Repeat after me “I won’t complain about the weather…” Grim isn’t it? It’s actually appropriate that my inbox is full of London Fashion Week for Autumn 2020 because spring feels a long way away. As always I’ve been busy saving the information that I’ll need when we come round to discussing AW20 in September but actually, there are details we can take from it in advance. It’s going to be a while until we start casting off layers so we can use it to tell us what to wear with jeans now.

I’m starting with jeans because the survey showed me that casual style is what most people want more of one here, both in its smarter and more relaxed iterations. So let’s have a look at what the heady world of fashion is up to. One of the key moods that is coming out of the fashion houses at the moment is the need not to look as though you’re wearing anything new. They’re all focusing on sustainability in different ways but of course in the meantime, they need to sell new clothes to stay afloat. What’s coming through therefore is a focus on classic looks that will be wardrobe anchors for years to come and also a revival of heritage details that make pieces look as though they’ve been handed down through generations.

If you have teenagers or young adults in the house, you’ll know that they’re all buying genuine vintage. My boys keep appearing in sweatshirts that are exactly like the ones my boyfriends used to wear in the 80s and early 90s – in fact they could be the very same ones because they buy them second hand from Depop and charity shops. I remember doing the same thing as a student, I don’t know whether it was a trend circa 1985 but I’d go to Afflecks Palace in Manchester with my friends and we’d trawl the vintage stalls there. So although (as my mum used to) I shudder when I realise they’re wearing their hauls ‘fresh’ out of the charity shop bag, I do understand the satisfaction of wearing something that has a story.

Perhaps because you have to take what you can find, vintage looks are often oversized and this is reflected in new buys now, just as it was in the 90s. Here’s a prime example in a picture taken in 1995 with my best friend Tess (I think I have denim shorts underneath). Even though I have my eyes closed I treasure this photo because I don’t have many and she died from lupus a few years later – happy memories of sheltering from a thunderstorm during a summer picnic on Box Hill.

Theresa Doorley Whitechurch

Anyway I digress, I’m only mentioning this to help you recalibrate your minds in readiness for both the oversized and the vintage looks that are coming around again. They will be more apparent when next Autumn’s clothes start to drop but they’re already popping up in our favourite stores. So given that knitwear is likely to be the best option for the next month or two, I thought I’d give you some ideas now. You can either use them to invest in a wardrobe refresh that you know has longevity or you might be inspired to dig out something you already have.

What to wear with jeans now- knitwear 2020

As fas as knitwear 2020 is concerned, it’s all about it appearing to be handmade – great news for all the knitters out there. It’s chunky, it’s oversized and there are lots of different stitch styles coming through because texture is important. If you think back over the last five years or so, the focus has been on smooth, tightly knit cashmere. This is still a wardrobe staple but the new knits that are coming in are softer and looser.

When I was in London a couple of weeks ago I fell instantly in love with one from Cos. It looks awful on the website but it’s the weekend jumper I’ve been searching for for the last five years. Cosy but not too warm with deep ribbing at the hem and the sleeves – an essential feature for me. I’ve been wearing it a lot over the last couple of weeks but whenever we’ve been outside I’ve been swaddled in coats so this is the only picture I have.

Midlifechic jeans

Jumper; jeans; Mr MC’s shirt; trainers

And here’s a close up to try to give you an idea of the looser texture and the lovely warm navy colour.

Midlifechic hair

Earrings (gifted AW19)

I’ve put together a collection of others that have arrived in the last week or so in varying twines and price brackets. Take note of the colours because SS20 has a strong focus on sorbet shades as you can see. Note how they mostly look as though you’ve had them for years, passed down from an aunt maybe for that heritage vibe. Hopefully this is what we’ll do with our good quality knits… although I have only nephews.

What to wear with jeans now – chunky knits

What to wear with jeans now

  1. Pink cotton knit – a good buy to take you through to summer nights, this jumper is neat on the shoulders and has ribbed detail that tapers the waist for a visually slimming effect. Also available in lilac, soft pink, aqua, leaf green and cream
  2. Beige and blush – soft colours together in a heritage two tone vibe – wool, cotton and alpaca blended with polyamide. This is neat on the shoulders again, a bonus for anybody with a larger frame.
  3. Spring green knit – this is described as slouchy but it’s a slender cut with good length and wider sleeves for balance. It has the all important deep ribbing at the cuffs and hem and it’s made from a soft cashmere knit. Also available in lilac.
  4. Apple green jumper – a great price with fantastic ribbed detail and the all important texture that makes it look as though it was knitted by your granny.
  5. Homespun knit – a lovely piece from the forerunners of the look. It’s an investment buy but it’s made from Irish wool spun in a small community factory. The rolled neck and hems all add to the homemade appeal. Also available in marmalade and bottle green.
  6. Two tone pink knit – a great budget jumper made from recycled polyester as part of the conscious collection. Also available in grey, black or beige.

More chunky knits

What to wear with jeans now

  1. Bright pink knit – I don’t think it would be possible to feel miserable wearing this one, an easy loose cut that won’t swamp you in a non-itchy wool blend. Also available in soft yellow.
  2. Nep jumper – a shorter cut here making it good for wearing with wide-leg trousers or midi-skirts. This is a great price for a jumper that is sustainably sourced. Also available in beige.
  3. Cotton twist jumper – there’s something very landgirl about this jumper, it’s made from pure cotton with contrast cuffs, a key detail this season.
  4. Soft grey jumper – one of my favourites, it must be like wearing a cloud. A soft knit with a straight hem that sits just at the right point at the top of the thigh and away from the body to narrow the hips. Also available in light pink and camel.
  5. Leaf green knit – this one has nailed the homespun trend and it’s a great option for anyone who can’t wear wool. The ribbed hem means it will hang well with midis as well as jeans and it’s a great price.
  6. Oversized mock neck – a lovely jumper for anybody with narrow shoulders or a smaller frame. It’s an alpaca and wool blend and it would look great with skinny jeans.

What to wear with jeans now – completing the outfit

As I mentioned, the focus of this post is on jumpers for wearing with jeans. I have another denim post coming up soon so I’m not going to cover that now but what outer layer do we wear with these knits? The streetstylers are all over the oversized blazer – this is the one that’s selling like hot cakes and if you want to be on trend, it’s the direction to take. It’s halfway between a blazer and a coat and it’s easier to wear than a double breasted style. Currently available in black, pistachio and a lighter cream too but they’re constantly releasing different colourways because they sell out as soon as they come in.

What to wear with jeans now

Oversized wool blazer

If you find that look too blocky, a peacoat is a good transitional spring alternative. Lots of people have asked me to try to find an alternative to the one I have and although most retailers are clearing their coat offering, I’ve found a few. I’ve added another oversized wool blazer into the mix too as an alternative.

What to wear with jeans now

  1. Oversized blazer – this one has pinstripes which add to the borrowed from the boys look. I love the soft felted finish and I think it’s the one I’m going to order so that I can give the trend a try. I’ll probably size down for a neater shoulder fit.
  2. Four button peacoat – for those who don’t want their coat to button too high (often those who have a bigger bust). This is winter stock but there are still some sizes left.
  3. Six button peacoat – this is closer to the original maritime look, it comes to the right point at the top of the thigh and it’s in the clearance now.
  4. Tailored peacoat – the closest one I could find to mine because it has a more tailored fit. It’s in the sale so there aren’t many left but it’s a great find if you’re looking for a larger size. Other sizes available in charcoal, camel and olive.

What to wear with jeans now – chunky boots

Chunky boots aren’t going anywhere – boots with a cleated sole are still looking strong for AW20. As always at this time of year, the shops are mostly full of strappy sandals but there are still some options for those who need new boots that will last. I’ve realised that my aversion to walking boots is wrapped up in the laces – they’re a fussy detail too far for me so I’ll be settling with the sleeker lines of a Chelsea boot.

What to wear with jeans now

  1. Chunky Chelsea boots with white stitching – not many sizes left
  2. Matte chunky Chelsea boots – no cleated sole detail but available in various colours
  3. Gloss chunky Chelsea boots – close to the original style but with the updated heavy sole
  4. Suede chunky Chelsea boots – these really are boots for life and the quirky details really make them stand out. An investment but currently on offer if you’re quick.

That’s it for today, I hope it’s given you some inspiration for what to wear with jeans now as we wallow under blustery grey skies. I have my fingers crossed that none of you are in the flood areas, having been through that in 2015 with no electricity for five days I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Spring is on its way though – as I’ve been typing the hail has been thrashing down but these two collared doves have been cooing at each other just outside my window…

spring 2020

Have a good week, I’ll see you on Friday.

Disclosure: ‘What to wear with jeans now’ is not a sponsored post

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