyway) that Mr MC definitely doesn't love them. He doesn't loathe [...]

Sunny weather outfits of the day round up!

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Well I think the mini heatwave has taken everyone by surprise over the last few days - we certainly aren't used to it in the North! The weather forecasters must too scared to tell us when it's coming in case it doesn't and they're then lambasted by the Daily Mail. Anyway when it comes from nowhere it certainly gives you a problem with sunny weather outfits. I was doing a bit of people-watching in town the other day whilst the [...]

Chic boyfriend jeans for women over 40…and shorts!

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Chic boyfriend jeans for women over 40 Ok so here it is - the chic boyfriend jeans post. As you'll know if you've been following the blog for a while, I love boyfriend jeans but have taken a stand against 'distressed'. I'm not saying that I don't think women over 40 shouldn't wear them, or indeed that they don't look fab in them - it's just that, as its name suggests, the whole purpose of midlifechic is to encapsulate 'chic' [...]

High School Transition Day Chic!

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Quick update today on what I've been doing. I can't believe it but my smallest boy is going to the local grammar school in September. Of course we're really proud of him for doing so well but I just can't believe that he's big enough! (He'll kill me if he reads this). Anyway, yesterday was his transition day. I quite liked the way the school organised it - he and the other members of his new form met up for [...]

After work drinks party chic

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Sorry - I know I said this post would be about the jeans quest but they are as elusive as the holy grail and it hasn't quite finished yet. So today I'm updating you on my 'after work drinks party chic'. A bit of background: Lancaster castle is renowned for its dark history of punishment and executions and it is still a Crown Court. Because of this there are a number of large law firms at its gates and every [...]

Where to find gorgeous Summer silver necklaces

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I've had a few emails recently from people telling me that I don't show my necklaces well enough in my photos as they just can't see it and I also often focus on the clothes and forget to credit it. Apologies for that, I probably need to go through the pain of having more pictures taken of each outfit so that you can see it better. Anyway I thought I'd do a round up on the pieces that I wear [...]

Styling culottes – a new look for midlife chic

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There seem to have been endless grey skies over most of the UK throughout May and I think everyone is sick of being stuck in a jeans rut. Given that summer dresses just haven't been an option I've been looking for something different to wear. At the festival we went to on Saturday there was a group of urban 30 somethings who stood out from the rest by virtue of their chic attire (they must have been tourists who had [...]

Midlife Family Festival Chic – what I wore

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So, last weekend was a big one for us. As I think I've mentioned, Mr MC has been training 5 days a week for a year (yes really) for a particular karate black belt grading on Sunday. So on Saturday to take his mind off it, we headed up to a family festival in the West Lakes.  Glastonbury it isn't, but it does have some great music, food, a mini Chelsea-type festival and lots of other stuff going on. I [...]

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